15 Genius Spring Cleaning Tips & Hacks for a Fun, Fast Process

Make spring cleaning an efficient and exciting process with helpful time hacks and genius cleaning tips.

Published March 1, 2023

Clean smarter, not harder! Make spring cleaning a breeze with helpful hacks for making the process easier, faster, and even fun. With a few expert spring cleaning tips, you'll find yourself excited to throw on your gloves and start the process.

Prep Deep Cleaning Areas


Don't spend all of your precious time using unnecessary elbow grease. Prep the tough to clean spaces right away so cleaning products can do their part. Get your bathtub, oven, or carpet soaking while you tackle other areas that feel less intimidating. By the time you come back to scrub or wipe, cleaning products will have most of the work finished for you.

Use Your Washing Machine


Keep your washer going throughout your spring cleaning schedule. Your machine can clean anything machine washable while you're working in other areas. Wash throw blankets, pillow covers, shower curtains, and tablecloths in the machine. Be sure to pay close attention to labels and dry your textiles accordingly. Make this one of your first spring cleaning steps so you aren't scrambling to get everything washed.

Work From Top to Bottom


When you're dusting, sweeping, wiping, and polishing, be sure to work from top to bottom throughout your home. You certainly don't want to wipe crumbs on your freshly mopped floor. Save yourself from repeating tasks by starting from the top and working your way down throughout the process.

Set a Timer


Avoid getting stuck on one cleaning task all day. Set timers for each task and give yourself a five-minute grace period. Once your timer goes off and your five-minute grace period is up, it's time to move on to another task. Reserve a block of time at the end of your day for catching up on any tasks that were cut short.

Use a Mop for Walls & Baseboards


Save time and back strain by using a sweeper mop to clean your walls and baseboards. Attach a microfiber cloth to your sweeper mop and fill a bucket with warm water and dish soap, giving your mop a dunk as needed. Work your way from top to bottom as you clean your walls in half the time.

Quickly Dust Ceiling Fans


Your most dreaded spring cleaning task just became the most satisfying part of your to-do list. All you need for this spring cleaning hack is an old pillow case you no longer plan to use. Simply place the pillow case over each fan blade and pull the case toward you as you wipe the blade clean. Empty the case of dust and wash after cleaning all the fans in your home, designating it as your official ceiling fan duster.

Save Time on Cleaning Rugs


Cut out all the extra products and steps when you're cleaning the rugs in your home. This tedious task is suddenly fun when you power wash your rugs instead. Take your rugs outside and cover them with your favorite carpet cleaner. Give them a quick scrub, then let water pressure handle the rest. Power wash your rugs to free them of tough stains, dust, and dirt.

Don't Get Stuck on Sorting


Sorting and organizing are parts of spring cleaning you must encounter, and they may even be the parts you love most. Even if you love the sorting stage, don't let it trip you up on your cleaning schedule. Save sorting for later and use a large bin or even a laundry basket to hold all the items you need to sort through and organize once you finish the cleaning stage.

Replace Some Items Instead of Cleaning Them


Time is money, and when you're trying to get your spring cleaning finished as quickly as possible, replacing some items is well worth the time they save. Affordable home items you can easily replace instead of cleaning will make your to-do list a lot shorter. Replace shower curtain liners, stove top trays, dingy towels, and stained linens rather than spending a large amount of time cleaning them.

Use a Paint Touch Up Pen


Quickly touch up all the scuffs and chips on your walls and furniture with a handy pain touch up pen. Keep one for each color of paint used in your home and take a glance around every room to find the spots that are calling for attention.

Thoroughly Clean Your Sink


Quickly clean and refresh your sink with simple ingredients you have on hand. Sprinkle baking soda in your sink and pour vinegar on top to create a bubbling paste. A bit of light scrubbing and a rinse is all you need to give your sink a thorough cleaning and sparkling shine. Pour a few drops of your favorite essential oil or even a bit of lemon juice in the drain to keep it fresh and give your kitchen a clean scent.

Use Time-Saving Cleaning Equipment


A few handy cleaning products and tools will cut down on your time and make the spring cleaning process a lot more fun. Check out small steam cleaners, effective upholstery vacuums, multipurpose cleaning products, and robot vacuums and mops that do much of the work for you.

Make Spring Cleaning a Game


Whatever motivates you to get your clean on, embrace it! Try making the cleaning tasks feel like a game or create some sort of reward system to keep you motivated to finish the tasks. You can even invite friends over to tackle the cleaning list together and turn it into a fun cleaning party.

Turn Up the Tunes


Nothing motivates quite like music. Create the perfect cleaning playlist to jam out to and turn it up so you can hear your best dance party songs from whatever room you're working in. If music isn't your thing or you find it too distracting, try an audio book, motivational podcast, or a true crime podcast you can get lost in.

Motivate Yourself With New Decor


Nothing motivates quite like the thrill of bringing new decorative pieces into your home. Snag a few fun pillows, a new set of coffee mugs, or a gorgeous new rug to help you get excited to clean.

Make Spring Cleaning Easy & Exciting


Spring cleaning doesn't have to be a bore or a drag. With the right plan, helpful hacks, and some fun things to enjoy along the way, your spring cleaning experience will go from a dreaded task to an enjoyable undertaking.

15 Genius Spring Cleaning Tips & Hacks for a Fun, Fast Process