15 Shower Cleaning Hacks That Save Time & Effort

Skip the elbow grease and get your shower cleaned in half the time so you can spend more time relaxing and less time scrubbing.

Published March 10, 2023

Cleaning your shower can be a quick chore with little to no elbow grease involved if you use the right shower cleaning hacks and products. Spend less time cleaning your shower and more time relaxing with these easy shower cleaning tips.

Use Dish Soap


Don't reserve your powerful yet gentle dish soap just for kitchen cleaning. Covering your shower or tub floor with a dish soap like Dawn cuts down on your cleaning time. Cover your shower floor with the dish liquid and let it soak for a few minutes. Scrub lightly and rinse away to reveal a sparkling shower floor every time.

Use a Broom to Scrub Your Shower Floor


Save your back from unnecessary strain by scrubbing your shower floor with a broom. This method helps you thoroughly clean the shower floor without wearing out your back and arms. The long handle helps you leverage more scrubbing power with little effort and helps break down stubborn shower stains.

Use a Cleaning Wand


Add a retractable scrubbing wand to your cleaning toolkit for easy shower maintenance. Some wands dispense soap as you go, and others extend to extra-long lengths to clean all the hard-to-reach areas of your shower.

Break Out the Borax


This shower cleaning hack only involves two simple steps because the cleaning product does most of the work for you. Add a generous layer of Borax to your shower floor and gently scrub in every direction. Allow the Borax to sit for two to three hours, then rinse your shower thoroughly. Make sure you're using gloves for this process and watch as your shower sparkles when you're finished.

Invest in a Steam Cleaner


Your shower or bath probably has a few corners or crevices that are hard to get and keep clean. Skip the scrubbing by using a powerful steam cleaner. A product like the Bissell Steam Shot will quickly clean those tough-to-reach areas while providing plenty of other cleaning solutions throughout your home.

Clean Your Shower Door With a Homemade Solution


Combine equal parts warm white vinegar and Dawn dish detergent for a powerful cleaning solution that will get your shower door clean with little to no elbow grease needed. Use a spray bottle to apply the solution and wipe clean with a microfiber cloth.

Soak Your Shower Head for an Easy Clean


This will be the easiest way you have ever cleaned your shower head. Tie a plastic bag, partly full of white vinegar, around your shower head so that it completely submerges the shower head in the vinegar. Allow the solution to sit for a few hours, then wipe clean. If you have stubborn soap scum on your shower head, apply a bit of baking soda after removing the bag and lightly scrub before wiping clean.

Get Rid of Soap Scum Once and for All


If it's been a while since your last deep clean, your shower or tub might have soap scum that needs attention. Easily tackle this cleaning obstacle with a homemade solution using items you likely have on hand. Create a paste with baking soda, dish soap, and lemon juice and apply it to the stubborn soap scum stains in your shower. Allow it to sit for at least a few minutes before scrubbing with a sponge. Rinse your shower to reveal a scum-free surface.

Use Toothpicks on Your Shower Head


For a tough shower head with grime and soap scum, you might need an extra step to get it clean. Use a few toothpicks to help your efforts. A toothpick with a bit of baking soda or cleaning solution on the end will help you get into the small crevices of your shower head.

Soak Your Shower Door


Skip all the hard work in cleaning your shower door by prepping with a pre-cleaning soak. Soak paper towels in vinegar before applying them to your shower door. Since you soaked them in a liquid, the paper towels should adhere to your shower door on their own. Let them sit for about an hour before removing them and wiping the glass clean.

Use a Bleach Pen on Grout


Add this handy cleaning tool to your arsenal for the easiest grout cleaning hack ever. A bleach pen will help you get into the small spaces between your shower wall or floor tile and finally restore your grout for a brand new and clean look.

Buff Your Faucet for a Shiny Finish


Restore your shower faucet and fixtures to their original shine with a cleaning hack so simple you won't believe it actually works until you see it for yourself. Use half of a lemon to gently buff your faucets and shower drain for a shiny finish that looks clean and new.

Clean While You Shower


You're already in the shower cleaning anyway, so you may as well tackle the tile and shower door while you're in there. In fact, the steam from your shower may help you with the cleaning process. Keep a microfiber cloth and a shower squeegee within reach so you can give your shower a quick clean before you jump out.

Scrub Your Grout With a Homemade Solution


Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda come together for a powerful cleaning solution that will keep your tile grout looking brand new. Use this powerful paste as a pre-soak for your grout, then scrub the same solution with a bristle brush for a thorough cleaning without all the extra products.

Restore Your Shower Curtain


Don't forget to clean your shower curtain when you're tackling the bathroom cleaning checklist. Start by soaking your shower curtain in a vinegar and dish soap solution to get those tough soap scum stains out. Give it a good rinse and hang it back up to dry. If you want to spot clean mildew while your curtain is still hanging, add bleach and water to a spray bottle and scrub where needed. Remember not to mix vinegar and bleach as the combination can emit a harmful chemical.

Get Your Shower Clean Without Breaking a Sweat


Don't spend your entire cleaning day scrubbing your shower walls. With these easy shower cleaning hacks, you'll save time on cleaning so you can get back to the things you actually enjoy doing. Like taking a long hot bath in your newly cleaned bathroom.

15 Shower Cleaning Hacks That Save Time & Effort