9 Lemons in a Bowl: The Power to Cleanse & Uplift

Published November 24, 2020
Lemons In Bowl On Plate With Flowers Behind

9 lemons in a bowl is believed to be auspicious in some feng shui practices. Some feng shui practitioners swear by the use of 9 lemons in a bowl to attract wealth and clear negative energy.

Why Do You Put 9 Lemons in a Bowl?

The theory behind putting 9 lemons in a bowl is twofold. The first is the cleansing properties attributed to lemons, and the second is the auspicious energies of the number 9.

Disinfectant Properties of Lemons

Lemons are known for their disinfectant and high acidic values. Lemon has been used as part of cleaning solutions for centuries.

Health Benefits of Lemons

Drinking lemon juice in water is a known health benefit. The vitamin C found in lemon helps to boost your immune system.

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What Do Lemons Symbolize?

For some feng shui practitioners, lemons represent cleansers and purifiers of sha chi (negative chi). Since the lemons are equated with powerful beneficial effects on your environment, they are used as tools for neutralizing negative chi energy in your home. The lemons clear the way for auspicious chi energy to enter and move throughout your home.

Sha Chi Energy and Cleansing Properties of Lemons

Many modern feng shui practitioners believe that lemons work like the black fish in the traditional feng shui aquarium set-up. Like the black fish absorbing the sha chi energy and dying, the lemons are believed to serve as magnets that attract and absorb sha chi.

Evidence of Lemons Absorbing Sha Chi

The theory for lemons absorbing sha chi states that when a house has negative energy, the lemons will rot and even grow mold. However, it's believed if your house has good chi energy, the lemons will take longer to decay and will simply dry up, bypassing the rotting and molding stages.

9 Lemons Feng Shui Meaning

In feng shui, the number 9 is auspicious. In fact, number 9 is considered more than just good luck; It is considered great luck!

Why 9 Lemons in a Bowl Are Used

Number 9 represents prosperity and the future. In time dimension feng shui (flying stars), the number nine flying star is often referred to as the big-hearted star since it bestows auspicious energies as the purple star.

Number 9 Magnifies Energies

It's important to understand that the flying star number 9 is indiscriminate. This means it will expand and multiply good and bad fortune without favoritism. If the energy it magnifies is from a malevolent star ruling a sector in your home, such as the black star number 2 (illness) or the yellow star number 5 (misfortune/violence), then these energies are magnified.

How 9 Lemons Feng Shui Work

It's easy to see how the auspicious energies associated with lemons can be magnified by the number 9. When you place 9 lemons in a bowl, you create an amazing combination of auspicious chi energies.

Board with cut lemons and zest on wooden table

What Does 7 Lemons In A Bowl Mean?

Some people choose to use 7 lemons in a bowl instead of 9. When you use only 7 lemons, you're tapping into the number that means health luck.

Luck Sectors for 9 Lemons in Bowl Placements

You can place a bowl of 9 lemons in one sector of your home to attract auspicious energies and clear out negative energies. You want to consider the elements of each sector and how they will interact with the lemon energies. You'll most likely want to avoid placing in the south (fire), west (metal), and northwest (metal) luck sectors since fire burns and metal cuts. The other elements will symbolically aid in the nurturing and growth of fruit, like lemons.

  • East (wood element) health luck.
  • Southeast (wood element) wealth luck.
  • Southwest (earth element) for love and relationship luck.
  • Northeast (earth element) for education luck.
  • North (water element) for career luck.

Inauspicious Number 4 and Lemons

You should avoid using only 4 lemons. In feng shui, number 4 is an inauspicious number since it sounds like the word for death. In fact, the number 4 has such a bad reputation that people avoid buying homes with the number 4 in the home address, as well as telephone number, bank account, driver's license, and other important numbers used in everyday life. It's far easier and more auspicious to stick with number 9 for your lemon display.

Ways to Display 9 Lemons in Feng Shui

You aren't limited to displaying lemons in a bowl. You can use glass apothecary jars or glass vases to create auspicious lemon displays.

Place 9 Lemons in a Bowl on Dining Room Table

The most auspicious placement for your 9 lemons in a bowl is the dining room table. You can place the bowl of lemons as a centerpiece for your dining table. If you have a mirror that reflects your table then you will double the abundance and good luck the 9 lemons bring you.

9 Lemons in Bowl in Office

You can display 9 lemons in a bowl or vase in your office. You can place the 9 lemons in the southeast (wealth) or north (career) sector of your office.

Alternative Displays for 9 Lemons in a Bowl

You can use a pair of glass vases or pedestal compotes with 9 lemons in each. Place one vase or compote on either side of a bowl of garlic. In feng shui, garlic is considered the ideal table centerpiece for wealth. The double 9 lemons will magnify the luck energy of the garlic.

Place on a Tray

You can place 9 lemons on a round tray. You may want to include some of the lemon tree foliage as long as you remove the thorns found in most lemon varieties since they create poison arrows.

9 Lemons and Lemon Blossoms

You can use real sprigs of lemon blossoms in a glass vase with the 9 lemons as vase fillers to support the sprigs. The sweet aroma of lemon blossoms will perfume the air, and you'll be amazed at the instant transition in the energy of your room.

Lemons and Other Citrus Fruits

You can other citrus fruits with your 9 lemons in a bowl. Citrus fruits are considered auspicious in feng shui, so don't be afraid to add oranges and limes to your 9 lemons.

Citrus in Bowl

Can You Use Fake Lemons for Feng Shui?

You can use fake lemons in a feng shui display that is symbolic of the energy of real lemons. You won't get the same benefits of real lemons and their abundant energies, but if you aren't going to be vigilant and replace the fruit as it ages and spoils, then you are better off using fake lemons purely as a symbolic gesture.

9 Lemons in a Bowl for Auspicious Feng Shui

You may decide to try placing 9 lemons in a bowl to reap the beneficial energies this auspicious combination brings to your home. You should check the fruit daily and replace any decaying lemons, so the grouping is always fresh.

9 Lemons in a Bowl: The Power to Cleanse & Uplift