How to Clean an Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

Published June 11, 2020
Woman in cleaning her eyeglass

Using an eyeglass cleaning cloth is a great way to remove streaks and smudges from your spectacles. Every now and then, though, the cloth itself needs to be cleaned. Find out what you should - and shouldn't - do to keep your lens cleaning cloth fresh and ready to use. There are a few options.

Basic Cleaning for a Lens Cloth

If your glasses cleaning cloth is more dusty than actually dirty, you could simply shake or blow it. If you go with this option, be sure to holding it over a wastebasket so you don't create a mess on the floor or a surface.

  • The simplest option is to hold the cloth over a trash can and shake. This should loosen up and remove the dust and any loose particles.
  • You could hold the cloth over a trash can and blow the dust or loose dirt out of it using a can of compressed air, such as what is used to clean out computer keyboards.
  • Alternately, you could use your blow dryer to blow out the lens cleaning cloth. Use the lowest setting and keep the dryer several inches away from the cloth.
  • Use care with a microfiber cleaning cloth and avoid using fabric softener or harsh detergents.

Hand Washing a Glasses Cleaning Cloth

If your lens cleaning cloth needs more than a just shake, washing it by hand is a good option. Follow these basic steps:

  1. Fill a small container with cold water (a mug, glass, or small bowl will work well)
  2. Add a few drops of a mild soap, such as liquid hand soap or a gentle dish soap.
  3. Stir/swirl to combine soap and water
  4. Place the cloth in the soapy water.
  5. Allow it to soak for around 5 minutes, or longer if needed.
  6. Remove the cloth from the water.
  7. Squeeze the water out.
  8. Run it under cold water until the soap has been rinsed out. You may need to wring it a few times.
  9. Lay flat to dry.

Machine Washing an Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth

You can also wash your lens cleaning cloth in the washing machine. Simply toss it in the next time you're running a load of laundry in cold water, ideally on the delicate cycle. Lay flat to dry.

What Not to Do: Mistakes to Avoid

Washing your eyeglass cleaning cloth is simple, though there are a few cautions to keep in mind. Mistakes when completing this task include:

  • Don't use soap that contains bleach. It can cause discoloration and damage the delicate fabric of a lens cleaning cloth.
  • Don't use fabric softener. Also avoid any kind of laundry detergent that includes fabric softener.
  • Do not put your eyeglass cleaning cloth in the dryer.

Keep Your Lens Cleaning Cloth in Great Shape

Taking the time to clean your lens cleaning cloth periodically will help keep it in great shape throughout many uses. Keep it stored in an area where it's not likely to pick up a lot of dirt or dust, such as a desk drawer or your eyeglasses case, to help reduce how frequently it needs to be shaken out or washed.

How to Clean an Eyeglass Cleaning Cloth