Self Cleaning Oven Instructions

Self cleaning ovens save you time.

Self cleaning oven instructions vary slightly from model to model, so always consult the correct instructional manual for specific directions for your particular appliance. If you've never owned a self cleaning oven before, you'll find that it requires a gentler attitude towards cleaning than your previous oven.

Standard Self Cleaning Oven Instructions

Standard self cleaning oven instructions allow you to keep your oven clean without having to get down on your hands and knees, hosing the inside with oven cleaner and putting on a face mask to keep from breathing in the fumes. Self cleaning ovens are simpler to clean and kinder on the back, buttocks and arms, not to mention the sinuses.

Empty the Oven

Take out the oven racks, foil and anything removable from the internal oven. Do not spray any oven cleaner inside the oven. Dispose of the foil and wash the racks in the sink. You may need to use oven cleaner on the racks to cleanse baked on grease off. If you choose to leave your racks in the oven during the cleaning cycle, you can use vegetable oil to wipe the racks down and restore some luster to the metal.

self cleaning cycle

Set Self Cleaning Cycle

Never run the self cleaning cycle on your oven while not home. If you have excessive buildup on the bottom of the oven it will smoke. The heat is very intense in self cleaning ovens. The heat is designed to turn the debris, grease and dirt into ash. The average self cleaning cycle lasts about three hours. The oven temperature will be extremely hot. During summer time, you should run the self cleaning cycle late at night or early in the morning to avoid over taxing the air conditioner during the heat of day.

After Cleaning Cycle

When the self cleaning cycle ends, allow the oven a couple of hours to cool down. Use a gentle, damp cloth or sponge and wipe out the ash from the inside of the oven. Wiping down the residue is important. Take note of the areas around the seals and the front exterior door will not be cleaned by the self cleaning process. You can clean these areas with a gentle cloth and hydrogen peroxide. Regular wipe downs of these areas will help prevent soil build up.

Clean Your Oven Regularly

Too often people with self cleaning ovens think they can skip regular cleanings, but too much build up inside the oven can lead to foul odors and smoking when running the self cleaning cycle. If you use the oven heavily, you should run the self cleaning cycle monthly. You should wipe down the areas around the door and the front of the oven regularly.

For unexpected spillovers occur inside the oven, always wipe it out with water and a cloth rather than using harsh chemical cleaners. Be sure to clean the racks regularly. Always review your brand's self cleaning oven instructions for specific issues or troubleshooting problems.

Consult Manufacturer Manuals

For details specific to cleaning your oven, you'll need to consult the manual provided by the manufacturer, such as one for a Kenmore self-cleaning oven. Please note that instructions may vary from one model to another as well as by company. Contact the manufacturer of your particular oven directly to obtain instructions for your appliance. Alternately, Kitchen Manuals Online is a resource for finding and sharing hard-to-find appliance manuals. FYI, since your oven will be cleaning automatically, it's a great time to double task and clean your toaster and other kitchen appliances.

Self Cleaning Oven Instructions