How to Clean Your AirPods Case: The Dos and Don'ts

Published January 27, 2022
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Has your AirPods case seen better days? Don't hide it from the world or be embarrassed to open it in front of anyone. Instead, use a few easy methods to get it looking brand new again. You'll also find out what not to do so you don't have to worry about ruining it.

The Don'ts to Cleaning Your AirPods Case

How to Clean AirPods Case Infographic

The case to your AirPods is a charger. So, like anything electronic, you absolutely don't want to run it under water. This is sure death for your electronic device. According to Apple, there are a few other things you don't want to use to clean your case.

  • Do not use abrasives to clean the case.
  • Avoid getting any liquid in charging ports.
  • Don't stick anything in the charging ports.

Like water will ruin the electronics, sticking anything in the charging ports could harm the contacts. So, it's essential to be careful when cleaning your case.

Simple Steps Cleaning an AirPods Case

You carry your AirPods case around with you everywhere. It's probably snuggly in your jean pocket or bag right now. Have you started to notice; it's getting a little crusty? Possibly there is some light staining. If that's the case, it's time to start cleaning it. For this, you need a few tools.

How to Clean AirPods Case With Alcohol

According to Apple, you can use a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the outside of the case to remove stains. But you don't want to use it near the charging ports.

Outside of the Case Cleaning

It's easiest to start with the outside of the case.

  1. Close the lid of the case.
  2. Add a bit of rubbing alcohol to your cloth.
  3. Wipe down the outside of the case.
  4. Pay special attention to any stained areas.
  5. For any marks or stubborn stains, try using a white eraser.
  6. Take your soft bristle brush and swipe it across the lightning charger to remove debris.

Cleaning the Inside of the Case

The outside of your AirPods looks pristine! But you flip that sucker open, gahhh, it's dirty. Don't worry! It's about to look amazing.

  1. Pull the AirPods out of the case.
  2. Take the toothpick and clean out all the grooves on the top of the case.
  3. Wet a cotton swab with alcohol.
  4. Use your fingers to wring it out.
  5. Run the cotton swab all over the cover and top.
  6. Don't stick it in the charging ports.
  7. Repeat the toothpick and cotton swab step until clean.
  8. No more embarrassment when you flip them open.

Remember, alcohol also works to disinfect all the areas of your case, so you don't have to worry about those germs.

How to Clean Your AirPods Case Without Alcohol

Not confident about using alcohol near the charging ports? Don't worry; you can get them clean without it.

  1. Remove the AirPods.
  2. Snip off a small square of electrical tape.
  3. Apply the tape right onto the dirty areas.
  4. Use the toothpick and cotton swab to press it down to stick to the dirt.
  5. Use a new piece of tape and repeat this process until all the dirt within the charger is removed.
  6. Take a dry cloth and wipe down the outside.
  7. Use the eraser, clean toothbrush, and cloth to wipe down and remove stains from the outside.
  8. And, it's all clean!

Cleaning Your AirPods

Now that your case is looking brand new, you don't want to stick some gunky AirPods in them. So, give them a little buffing too.

  1. Use the cloth to wipe around the outside.
  2. Take the bristle brush and clean out the grille.
  3. Put them back in.

How Often to Clean Your AirPods Case

Your ears are full of dirt and gunk. So, your AirPods and case will get dirty after a while. Consider cleaning them at least once a week. However, you can also go with the, "if it looks cruddy, clean it," method. You won't be embarrassed when you pull out your AirPods, and you'll avoid germs. It's a win-win.

Sparkly Clean AirPods Case for Your Listening Pleasure

Cleaning your AirPods case is vital to keeping your music stream clear. It makes sure germs stay out, and your charger lasts for a long time. Just remember not to put it underwater or get the charger ports wet. This could damage it. Now, it's time to get cleaning your case.

How to Clean Your AirPods Case: The Dos and Don'ts