Closet Smell Musty? These 10 Hacks Can Keep It Smelling Fresh

Kiss your musty closet goodbye with our tips to get rid of odor.

Published March 12, 2023

The natural enemy of the homeowner and renter: the musty closet. It clings to your clothes, your towels, and whatever is stashed in that closet that has fallen victim to its smells. But not anymore. Banish that musty closet back to where it came from.

Give Your Musty Closet a Clean

Sometimes the best place to begin is to start over. Empty your closet and give your shelves and walls a good scrub. Wash clothes and deodorize shoes, while you're at it.

Give It a Scent Boost

Arm your closet with a sachet of dried lavender or herbs to battle those musty odors away.

Use Good Old-Fashioned Potpourri to Remove Musty Odors

Remember crushing the potpourri at your grandma's house, wondering why she kept it around? To battle musty closet odors.

Spritz Your Perfume to Mask Odor

This hack for musty closets is especially great for clothing and linen. Give your closet a touch of your signature scent with a spritz or two of your perfume.

A Spray of Vinegar Helps a Musty Closet

Vinegar fights hard against unwanted odors. Add one part vinegar to four parts water in a spray bottle and give that musty closet a mist. Repeat as needed.

Use Your Dryer Sheets in Other Ways

Used or new, line your closet shelves with some dryer sheets to freshen up the space.

Clean Up What You're Storing in the Closet

If you're going the route of scrubbing the closet, give those items a clean too. Toss your clothes or linen into the laundry, wipe down those bottles, whatever it is, give that a nice clean.

Use Coffee Grounds in Your Closet

Save your coffee grounds and toss them in a bowl or plastic ware. Leave them uncovered in the closet to absorb those less-than-great smells.

A Few Pieces of Chalk Can Help

A few sticks or even a handful of plain white chalk can help pull some of those musty odors out of the air.

Pick Up Some Activated Charcoal Air Fresheners

Charcoal is an excellent odor absorber. From solving smelly shoe problems to musty closet odors, these will vanquish your foe.

Say So Long to Your Musty Closet

Musty closet? Not anymore. Not even a chance. Armed with these ideas, you're ready to enter into battle - and win - against that musty closet.

Closet Smell Musty? These 10 Hacks Can Keep It Smelling Fresh