How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom? Basics & Beyond

Published February 26, 2021

How often should you clean your bathroom? More often than you think. Some areas of your bathroom require cleaning every 2-3 days, while other sites can go two weeks or more. Learn what areas of your bathroom need to be cleaned the most, along with how often to clean your toilet and shower.

How Often You Should Clean Your Bathroom: Regular Cleaning

When it comes to how often should you clean your bathroom, you want to clean this area at least once a week. Some areas of your bathroom require more or less attention, but you don't want your bathroom to go more than a week without a good cleaning. Why? The toilet is one of the main reasons. When you use the bathroom, all that nastiness doesn't just go down the drain when you flush. The flushing itself projects some microbial particles into the air and on the floor of your bathroom. So rather than looking at your bathroom as a whole, it's better to consider how you should be cleaning its parts.

Bathroom Area How Often to Clean It

daily; weekly

Tub 1-2 weeks
Sink weekly
Floor 1-2 weeks
Bathroom fan every 6 months

Tips for When to Clean Each Part of Your Bathroom

The frequency of cleaning a bathroom is dependent on a few different factors including the number of people in your household and how much it's used. For example, a single person's home needs to clean their bathroom a lot less than a family of 6. However, take a look at the general guidelines for regular cleaning of each area of your bathroom.

How Often to Clean the Toilet

When it comes to how frequently you should clean the bathroom, the toilet is ground zero. This is where all the germ action is happening. Clean the toilet at least once a week. If you have a large family, clean it every two to three days. This doesn't mean you need to do an intensive scrubbing every two to three days. But, you should wipe down the toilet and toilet seat with a disinfecting wipe or some hydrogen peroxide to kill all those germs.

Man cleaning toilet

How Often Should You Clean Your Sink & Mirror

The damage away from ground zero always gets less, and this is true for your bathroom as well. Since the sink and mirror are close to the toilet, clean them at least once a week. However, you can clean them out more often since a lot of hand washing and brushing of teeth happens here. You can save yourself some cleaning efforts by wiping your mirror and porcelain sink down with a dry towel at the end of the day.

When to Clean Your Bathroom Towels

How often to refresh your towels is another area people aren't quite sure about. You want to change these about every other day. Swap out hand towels and take the dirty towels from the hamper into the laundry room. This keeps everything fresh and prevents mildew from happening from towels sitting too long.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom Floor?

You should clean your bathroom tiled or laminate floors regularly of dirt and debris by sweeping it about once a week and wiping up messes as they happen. However, you don't need to mop it weekly if it's not too dirty. Mopping is variable and can happen every 1-2 weeks, depending on how dirty your bathroom is. However, you want to consider wiping the floor around the toilet down with hydrogen peroxide or disinfecting wipes more often.

How Often to Clean Your Tub and Shower

How often you clean your shower and tub depends on a few factors. If you shower every day or multiple times a day, wipe it down after use, and be sure to clean it once a week. However, if you only shower every 2-3 days, then you can wait more than a week before giving your shower and tub a good scrubbing. On average, aim to clean your shower or tub at least once a week when it gets a lot of traffic. This ensures soap scum and germs aren't going to build up.

How often to clean the shower

How Often Should You Clean Your Shower Curtain?

Clean your shower curtain once a month. If you shower a lot and the shower curtain is getting quite dirty, you can clean it more than once a month. You just want to be sure to clean it at least every three months.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathmats?

Bathmats are something people often forget about in their cleaning game. However, like towels, these are important to clean regularly. You should clean your bathmats every few days and wash them about once a week. They get all kinds of gunk and grime on them, you might not even realize.

How Often Should You Deep Clean Your Bathroom?

If you keep up on regular cleaning of your bathroom, you shouldn't have to give it a deep cleaning more than every two weeks to once a month. A deep cleaning goes further than just regular cleaning. Not only are you cleaning surfaces but cleaning out drawers, medicine cabinets, and more. You are also sweeping all the crevices and giving everything within the room a thorough disinfecting and scrubbing.

Keep Your Bathroom Clean

The best way to keep your bathroom sparkling is through regular maintenance to ensure germs don't grow and giving it a good thorough nook and cranny cleaning every few weeks to once a month. Clean your bathroom at least once a week for most surfaces.

How Often Should You Clean Your Bathroom? Basics & Beyond