How to Wash Rothy's Shoes & Flats & Keep Them Odor Free

Learn how to wash Rothy's shoes so your go-to flats and loafers always look their best.

Published April 21, 2023
Woman wearing pink flats outside

Rothy's shoes are famous for blending style, sustainability, and comfort. What you may not know is that they last way longer than a conventional shoe because you can wash Rothy's easily to extend their life. Follow these cleaning steps to learn how to wash and spot clean your Rothy's flats, loafers, and sneakers.

Wash Your Rothy's Shoes in Six Easy Steps

You can find a long list of reasons Rothy's shoes are a great investment, and one of them is their easy-care instructions. Don't worry, the list of cleaning steps is a lot shorter than the long list of reasons to love Rothy's shoes. You can clean them thoroughly in just six simple steps.

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Step 1: Plan Your Process

Though the steps to cleaning your Rothy's flats or loafers are simple, you want to plan the process so your shoes are ready for wear when you need them. Plan for about an 8-hour dry time, which means you need to give yourself a 10-hour period where you won't be wearing the shoes. If you have an event coming up where you plan to wear your shoes, make sure you start the process the day before you need the shoes to be ready. This is a great weekend cleaning task if your schedule allows.

Step 2: Remove Insoles

You'll be washing the insoles of your shoes along with the shoe body, but you'll want to separate the two in order to ensure a thorough clean. Remove the insoles of your Rothy's flats, loafers, or boots. For your Rothy's sneakers, remove the contoured footbed and tie the shoelaces together.

Step 3: Place Shoes & Insoles in Washing Machine

Once you remove the insoles and tie the laces, you can place everything in your washing machine. It's perfectly safe to wash your shoes without a laundering bag or by combining a few pairs all at once, though you may want to separate dark and light colors. If you have a pair of Rothy's sneakers with blue midsoles, skip the machine and hand wash those in a sink of cold water with mild detergent.

Step 4: Choose the Right Detergent

Wash your Rothy's shoes in a mild detergent for best results. Try an all-natural detergent or homemade version for gentle cleaning. A vinegar-based detergent is a great choice when shopping for a mild detergent in the store. You might also use a cleaner that's typically used on baby items, like Dreft.

Step 5: Wash in Cold Water

Always use cold water when washing your shoes. Even if you are hand washing the shoes, cold water will help avoid any shrinkage and still give your Rothy's shoes a thorough clean.

Step 6: Air Dry Your Shoes

As with the water, you want to avoid any heat in the cleaning process when drying your Rothy's shoes. Promptly remove your shoes from the washer when the cycle finishes and lay them flat, with the insoles still separated, to dry for six to eight hours. For sneakers that contain wool fibers, the Rothy's company suggests the use of a shoe tree to keep the shape of the shoe intact as it dries.

Spot Clean Your Rothy's Shoes Between Washes

If you're between washes and need to give your Rothy's shoes a quick refresh, these spot cleaning tips will help you make the most of your cleaning efforts. Spot cleaning helps you avoid the longer washing process and keeps your favorite flats looking brand new.

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Step 1: Find a Stain Remover

For standard spot cleaning, you may not need a stain remover. But if you do, reach for a gentle and effective stain remover you trust. OxiClean stain remover is a trusted option for stubborn stains, and Dreft manufactures a gentle stain remover for baby items that will also work on your Rothy's shoes. For a mild homemade way to remove grease or other stubborn stains, create a paste with a dish detergent and baking soda to lift the stain. Once you've decided on a stain remover, apply the product to the areas of concern on your Rothy's shoes.

Step 2: Start Scrubbing

Use a toothbrush or small scrubbing brush to work the stain solution into a lather. You may need to add a little water to activate the stain remover as you scrub. This step helps work the fibers and lift the stain so you can wash it away.

Step 3: Rinse or Wash

At this stage, you can rinse your shoes with cold water or wash them according to the standard washing machine care instructions. If you're just treating one small stain or area of the shoe, skip the wash cycle and rinse only the treated area to cut down on dry time.

Step 4: Air Dry Your Shoes

As with your usual cleaning process, air dry your shoes for a few hours before wearing them again. The natural fibers in Rothy's shoes won't respond well to high heat exposure, so don't place your shoes in the dryer.

Keep Your Rothy's Shoes Smelling Fresh

As with all shoes, Rothy's shoes may produce an odor after a lot of wear. Keep your pair smelling fresh with a few handy hacks between your wash cycles and spot cleaning.

  • Fill tube socks with baking soda and knot the ends before placing them into your shoes to help absorb moisture and odors.
  • Spray disinfectant spray on the inside and bottom of your Rothy's shoes to fight against bacterial and fungal growth.
  • Make your own shoe refresher spray with antibacterial properties by combining equal parts water and distilled white vinegar in a spray bottle. Add lemon juice and essential oils to the mix for a fresh scent.

Strut in Style With Clean Rothy's Shoes

Once you've mastered the simple art of cleaning Rothy's wide range of shoe styles, you can strut your style with confidence. No need to worry over those mud puddles and unidentified stains because you know how to get your Rothy's shoes clean and keep them odor free.

How to Wash Rothy's Shoes & Flats & Keep Them Odor Free