How to Clean Black Stainless Steel for a Sleek Shine

Published April 1, 2021
Cleaning Black stainless Refrigerator

You just brought home a beautiful black stainless steel refrigerator. Learn how to clean black stainless steel properly and avoid damage. Explore what you shouldn't use on the black stainless steel in your home.

How to Clean Black Stainless: Supply List

Black stainless steel ovens and appliances are beautiful. They don't have the smudge problem you do with stainless steel, and they just look sleek in your kitchen. Black stainless steel appliances have a special coating you need to keep in mind when cleaning. To start cleaning, you need:

  • Dish soap (consider blue Dawn)
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Soft towel

How to Clean Black Stainless Steel

You might be looking at that supply list a little skeptically, thinking: Where's the spray? What about baking soda? However, with black stainless refrigerators and ovens, less is more. Follow these steps for a gentle clean.

  1. Wet down a soft towel with a bit of soapy water.
  2. Wipe down the area with stains or marks following the grain of the steel.
  3. Use a dry microfiber cloth in circular motions to buff the stainless.

For a bit more power, add two tablespoons of baking soda to the soapy water.

Things To Avoid When Cleaning Black Stainless Steel

Nearly as important as what you use on black stainless steel, is what you don't use on it. Black stainless steel can scratch. And nobody wants scratched up appliances. In fact, you try to avoid that at all costs, right? Therefore, when cleaning your black stainless steel, keep these tips in mind.

  • Avoid gritty cleaners; this includes Comet or Bar Keeper's Friend. If you rub the cleanser between your fingers and it feels like sand, just say no.
  • Don't use ammonia-based cleaners, aka Windex.
  • Stay away from steel wool or scrubbing pads.
  • Avoid natural acidic cleaners like white vinegar. It damages the coating.
  • Keep clear of stainless steel polish.
  • Don't use oven cleaner.

How to a Clean Black Stainless Steel Oven

When it comes to your oven, being proactive might not be enough to cut it. However, you still don't want to wreck your stuff. That being said, when it comes to oven cleaning, you can still get a bit of a deeper clean. To clean the inside of your black stainless steel oven, grab a lemon and baking pan.

  1. Halve 2 lemons.
  2. Add several cups of water into a glass baking dish. You need about 2 inches of water.
  3. Squeeze the juice out of the lemons into the water. And throw the remainder in the water.
  4. Bake for 20-30 minutes on 150°F or low.
  5. Turn off the oven and let it cool with the lemons inside.
  6. Wipe everything out with a microfiber cloth.

How to Remove Scratches From Black Stainless Steel

Scratches are harder to create on new black stainless steel appliances. However, if you just couldn't wait and got an older model, then scratches happen. Rather than lose your cool, take a deep breath and grab a Sharpie.

  1. Find a Sharpie that closely matches the color of your appliance.
  2. Fill in the scratch with the Sharpie ink.
  3. Buff with a microfiber cloth before the Sharpie dries.
  4. Stand back and try to find the scratch now.

How to Maintain Black Stainless Steel

Keeping black stainless steel appliances looking pristine is all about maintenance. Try these tips to keep your stainless steel in tip-top shape.

  • Clean up spills and messes immediately with water and a soft cloth.
  • Wipe down your appliances about once a week.
  • Be mindful of things that might scratch your appliances, like forks and keys.
  • Keep the paper towels or newspaper away from your black stainless appliances.

Keeping Your Black Stainless Steel Flawless

Whether cleaning your bathroom chrome, stainless steel sink, or black stainless steel oven, it's important to remember to read the manufacturer's recommendations or use tried and tested methods to ensure you don't cause accidental damage to your appliances. With your soapy water at the ready, it's time to get cleaning!

How to Clean Black Stainless Steel for a Sleek Shine