Best Way to Pick Up Dog Hair on Wood Floors (Easily)

Updated February 16, 2022
French bulldog sitting on the wooden floor

Every dog owner with hardwood floors has wondered how to keep hardwood floors clean of dog hair, but the answer isn't always a simple one. However, a regular routine of pet grooming and floor cleaning can minimize hair problems no matter what type of dog you have.

Easy Methods to Clean Dog Hair Off Floors

If you are looking for the best way to pick up dog hair on floors, you'll find a few methods out there. Before you get into the cleaning, grab a few essentials.

  • Pet vacuum cleaner
  • Rubber broom
  • Dry sheets
  • Microfiber mop
  • Swiffer floor cleaner or sweeper floor system
  • Broom and dustpan
  • Floor seal

Pet Vacuum Cleaner

Woman with Vacuum Cleaner

Pet hair can be a big problem on hardwood floors. It's excellent at evading the vacuum cleaner no matter how well you sweep the floor. A pet vacuum cleaner can come in handy. These vacuums are convenient because they are designed for sucking up pet hair.

  1. Vacuum the floor with a pet vacuum or high suction vacuum without beaters.
  2. Use the attachments to get all the dog hair out of the corners and crevices.

Rubber Broom

Rather than a regular broom, grab a rubber one. Rubber loves to attract pet hair. Therefore, a broom with rubber bristles can be your hardwood floor's best friend.

  1. Sweep the floor as usual.
  2. Run the broom along the wall to ensure you get trapped hair on the trim.
  3. Rinse the broom when done to remove stuck hair.

Damp Microfiber Mop

Woman Cleaning Floor With Mop

Don't have a pet vacuum? No need to worry. Microfiber mops are a perfect alternative. These mops use a charge to quickly trap dog hair. And, they can trap pet hair quickly and easily.

  1. Attach the microfiber pad to the mop.
  2. Dampen it.
  3. Mop up the floor.
  4. Wash and dry the cloth before the next use.

Swiffer Floor Cleaner

mop and floor in modern living room

Hardwood can be hard to get clean. If you don't have a lot of time, try using a Swiffer floor cleaner or similar system. Like the microfiber mop, it uses static electricity to get the hairs onto the pad. But all you have to do is throw it away when you are done.

  1. Put a pad on the Swiffer.
  2. Sweep the floor.
  3. Use the pad to get under tables and chairs.
  4. Throw the pad away.

Tips for How to Keep Hardwood Floors Clean of Dog Hair

No matter how you to try to minimize shedding, some dog hair will inevitably accumulate on your hardwood floors. If you know how to clean hardwood floors properly with vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping, you can clean up that hair more easily. These additional steps can ensure you clean up as much pet hair as possible.

Use Vacuum Rather Than Broom

Instead of sweeping with a flicking motion that can spread pet hair, opt to vacuum your floor with a hardwood floor attachment or hard flooring setting. This will eliminate most hair, and you can buy a simple, lightweight vacuum for this daily cleaning instead of a heavy-duty machine. Robotic vacuums can also be effective in cleaning up dog hair.

Dust Regularly

Woman dusting

Be sure to clean beneath furniture and in corners where pet hair can accumulate. For stubborn areas, a slightly damp terry cloth mop can be effective or use a dry dust sweeper.

Reseal Floor

If your dog's hair is snagging on parts of the hardwood floor when you try to clean it, the sealer coat may be thin or uneven. Reapply sealer in the affected area until you achieve a smooth, even coat with no sharp edges to catch hair. It may be necessary to strip the floor before applying a new sealer, but a well-applied layer of sealer can last several years.

Dryer Sheet Hack

Pet hair stuck to your trim and the legs of chairs can be particularly annoying and hard to remove. A dryer sheet can come in handy. They create a barrier so that the pet hair doesn't get attracted to these places.

  1. Wet a dryer sheet.
  2. Wipe down the wall trim, legs, and other areas pet hair sticks.
  3. Repeat once a week.

Minimizing the Appearance of Dog Hair

It can be impossible to capture every dog's hair when you clean your hardwood floor, even with dedicated cleanings. There are ways, however, to minimize the appearance of dog hair to the point where it is hardly noticeable, and to clean the rest of your home to remove excess hair that could get on your hardwood floors. Grooming will reduce shedding.

Quality Air Filters

Use good quality air filters throughout your home and on your vacuum to catch floating hair. This will also help minimize other dust particles, decreasing the need for frequent cleaning.

Regularly Clean

Keep all carpets, rugs, and furniture as clean of dog hair as possible around your home, since it is easy to spread on clothing, shoes, or linens. A rubber sweeper, strong vacuum, or specialized pet hair removers can all be effective to help minimize pet hair throughout your home.

Stain Floors Similar Color to Pet's Fur

If you have the option, consider choosing a color of hardwood flooring stain that is close to the color of your pet's hair. This will help the hair blend in so it is not as easily seen if you can't clean it up as frequently.

Minimize Shedding

The easiest way to keep your hardwood floors clean of dog hair is to minimize the amount of hair your pets will shed. While every dog sheds and even short hair can quickly add up on a hardwood floor, there are tricks that can make the hair more manageable.

Groom Dog Regularly

Groom your dog regularly with baths and frequent brushing using a good quality brush that will remove more loose fur. Not only is this a great opportunity to minimize shed hair, but it can become a bonding time between you and your pet as well.

Get Dog Trimmed

grooming a brown color toy poodle dog

Keep your pet's fur properly trimmed to minimize loose hair and additional shedding. At the same time, however, avoid shaving the hair entirely as this robs your dog of the necessary insulation to protect their skin.

Train Dog

If possible, depending on the layout of your home, train your dog to stay off the hardwood floors. This can be an easy matter if the hardwood flooring is confined to one area.

Use Quality Pet Food

Feed your dog a quality brand of food with plenty of protein to promote a healthy coat. This will ensure less shed hair from loose or damaged fur.

Control Fleas

Control fleas carefully. A pet that scratches frequently will loosen hair and shed more easily.

Best Way to Clean Dog Hair off Wood Floors

Pet hair can be notoriously difficult to clean, but knowing how to keep hardwood floors clean of dog hair can help you enjoy both your best friend and clean, shiny floors without inconvenience. Now that you know what to do, grab your broom or mop and get to work.

Best Way to Pick Up Dog Hair on Wood Floors (Easily)