How to Clean Tempered Glass for a Scratch-Free Shine

Published March 30, 2021
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From your cell phone to tabletops to doors, tempered glass is everywhere. Learn how to clean tempered glass quickly and easily using a variety of methods. Get simple step-by-step instructions to ensure you clean it right the first time and every time.

How to Clean Tempered Glass

Tempered glass is a unique product designed to be tougher than normal glass. Also known as safety glass, tempered glass has been created with chemicals or thermal energy to be harder to break. However, this also means that when it comes to cleaning tempered glass, you need to follow specific instructions so as not to harm the glass or scratch it.

Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

When it comes to cleaning glass, the materials list is pretty simple. While you might want to reach for the typical Windex or alcohol-based cleaners, don't. Instead, you want to use a mild dish detergent.

  • Dish soap
  • Water bottle
  • Microfiber cloth

Clean Tempered Glass With a Microfiber Cloth

With tempered glass, less is more. Many screen protectors and other tempered glass products have an oleophobic coating, which is a specialized coating on cell phone screens and protectors to resist smudges. Since they have this coating, start by wiping them down with a microfiber cloth. This might be all you need to get them clean.

Bring Out the Dish Soap

If a microfiber buffing isn't cutting the dirt on your tempered glass, then it's time to bring out the big guns: dish soap. When it comes to dish soap, blue Dawn can't be matched. It works to cut grease and grime easily. However, any dish soap can work.

  1. In the spray bottle, mix a few squirts of dish soap and water.
  2. Spray the water on the glass for non-electronic surfaces.
  3. Allow it to sit for a few minutes.
  4. Use the microfiber cloth to work the mixture in.
  5. Scrub particularly dirty areas well.

For electronic surfaces, spray the mixture on the cloth and use the cloth to wipe them down. Respray on the cloth to fight particularly dirty areas.

Dry and Buff the Glass

Once all the dirt and grime are removed, you want to use circular motions with a dry cloth to buff and dry the glass. Not only will this remove any cleaner still remaining, but it works to give the glass a great streak-free shine.

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Tips and Tricks for Cleaning Tempered Glass

Not all tempered glass is created equal. This means that some tempered glass has a coating, but tabletops and doors might not. If your tempered glass doesn't have a coating, you can use some glass cleaners on it with caution. However, remember not to use these items on your tempered glass.

  • Never use vinegar on tempered glass. The acid is too harsh and will damage the surface.
  • Do not use a scouring pad or steel wool on tempered glass. It will scratch the surface.
  • Use chemicals like ammonia and alcohol with caution.
  • For a stubborn area or hard water stains, use elbow grease and soak with the dish soap mixture rather than reaching for a harsher chemical.
  • Avoid using paper towels or abrasive cloths on tempered glass.
  • Do not use a squeegee scrapper since dirt can get caught under the plastic blade and lead to scratches.

Get Your Tempered Glass Clean

Tempered glass can be a great alternative for your phone screen or shower door because it's tougher than regular glass. However, when it comes to cleaning, gentle is the name of the game. Tempered glass takes a gentle touch and cleaners to start sparkling again. Next, get tips on glass scratch removers, so your glass surfaces are clean and smooth.

How to Clean Tempered Glass for a Scratch-Free Shine