How to Activate Power Areas With Feng Shui

Updated May 6, 2019
Feng Shui compass

Activate power sectors with feng shui to improve certain areas of your life. Activating these power areas using feng shui principles helps you bring more positive energy and focus to important areas of your life. The application is typically the same regardless which school of feng shui you practice. In Black Hat Sect feng shui and the Form and Compass schools of feng shui, the location of your power areas will differ due to the techniques used to determine these sectors in your home.

Activate Power Areas With Feng Shui

To activate your power areas, use items, colors, and arrangements that support the elemental energy that governs that sector. Regardless which feng shui school you practice and follow, the activation of elements is the same. There are a couple of ways you can activate your power areas. One is to use feng shui remedies or element enhancements. The other way is with the use of symbols.

Use Remedies and Element Enhancements

Many people call feng shui remedies, cures, when in truth, the use of elements is more of an enhancement than a cure. Using elements that are lacking in certain areas of your home can activate the dormant or weak element and give it strength. Feng shui practitioners call this activating an element or power area within your home.

Feng Shui Symbols

Using feng shui symbols to activate an element is often a topic of heated debate among classical feng shui practitioners. There are two schools of thought when it comes to symbols being able to activate these areas. Many practitioners don't believe a symbol alone can activate an element. However, if the symbol is made out the element, such as wood, metal, etc., then it's used with the understanding that the symbol could be anything as long as it's composed of the appropriate element. The flip side of the argument is that a symbol contains its own power and can activate an element.

Avoid a Common Pitfall in Activating Power Areas

Many people, especially feng shui novices, believe they must purchase every kind of feng shui object available in order to be covered. The end result is a home that has so many objects that it looks like a store for feng shui paraphernalia. This is just as bad as not having any feng shui elements in your home. Clutter is clutter, so be selective and discreet in your choices of elements. You can have objects that will activate elements in your home that aren't Chinese art objects. Simple things can activate an element. The key thing to keep in mind is the object should be made of the actual element you want to enhance. Below are a few examples of element enhancers.

Wood Element - Wealth, Family, and Health

white orchids on white background

Earth Element - Education and Romance

Green fluorite crystal
  • Crystals
  • Faceted crystal balls
  • Pottery


Red glitter candle
  • Candles
  • Fireplaces
  • Lamps
  • Wood to fuel fire

Water - Career

Close up of a water fountain

Metal - Creativity, Descendents, Travel, Helpful People

Feng shui coins tied with reed string
  • Coins
  • Brass or copper trays
  • Statues

Power Areas for Black Hat Sect Feng Shui

In today's Western culture, feng shui is all the rage, especially Black Hat Sect feng shui. Many people find this school of feng shui very helpful. If you practice Black Hat, then you'll use a bagua map to determine each area of your home. Place the bagua the same way over every home with the north side of the bagua superimposed over the front entrance. Your front door will then either fall into the general knowledge, career, or helpful people area. The south side of the bagua should always be superimposed over the top of your house layout and identify power areas based on that overlay.

Form and Compass Feng Shui Power Areas

Form and Compass feng shui uses compass readings and several formulas to arrive at mathematical evaluations of your home, you, and each member of your family. There are three basic analyses you'll want to conduct in order to locate your individual power areas as well as those of your home and each family member. Without conducting these analyses, you have no way of knowing where any power areas are located.

Flying Star

The Flying Star is an analysis of birth dates that includes, yours, each member of you family and of course, your home's birth date, which is the completion date of construction. This is the very first analysis you should conduct in order to identify possible problem areas.

Eight House Theory

Often referred to Eight Mansions, this analysis will determine how well you and your house fit together. You can determine which rooms are the best places for you to spend time and which ones you should avoid. Also, you'll discover the best directions for you to sleep, eat, work, study, and play.

Pillars of Destiny

By conducting a Pillars of Destiny analysis, you'll be able to discover your personal element and its relation to your house's element. That means if your home's element is fire and your element is water, you'll need to do several things to counter the negative effects of these two elements competing for the same space.

Looking Beyond Elements to Activate Power Areas

You should also consider the room's function and purpose whenever you wish to activate power areas with feng shui and add anything that will support and strengthen those functions.

How to Activate Power Areas With Feng Shui