How to Put on a Duvet Cover in Easy Steps

Stop wrestling with your duvet covers and learn the easiest ways to put one on.

Published March 4, 2023
couple smiling at each other and gathering duvet to fold it

The starfish. The flying squirrel. The polyester wrangler. We all have our unusual methods for switching out our duvet covers. Just like folding fitted sheets, it surprises even seasoned textile savants that there's actually a right way for how to put on a duvet cover. So, turn your washer on, empty out the dryer, and get ready to the put on a duvet cover faster than any time before.

Three Ways to Put on a Duvet Cover

Just like learning what parts of your appliances need to be changed every few years, there comes a time (often later than we'd like to admit) that we find out household hacks that would've made our lives so much easier. If you've ever suffered shoving a king-sized comforter into a duvet cover, then you'll want to know all about these tried-and-true ways to put it on.

The California Roll/Burrito Method

No, this method doesn't involve you defeatedly wrapping yourself up in your favorite duvet. Rather, it's named for the unique way you roll out the duvet cover on your comforter and end up a perfectly secured blanket.

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It'll only take a few minutes to follow these steps:

  1. Turn your duvet cover inside out.
  2. Set the end of the duvet with the opening at the far side of the bed from wherever you're standing.
  3. Set the duvet on top of the cover, keeping all the corners symmetrical.
  4. Grab the edge closest to you (opposite the opening) and roll tightly towards the opening.
  5. Once you've got your freshly baked duvet burrito in hand, take the open end and stuff the burrito inside.
  6. Take the right-ways out burrito roll and start unrolling it towards you. Once finished, the duvet should be right-side up and ready to jump in.

The Pillowcase Method

Different from the California roll method, the pillowcase way of putting a duvet cover on involves less rolling and folding, which might be easier for people with larger beds.

Try the pillowcase method with these easy steps:

  1. Set the duvet down on your bed.
  2. Flip your duvet cover inside out, laying it on top of your duvet with all the corners matching and flush.
  3. Secure any fastenings (snaps, ties, clasps) to the corners of your duvet.
  4. Now, shove your hands and arms into the opening of the duvet cover and grab the top two corners and turn it back right-side out.
  5. Using the corners in your hand, slide the duvet cover down the blanket to the very top.
  6. Fasten the last corners and fluff up.

The Stuff Method

Not the most precise method, but one that'll get the job done, it's most young adults' preferred way of putting on duvet cover - the stuff method. Simply, this method involves you taking your duvet and shoving it into your open cover. The larger the comforter, the more you'll have to wrangle your cover, but it's a valid method that shouldn't be forgotten. Because, with a couple of dramatic shakes, you should be able to get the blanket to fall properly into place.

When in Doubt, Turn to Social Media

Thanks to all the household hackers on TikTok and Instagram, you never have to search for long to find the quickest way to fix a simple domestic problem. So, whether it's figuring out how to put on your duvet cover or figuring out how to fold a fitted sheet, you can always find the newest creative ways to cut down on time when doing your everyday chores.

Don't Pull a Muscle Putting on Your Duvet Cover

Like when you're putting a fitted sheet on a mattress by yourself, wrestling with a giant comforter and a duvet cover can end up in injury faster than you may think. It's all too easy to trip yourself up on the blankets or anything else you have lying around. Stop putting off cleaning your duvet cover and prevent any nasty falls by learning the easiest ways to put on your duvet cover.

How to Put on a Duvet Cover in Easy Steps