Comprehensive Spring Cleaning Checklists [Printables]

Updated February 28, 2022
Woman cleaning the window

Spring is in the air, and that cleaning vibe is hitting you hard. But looking around your house can quickly get you overwhelmed. Instead of giving up, use six spring cleaning printable checklists to keep you on task and on target with your spring cleaning. From the ultimate kitchen and bathroom cleaning guide to a room cleaning checklist for kids and teens, you can find everything you need to keep you on task and have a bit of fun when it comes to spring cleaning!

Room-by-Room Detailed Spring Cleaning Checklist

When you are cleaning your whole house, you need a checklist that dives deep into every one of those hidden crevices. This printable spring cleaning checklist covers all the main rooms in your home, from the cleaning your kitchen and bathrooms to the bedrooms and laundry room. It also shows how much time you should be spending in each room.

The attached spring cleaning checklist is easy to access and use. All you have to do is click on the image below to download the PDF of the checklist. Print it out and get started. If you need help downloading the document, check out these helpful tips.

30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

You want to spring clean, but who has hours upon hours to spend cleaning the house? People are busy. Rather than a vast spring cleaning list, you can take a 30-day spring cleaning challenge. This checklist breaks cleaning down into digestible 1-day chunks that each only require 15-30 minutes of your time. Of course, you can decide to devote more time, but you don't have to. Just print it off and start checking the boxes. You won't believe how clean your house looks in just 30 days.

Simple Spring Cleaning Checklist for Kids

Kids love to help. But it might be hard to know where they should start when it comes to spring cleaning. Try out this simple spring cleaning checklist printable for kids that breaks every room down into simple chores they can complete. While washing windows might require supervision and a stool, these chores are simple enough that kids can do them, and teens might only grumble a little. Just print it off and have them check the boxes as they complete their chores. They can complete one room at a time or focus on one task a day. Either way, the house gets cleaner!

Printable Bedroom Guide for Spring Cleaning

Bedrooms can typically get left in the dust when it comes to spring cleaning. After expending all that energy on the kitchen, bathrooms, and living room, most people don't have much left for their own personal sanctuary. But you don't want to leave it out. Get an ultimate guide to getting your bedroom spotless with this checklist. It dives into every area of the room you need to clean. From removing pictures and dusting to cleaning baseboards and deodorizing your mattress, you instantly see the difference it makes in your favorite room.

Ultimate Kitchen & Bathroom Spring Cleaning Guide

Cleaning is something you probably do every day or week in the bathroom and kitchen. So, when it comes to spring cleaning, you might not think these areas need much work. Well, they do. These rooms get dirty and have lots of hidden crevices to accumulate dust over the winter. So, you want to be sure to deep clean your tubs and sanitize your sinks during spring cleaning. It's also important to clean under your fridge and stove. With this simple checklist, your bathroom and kitchen will look and smell amazing.

Cleaning Supply Spring Cleaning Checklist

Where would spring cleaning be without your cleaning supplies? Knowing what rooms to clean is great, but it is even better to know what to clean them with. With this simple list, you won't be scrambling for supplies, and you'll have everything you need to get started on your cleaning adventure. Just check the list and throw everything you need in a caddy!

Quick Tips to Get You Through Spring Cleaning

Let's face it. Spring cleaning is only the Super Bowl-type event for a few unique individuals. For everyone else, it's not your favorite pastime. But spring cleaning doesn't need to be a dreaded time. You can make it easier and more fun by following a few simple tips.

Do Basic Cleaning First

Spring cleaning can be more overwhelming if you start with a messy house. Be sure to take care of basic house cleaning tasks first. Print out a checklist of the daily and weekly cleaning tasks and tackle those the day before you begin the major cleaning.

Clear Out the Clutter

Decluttering is part of spring cleaning, and having less stuff around will make it easier to keep your house looking great. As you clean the kitchen, learn how to organize the cabinets and dispose of things you no longer use. The same goes for cleaning and organizing closets and any other cluttered areas of your home.

Customize the Checklist

The spring cleaning checklist covers many of the dirtiest places in your house, including shower curtains, knobs, and shared appliances. Look around and consider adding to or reorganizing your checklists. For example, you might start with the living room since this is a place guests see, or maybe you choose to focus on your bedrooms and closets since these have not been touched all winter.

Work From the Top Down

It's always a good plan to start at the top and work your way down so that accumulated dust or debris on the floor is the last thing that needs to be cleaned. Start with ceiling fans and light fixtures and end by deep cleaning the carpet or thoroughly cleaning a wood floor.

Make Cleaning Fun

Sure, spring cleaning is a chore, but there are some things you can do to make cleaning fun. Crank up the music, enlist the help of kids, or turn it into a challenge. No matter what, get it done with a smile on your face. When you are happy and laughing, it makes the chore that much easier.

When to Start Spring Cleaning

There are no set rules for starting spring cleaning, but many people begin in late March or early April. Let the climate where you live be your guide. If you live in a cooler place, wait to start until it's warm enough to open the windows while you work. If you live someplace warm, plan to finish your spring cleaning when the weather is too hot to leave the windows open.

A Cleaner, Fresher Home

No matter how you approach spring cleaning, having a checklist will make it better. Check off each item as you complete it. You'll get a sense of accomplishment and see yourself making progress. You'll have a cleaner, fresher home in no time!

Comprehensive Spring Cleaning Checklists [Printables]