Free Chore Chart Downloads

Updated August 28, 2018
Father and daughter looking at chores chart

Free chore chart downloads are one way to keep your whole family on track. Simply enter the chores you want to track and use the days of the week to assign names to each task, then check off when done. If you need help downloading the charts, check out these helpful tips.

Stay on Track: Free Chore Chart Downloads

Keeping your family or yourself on target with a chore chart eliminates stress and confusion. You can assign chores by day of the week, writing down who does dishes on which day or takes out the trash. This is a great educational as well as organizational tool. Printable charts are useful for tracking cleaning at home, in the office, at school, or at after school activities. Anywhere you need to track your chores, you can use these printables.

Basic Children's Chore Charts

Kids of any age can take on developmentally appropriate tasks around the house to start learning personal responsibility. Chore charts help children see their duties and progress. Use a blank chore chart to fill in unique duties your child is responsible for or choose the age-appropriate options that include images of typical jobs.

Fun Blank Chore Charts

Chores may not seem like much fun until you add them to these decorative charts. When a family member chooses the one they like best, they'll be more likely to take ownership of it. With kids, look for stickers that match the chart theme so your child can stick them on when jobs are complete.

Rainbow Horse Weekly Chore Chart
Rainbow Horse Weekly Chore Chart

Blank Household Chore Charts

While adults typically do the bulk of chores anyway, family and household charts help track which jobs are getting done and who is pitching in. Keep all the teens and adults in your house informed about what needs to get done. As you finish a chore each day, initial the appropriate square to let others know that job is off the list for the week.

Weekly Family Chore Chart
Weekly Family Chore Chart
Basic Blank Weekly Chore Chart
Basic Blank Weekly Chore Chart

Chore Chart Tips and Tricks

Lists, schedules, and charts help keep you organized at home, school, or work.

  • Hang a decorative chart in the cleaning closet to make office chores look more appealing.
  • Have each family member choose a different chart so it's easier to keep track of who's doing what.
  • Frame your child's first completed chore chart and hang in their room to show off their accomplishment.
  • Use the chart as a task list for event planning.

Keep Chores in Their Place

Chore charts are handy for people of all ages and families of all types. When everyone pitches in to manage the household, you all win by getting more free time to spend together.

Free Chore Chart Downloads