19 Tidy Boot Storage Ideas for Sloppy Wet Winter Boots

Even if you don't have a mudroom, you can keep your clean or muddy boots tidy with clever storage solutions.

Published December 19, 2022
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When the cold and rain of the season prompts boots for every outfit of the week, you might find yourself leaving wet and mucky boots by the door all week long. To keep your floors clean and make your mornings of rushing out the door as easy as possible, store your winter and rain boots in a clever way near the entry. Whether you're looking to purchase a helpful storage rack or you're hoping for a DIY option, there is a boot storage idea that will keep your space clean and tidy.

Try Clever Cubbies

For an entryway or mudroom, a standard storage cubby or set of cubes is a great choice for boot storage. Ensure the cubby you choose, whether purchased or built-in, is tall enough to house the typical rain boot. Consider placing a microfiber cloth inside each cubby to catch extra water and dirt. Expect to clean and replace it at least once a week.

Add a Shoe Rack Made for Boots

Shoe racks are helpful in closets, mudrooms, and entryways. Try one specifically designed for boots near your main point of entrance to keep winter shoes tidy without compromising on space or style. A rack that features large dowels for rain boots and other boot styles will keep your shoes off the floor and help them dry much quicker after a long day in the wintry weather.

Built-in or Free-Standing Shelves Offer Plenty of Storage

Whether a DIY built-in is on your to-do list or a free-standing option is more your speed, shelves in your entryway provide plenty of storage space for boots and other items. Be sure that shelving provides areas large enough to store tall boots. Shelves also offer the opportunity to add decorative elements like baskets, vases, and photo frames. Doing so will keep your space looking intentionally beautiful rather than just functional.

A Storage Bench Hides Winter Footwear

Perfect for tall boots, a bench with a storage feature is a great way to store and hide your boots near the entryway of your home. For extra messy boots, keep a towel inside your bench that is regularly cleaned and replaced. You can build your own storage bench or purchase one that meets all of your footwear storage needs.

Vertical Shelving Saves Floor Space

If your entryway doesn't provide much floor space, consider a narrow vertical shelving unit for storing boots and other items. Narrow, tall shelves are perfect for storing winter boots, umbrellas, backpacks, and other items that might be useful near the door.

Use Storage Items Outside

Why bring the messy and muddy boots into your home to begin with? If you have a sunporch, covered porch, or carport on your home, you might find that outside storage is ideal for your winter footwear. Keep shoes away from the elements with outdoor storage chests or use boot hooks mounted on the siding of your home to keep shoes within reach when walking out the door.

Try a DIY Shoe Rack With PVC

For a budget friendly and easy DIY that creates ample boot storage, look no further than the PVC boot rack DIY. This project is beautiful when painted with gloss black or brushed bronze spray paint. Use various PVC sizes to accommodate multiple styles of boots that your family might have.

Cabinets Keep Boots Out of Sight

A lower set of cabinets near your entry create plenty of storage for boots and other items. Keep kids' outdoor gear tucked away, store backpacks out of sight, and keep those wet winter boots hidden and dry with cabinet storage. Choose fun colors, updated hardware, and beautiful decor for the tops of your cabinets to create an intentional and stylish space. Add a cushioned bench seat on top for even more style and function in your entryway.

Hide Hooks Under a Bench

For a free standing bench, you can hide boot storage hooks underneath for a clever hidden way to keep shoes out of sight. Store boots horizontally on hidden hooks to help them dry and to make sure that even tall boots can fit beneath your bench.

Use Drawers to Neatly Tuck Boots Away

For a storage bench, opt for drawers rather than a hinged top. This adds stylish interest to your entryway while providing the perfect storage spot for winter boots and other outdoor items.

Get Creative With a Decorative Ladder

By fashioning wood with boot hooks to resemble a ladder, you can create a decorative yet functional storage option for your winter boots. A decorative ladder can fit into small entryways. This storage option is also handy for hanging wet jackets, bags, or umbrellas.

Create a DIY Storage Shelf With Crates

For a creative and budget-friendly storage solution, stack crates to resemble shelving. Most crates are the perfect size for holding standard boots and the open slats will allow plenty of air flow for quick dry time. Make your DIY crate shelf look stylish with a modern wood stain or fun paint color. Singular crates also work well for an easily tucked-away drying spot for boots.

Fashion a Boot Drying Tray From an Old Drawer

Use the drawer of a thrifted dresser or one you aren't using anymore to create a boot storage tray. You can also add wheels so it can easily tuck under a bench. Be sure to use a paint color that ties in with your decor and switch out any dated hardware for something updated. This DIY will be just as stylish as it is useful.

Add Rocks or Pebbles to Drying Trays

Whether your boot drying tray is purchased from a store or created from a crate or dresser drawer, you might consider adding rocks, pebbles, or aquarium rocks to the storage item. Doing so will give your boots extra air flow for drying, and it will keep your flooring dry and free of dirt.

Boot Storage Solutions for Small Closets

Whether you're storing boots in your bedroom closet during the off season or tucking them into a coat closet in your entryway, you'll want space-saving options to keep your storage area uncluttered. Get creative, find the perfect storage products, or try a boot storage DIY project to keep your small closet tidy.

  • Use pants hangers to keep tall boots off the floor and easily accessed when needed.
  • Designate a basket specifically for your boots. Use a long, narrow basket in place of a deeper one to avoid an unruly pile of boots at the bottom of your closet.
  • Use shelf dividers on overhead shelving in your closet to keep boots organized and easy to reach.
  • Hang a boot organizer over the closet door for a storage option that doesn't take up floor or closet hanging space.
  • Place a DIY boot rack at the back of your closet to keep boots neatly tucked away during the winter months.

Keep Boots Dry & Tidy All Year Long

Whether you're wearing them daily or storing them away for a season, easily keep your boots organized and tidy. Storage solutions don't have to be complicated or expensive. Use what you have and get creative with resources to find boot storage solutions that keep your entryway and closet neat and uncluttered. Remember, functional storage can also be stylish and on-trend.

19 Tidy Boot Storage Ideas for Sloppy Wet Winter Boots