Pet Food Storage Container Options

Updated November 25, 2019
Large white metal tin of dog food

You can buy pet food storage containers in a variety of sizes and shapes, or you can make your own using items you have around the house. Pet storage containers help keep your pet's food safe, accessible to only you, and can become part of your home decor.

Dry Pet Food Storage Ideas

When choosing dry pet food storage options, keep in mind that dry dog food or cat food is only good for up to about two weeks once the package has been opened. Cheap food storage methods and even home storage ideas can often work as pet food storage options too.

Cat food container
  • Look for airtight containers that fit what you'll need for the week to ensure dry food stays fresh.
  • Anything you repurpose should be cleaned with regular dish soap, rinsed well, and allowed to air dry before using it for food storage.
  • Consider your top priorities and choose the option that best meets your space and your needs.

Creative Small Dog or Cat Storage Options

You can buy automatic cat food feeders or dog food dispensers that are specially made to hold all the food your pet needs for a few days or a week. If you don't want to invest a lot of money or are looking for ways to store larger amounts of small pet food, see what you might have on hand that can be repurposed. You can always paint or decoupage the outside of the container if it will be kept in the open, or hide it away in a closet or large cupboard.

  • Cat litter buckets can easily be repurposed by placing the bag of food inside the bucket or dumping the food in once it's been cleaned.
  • A baby diaper pail was made to seal in odors, so it works great for keeping pet food smells inside. Use a food-grade liner bag or dump your food into the clean pail.
  • If you like to pour your pet food rather than scoop it, a simple plastic drink pitcher will easily pour small bits of food. Since most are clear, you'll also see when it's time to refill the pitcher.
  • Take an extra turkey roasting bag after Thanksgiving and use it to line a cardboard photo box. You can use a chip clip to keep the bag closed and the decorative box can sit anywhere without looking ugly.
  • Recycle empty juice bottles to hold small bags of pet food you can easily pour when it's time to feed the cat or dog.

Creative Large Dog Storage Options

If you've got a big dog who eats bigger bits of food and a lot more of it, you'll want to look for bigger food storage options. Whether you keep it in the mudroom, garage, or on the porch, make sure wild animals can't get into it.

Plastic trash bin lined with bag for pet food storage
  • Any garbage can with a plastic liner can work since you'll be able to dump food in, keep it closed, and remove the liner for washing.
  • Hide a giant bag of dog food inside any decorative garbage can and use a chip clip to keep the bag closed.
  • Colored storage totes keep the dog food out of sight and can hide multiple bags, buckets, or boxes of food or hold loose food.
  • If you've got an old hard shell suitcase, remove the fabric liner and place your large bag of dog food inside to hide it and keep it accessible.
  • For outdoor or garage storage, a deck box is great for storing bags or bins of dog food while still keeping wild animals out.
  • You can invest in a food storage cabinet that's made for housing treats, food and water bowls, and pet food in an attractive furniture piece like the Merry Products Black Windsor Pet Feeder which costs about $200.
  • If you're looking for a wheeled airtight container, you can buy a rolling storage locker or use a cooler with wheels.

Unique Wet Pet Food Storage Ideas

If your cat or dog eats wet food, you'll want to store any leftovers from an open can in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Wet pet food lasts about three days in the fridge if properly stored.

  • Individual yogurt containers are the perfect size to hold the leftover half of a 12- to 13-ounce can of pet food when you cover them with plastic wrap.
  • Use an empty butter spread tub, just make sure you label it.
  • Small condiment jars like those for jelly or dijon mustard are a great size for leftover wet pet food.
  • If you mix wet and dry food for your pet, storing small amounts of wet food in clean pill bottles can help you separate a can into multiple servings.
  • Any Rubbermaid food storage container can be used for wet pet food, especially the small sauce container sizes and you can usually stack these to save fridge space.

Clever Dog and Cat Treat Storage Suggestions

Many pet treats today come in resealable plastic pouches, but others still come in cardboard boxes. If you want to make the treats a part of your decor, or store them in a better container, check out these options.

Dog bones on plate and in glass jar
  • Store large dog bone treats in a glass cookie jar with a lid.
  • Take a clean hand wipe container and cut off the inner flaps that hold the wipe upright. Now it will still be airtight and you can easily pour out a few small treats.
  • Repurpose a coffee can to hold medium-sized pet treats.
  • If you've got kids, chances are you have some playing card tins, like Pokémon collector's tins, that work great for keeping small treats fresh. The clear window on top helps you see when you're running low.
  • Small cat treats or dog training bits are easily accessed from a candy dispenser.
  • When you're out for a walk with your dog, a fanny pack is perfect for storing treats, poop bags, and even a collapsible water bowl.

Pet Food Storage Solutions With Multiple Bins

When you have several dogs of different sizes, or a mix of dogs and cats, or pets with special diets, storage solutions for multiple types of food come in handy. You can purchase storage solutions with multiple bins like the Iris Airtight Food Storage Container, which features two stacked bins on wheels, for about $20 or look for things to repurpose at home.

  • Stackable human food storage containers can help you portion out each pet's food for the week which is great for when you're away and a friend is stopping by to feed the pets.
  • Use a standard filing cabinet with multiple drawers so each pet's bags of food and treats fit in a separate drawer.
  • For small pets, a tackle box can keep food in the large bottom portion and treats in the smaller top compartments.

Small Pet Food Storage Container Ideas

Pet food storage options go beyond solutions for cat food and dog treats. Smaller pets that live in cages or tanks need cool food storage options too. These can also help make it easier for kids to participate in feeding the animals.

Clever Fish Food Storage Options

Whether you serve up fish flakes or pellets, clever fish food storage options are right in your own kitchen.

  • Decorative pepper shakers and spice shakers have bigger holes and pouring options perfect for holding and dispensing fish food. They also look nicer sitting next to the tank.
  • A travel mug with a wide spout is airtight, easy to use, and looks great.
  • Repurpose empty water bottles to hold fish food so you can easily see when you're running low. The 8 ounce bottles work best for this.

Creative Bird Food Storage Options

Whether you've got pet birds in the house or like to feed the wild birds outside, there are many creative ways to store bird seed.

  • Fill an empty oatmeal canister with bird seed so you can easily store a whole bag and scoop out what you need.
  • Put the bag of bird seed in an empty cereal box, cut one corner of the bag, and pour as you would the cereal.
  • An empty pop bottle allows you to see how much seed is left and pour small amounts with ease.

Unique Hamster Food Storage Options

Small seed mixes and hamster pellets are often about the same size as bird seed, but sometimes they are a bit larger.

  • Keep a glass Mason jar next to the cage so it looks decorative, helps you see when food is running low, and is easy to pour at feeding time.
  • An empty milk jug can be washed and repurposed to hold hamster food.
  • Use a 32-ounce coffee creamer container because it's easy for kids to pour without dumping too much food at once.

Keep Pet Food in its Place

From treats and food to toys and supplies, pets need as much storage space as any other member of your family. Look for ways to make your dog's or cat's food accessible to you, but hidden from them to make feeding time less of a chore. Cheap storage solutions can often serve the same purpose as expensive pet food storage containers sold in stores.

Pet Food Storage Container Options