How to Organize a Small Bedroom in Easy and Unique Ways

Published February 18, 2020
Small bedroom interior

Small rooms can be a nightmare to organize and keep clean. Especially when you don't have enough room for your stuff. Use your bed, walls and even corners to your advantage and create hidden storage space you never dreamed of. Find out how you can organize not only a small master bedroom and kid's room, but a dorm room as well.

Decluttering First Is Important

When it comes to organizing a small space, you really need to think about decluttering your space. Before you even begin, you'll want to remove everything from the room and recycle those things that haven't been used or touched in the last six months. If you haven't used it in that time, it is probably something that you can do without. It is also important to make sure that everything has a spot.

Small Master Bedroom Organization Ideas

A small master bedroom can often be a nightmare since this tends to be where a lot of excess items in your house end up. Give everything in your master bedroom a home by following these fun organizational tips.

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Box Frame Shelves

Not only are these fun wall decorations but they can be great storage tools. You might use them to store your extra toiletry items or makeup brushes. The frame, along with the colorful toiletry items, can make it a unique work of art.

Invest in a Bookcase

Bookcases aren't just for storing books. These tall and resourceful organization racks can give you a place for clothes, shoes, purses and other apparel. You can also get small containers to fit within the shelves for delicate or personal items like socks and underwear. Just make sure to put labels on them to keep everything neat and tidy.

Try Floating Shelves

These can open up a lot of space and are super handy. You might put your fish tank or books on a shelf. You could also use them to hold your shoes, purses, linens and more.

Corner Shelves for Organization

If you have a tiny bedroom that butts up to a wall, you can use corner shelves to give you a little added space. Not only are these great for holding items like books and lamps, but you can stack them up the wall to add storage.

S Hooks

If you have a closet that doesn't have a lot of room, you might want to think outside of the box when it comes to organizing your clothes. Rather than hangers, purchase S hooks and wrap them around the rod. Use the other end to hang clothing by tags or belt loops. These also work great to organize scarves, purses and belts.

Storage Nook

If you don't have a closet but have a little nook next to your bed or behind your door, get a wall rack. You can use this for anything from shoes to hanging clothing. To hide your little nook, you'll need a spring-loaded curtain rod and a decorative curtain. This is a great way to keep your storage nook hidden from view.

Organizing a Small Bedroom

When it comes to a small room with little or no closet space, it can be a nightmare to keep things clean and organized. This doesn't mean that you are destined to live in a mess. It is just going to take a bit more creativity.

single bedroom with white walls

Built in Storage Space

If you can, consider getting a bed frame that has built in storage or drawers. This can be a great way to keep things organized and out of sight, especially in a small room. If you are working on a budget, consider getting baskets or containers that fit under the bed and use this area for storage of clothing, blankets and bulky items.

Rethink the Nightstand

Rather than a small nightstand, you might want to consider getting a stand with drawers and shelves that goes to the ceiling. This can give you not only drawers on the bottom but shelving on the top that you can use for a variety of storage purposes.

Over the Door Hooks

These can easily turn your door into a place for hanging clothing, coats and even business suits. You might even try them for organizing your belts, scarves and purses.

Use Your Bedframe to Your Advantage

When decorating a small room, choose a bedframe that includes headboard and footboard storage. This can really open areas up and use space that would otherwise be wasted.

Getting a Small Kid's Room Organized

You might think it is impossible to keep a small kid's room from overflowing with toys and clothes. But with a few ingenious storage hacks, you can maximize space on a budget.

tidy childs bedroom

Use Stackable Bins

Stackable bins are a great way to organize toys. Not only do they come in a variety of styles and colors that kids will love but they are easy to label for toys. They can also work great to put kids' cloths or shoes in as well.

Try a Cube Bin

A cube bin is a great way to organize not only shoes and clothing but books, video games and even game systems. This makes sure that everything is at their fingertips and has a place to go. These can even work in the closet to add more storage space if your kid's room has one.

Lower Clothing Bars

Kids are small and to be able to put away their own clothes or get them out, it helps for their clothing racks to be at eye level for them. Lowering their hanging bar can also open up the top of the closet to add organizing baskets for seasonal items like beach toys and snow pants. Plus your kids will be able to hang and put their own clothes away.

Label Everything

All the baskets, bins and organizational tools that you use in a kid's room should have a label. By giving it a label, you are basically telling them were everything needs to go and helping them to be successful in keeping their room clean. Don't just get boring with your label maker, bust out the markers can make it a fun art project for you and the kids.

Organizing a Dorm Room

When it comes to your dorm room, you are not going to have a lot of space to work with. This is going to make using under your bed storage pivotal. In addition to some of the tricks for small bedrooms, you might try these organizational tips just for dorm rooms.

Students relaxing in dorm room

Use Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers are a college student must have organization too. These make sure that your brushes, hair accessories, writing utensils, phones, tablets, etc. are easy to find in your vanity, nightstand or desk. This keeps everything you need at your finger tips and doesn't have you scrambling when you are running late for class.

Storage Ottoman

If you have a loft bed, these work great for not only getting on to your bed, but you can use them for storing extra linen, blankets and other bulky items. It also doubles as a chair.

Using a Sorting Hamper

A sorting hamper has a divider built into it. This means that when you are throwing your clothes in the hamper, you're already sorting your lights and darks saving time and keeping your dirty clothing organized.

Use Personal Items as Décor

You might create art pieces that you can hang on the wall using your jewelry. You might also make a mosaic using your hats. Using wall hooks, you could even use your scarves to add a bit of color to your room. Plus, it saves you having to find a place to store them.

Keeping Your Space Organized

Organization in a small space is truly about making sure that everything has a designated area. If you have a small room, you can try any of these tips to keep you organized and utilize your space to the max. it's also important to create a daily cleaning schedule to make sure that everything gets to its proper place.

How to Organize a Small Bedroom in Easy and Unique Ways