How to Get Rid of Dust for a Healthier Home

Published August 24, 2020
woman get rid of dust

Nobody likes dust in their home. Not only is it unsightly, but it's not good for your breathing and health either, especially if you have conditions like asthma. Learn how to get rid of dust in your home through simple steps.

How to Get Rid of Dust in the House

The most important way to keep dust at bay is to dust regularly with the right tools. Proper dusting requires:

  • Microfiber cloth

  • Microfiber duster with pole

  • Vacuum with hose

With your supplies at the ready, it's time to get cleaning. Follow these steps to start to get your home dust free.

  1. Clean from the top down. Use the microfiber duster with the pole to remove dust too hard to reach places like the ceiling and work your way down to the floor.

  2. Use the vacuum cleaner with a hose to remove dust from fans, corners, and upholstery.

  3. Wipe down and clean blinds.

  4. Dampen the microfiber cloth and wipe down dusty surfaces at eye level.

  5. Wipe down electronics, vents, cords, and other places dust collects.

Sweep the Floors Regularly

In addition to dusting all the surfaces in your home, you want to make sure you keep your floors clean. For hardwood or laminate floors, you want to:

  1. Remove and put away any clutter like toys, magazines, books, etc. that can collect dust.

  2. Rather than a broom or dust pan, opt for a Swiffer or damp rag mop to remove the dirt from the floor rather than moving it around or putting it in the air.

  3. If you have a vacuum designed for hardwood or laminate floors, you might also choose to use this to remove the dirt then use a damp microfiber cloth to get rid of resident dust.

Woman vacuum under the sofa

Skip the Carpet

If you are trying to completely rid your house of dust, do not get carpeting. However, if you are attached to your carpeting, sweep it regularly using a vacuum cleaner with a high efficiency filter design to keep dust stuck in the vacuum and out of the air.

Get a Doormat

It might seem like a simple hack, but investing in a door mat can save dust in your home. This way the mat can trap the dust that might be otherwise traveling into your home. You can even take this a step further by having your guests take off their shoes outside or in a separate room to keep the dust from tracking into your house.

Shake Out Pillows and Rugs Outside

Another important step to removing dust in your home is taking your pillows and rugs outside and shaking them out. You can also throw them over a rail on a porch and beat the rugs and pillow with a stick to remove dust, dust mites, and dander.

Keep Your Bedroom Clean

You might not realize it, but your bedroom is a breeding ground for dust and dust mites. Therefore, it's important to remove dirty clothes and keep your closet tidy. To avoid clothing shedding fibers, consider keeping them in plastic bags and boxes. Additionally, change your bedding weekly.

man cleaning with a duster

How to Get Rid of Dust in the Air

Now that you've dealt with the dust mites around your home, it's important to make sure to keep dust out of the air. You can do this through an air purifier and humidifier.

Try an Air Purifier

Air purifiers work fabulously for removing the dust out of air before it has time to settle on surfaces. They are also great for those with breathing problems like asthma. Think about getting one for every room or keeping one in dust prone rooms.

Humidifier to Reduce Static

If the air in your home is dry, it's prone to static. Static can attract dust surfaces around your home. Try adding a humidifier in your home to reduce the static and dust. Just make sure to keep your humidifier clean.

Keep the Windows Closed

Windows are great for letting in fresh air, but with fresh air comes dust. Therefore, keeping your windows closed can reduce the amount of dust coming into your home. This is especially true if you live in an area with dirty air or high pollutants in the air.

Change Your Furnace Filter

To keep the dust down in your home down, consider changing your furnace filter regularly. You might also think of investing in a high efficiency or dust reducing filter.

How to Reduce Dust

Reducing dust completely is impossible, but you can get pretty close by following these simple tips. It's all about keeping everything in your home clean. And if you need a little help, you might try a regular cleaning schedule.

How to Get Rid of Dust for a Healthier Home