16 Clever Hat Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space

Find practical hat storage solutions for your beanies, baseball caps, and everything in between

Published April 4, 2023

Some of us collect hats, whether intentionally or it's just a matter of hats accumulating over time. You have more hats than heads, and you need a place to stash your pile that isn't the back of your closet. Make your hats, beanies, or baseball caps a decorative statement or stash them neatly behind closed doors. You have options.

Store Your Hats in Drawers


This method works best for storing a large beanie, knit, or baseball cap collection. Store them neatly in a drawer so they don't collect dust and to make it easier to find the exact one you're searching for. If you have wide-brim hats, drawers can still work, but you won't be able to stash nearly as many.

Hang Your Hats on Walls as Decoration


Turn your hats into decor by making a gallery wall of hats. Instead of frames, spread out your hats to create a work of art you can admire.

Go Old School With Hat Boxes


When hat boxes aren't being used by cats to have kittens, they make an excellent place to keep your hats safe between wears.

Use Over-the-Door Hooks


Put that empty void between the door and wall to use! Hang some over-the-door hooks to give your hats a home and free up a bit of extra space elsewhere in your home.

Use Hanging Closet Storage for Your Hats


Hanging closet storage shelving isn't just for sweaters and shoes - it's for hats, too! You can use smaller cubes for baseball caps or beanies, and even invest in a few hanging storage pieces that'll be the perfect spot for wide-brim hats.

Nothing Beats a Hat Rack


Turn to a classic hat rack! The answer seems so obvious, but sometimes that's easy to overlook. Pick up one that's more classic or invest in a modern piece, whatever reflects your space and collection best.

Use Wall Hooks


Keep your ducks, rather your hats, in a line with wall hooks. Ideal for smaller collections as well as wide-brim hats, you'll be able to grab and go without having to dig for the hat you want.

Organize Without Effort Using Baskets


Meet yourself where you are! If you're always throwing your hats off into a specific space or corner, add a basket, and suddenly you no long have a hat pile problem. You have a hat storage solution.

Display and Store Hats on a Shelf


Have your bookshelf pull double duty, or put your closet shelf to work by stashing your hats there. For bookshelf hat storage, you can add a little pop of personality to any room for no extra money with those decorations.

Use a Mirror for Hat Storage


If you have a standing floor mirror, or even a wall mirror, hang your hats on the corners! Add a few hooks or string them down the side to add even more room to hang your hats.

Entryway Hat Storage


Take off your shoes, shrug off your coat, and hang your hat all at once in the entryway with an entryway storage bench. Besides making it a neat and organized way for your hats to hang out, you can quickly grab a hat on your way out of the door.

Hanging Them on Pegboards


Pegboards aren't just for hanging tools, craft supplies, or everything you need within arm's length when you're working at your desk. Give it a little flair. A baseball cap besides the hammer, your favorite hat for inspiration above your desk.

Quick Tip

There's no need to share a pegboard with supplies. Hang one just for your hats!

Hat Hangers


A stretch of sturdy yarn or rope and you have yourself some hat storage. Oh, you do need some clothespins to clip them on. But suddenly you not only have hat storage but a statement piece for that empty wall, too.

Helpful Hack

Add a string of fairy lights to give your hats a little glow.

Hang Your Baseball Hats on a Hanger


Using nothing more than a hanger and some clips, you can give your hats a home and be able to find the one you need at a glance. Oh, and you lose no space. Win, win, win.

Use Storage Bins


You probably already have a few storage bins kicking around. If not, they're pretty easy to come by. Cycle your hats based on season or style and know they'll be ready for you sans dust.

Use Mannequins


Give your hat storage a pop and fun twist by using mannequins. What better way to display your hat and optimize storage than with another head?

Clever Hat Storage Solutions


Get creative, keep it classic, hide your hats, or put them on display. Whatever your personality and aesthetic, keep your hats looking good for years to come. Save yourself time searching for the one you want with any of these hat storage solutions.

16 Clever Hat Storage Ideas to Maximize Your Space