Americana Wall Hanging Patterns: Adding Charm to Your Walls

Updated May 26, 2021
Couple hanging American flag quilt

One of the fastest ways to add a charming theme to your walls is to display Americana wall hanging patterns. Quilted wall art has been popular for decades, along with tapestries, blankets, weaving, banners, panels, flags, and rugs for those seeking this nostalgic, patriotic motif.

Americana Wall Décor Themes

Americana patterns will work in a variety of decorating styles including country, traditional, rustic, or western. The simple red, white, and blue color palette of many of these patterns allows them to be used in a wide range of design motifs.

The most commonly seen pattern themes include images of flags, farmhouses, stars, stripes, hearts, angels, Lady Liberty, Liberty Bell, and Uncle Sam. There are also usually elements from nature integrated into the designs. This can range from animals and birds to plants and vegetation. Food items such as fruit, pies, and bread baskets are another well-liked theme seen in this type of wall hanging patterns.

American Flag

The American flag is a centerpiece for Americana motifs. The most commonly used flag design is the one with 50 stars that represent the 50 states and the 13 stripes in red and white that represent the original 13 Colonies of the New World. However, the 13 Colonies flag also known as the Betsy Ross flag is a favorite for interiors using a Colonial period style. Another design choice for might be a circle of thirteen stars with the date 1776 in the center of the circle to represent the year of the American Declaration of Independence.

  • Put a flag wall hanging on your living room wall above a console table or a sofa.
  • Place a Betsy Ross flag in your breakfast nook that features Colonial style furniture.
  • A small tapestry with a flag design can be the perfect finishing touch for a foyer/entryway.
fabrics lying like a flag of USA


All types of stars can be used in your interior design. This style can feature one large star encircled with small stars. Quilted star patterns are always good choices.

  • Showcase a star block patterned patchwork quilt on a tall expansive wall of your living room.
  • A Lemoyne Star rug might look better on the wall of your family room wall.
  • A Lone Star quilted design in red and green is a holiday themed Christmas decoration for your foyer wall.
Red White and Blue Star Quilt

Red, White, or Blue Stripes

The red and white stripes of the flag is one of the foremost patterns. However, red and blue or white and blue stripes are also popular patterns found in all styles of patriotic themes.

  • A striped background with an overlay of a Liberty Bell encircled with thirteen stars for a dining room
  • A horizontally striped design to repeat a chair upholstery colors of blue and white farmhouse ticking.
  • A stylized banner that combines the red and white flag stripes with another motif could be just what you need in a sunroom.
Striped blue and white fabric


A heart motif wall hanging can be a simple design or a more sophisticated artistic combination of Americana. For example, one that depicts a Betsy Ross flag with 13 hearts in a circle instead of stars is a subtle way to include the heart symbol. Ways to use a heart motif design include:

  • Place a heart design tapestry above a headboard.
  • Set a heart one as the focal point for a blank wall in your living room.
  • A small heart wall hanging makes a cute choice for a kitchen breakfast room/nook.
Quilted American flag heart

Farmhouse, Barn, and Farm Animals

A tapestry for any room that features a farmhouse and a barn with the surrounding farmland is an attractive addition. Farm animals like roosters, chickens, pigs, cows, and horses are some of the favorite choices. A needlepoint sampler that includes a farming couple with a menagerie of farm animals is a cute choice for conveying this style.

  • Choose a tapestry that features an old barn with a rusty white star shining against the faded red board and batt (barn siding).
  • Select a woven style tapestry depicting the quintessential farmhouse or barn with farm animals for your rustic dining room.
  • A wooden barn door design makes a bold statement for any kitchen.
Roosters vintage tapestry

Uncle Sam

Uncle Sam is one of those odd nicknames that evolved from history. During the War of 1812, the U.S. Army supplier of beef in barrels was Samuel Wilson, a meat packer located in New York. The soldiers called their rations, Uncle Sam's. This name quickly became the nickname for the United States government. Thanks to political cartoonist Thomas Nast, Uncle Sam became an iconic figure of a white bearded man dressed in the stars and stripes with a white top hat with a band of stars.

  • An Uncle Sam Wants You banner can be a fun addition to a game room.
  • An Uncle Sam message tapestry about farm life may be in keeping with your family room décor.
  • A small wall hanging with a warning from Uncle Sam is a lighthearted way to encourage children to tidy up the bathroom.

Lady Liberty

The Statue of Liberty, often called Lady Liberty, is another great motif you can use in your home décor. From photographic images to highly stylized depictions, you have many choices when including Lady Liberty.

  • A contemporary Lady Liberty art quilt adds a welcoming feel to a hallway or back entryway.
  • A small stylized Lady Liberty tapestry with an American flag can add interest to a mudroom design.
  • Carry out your Americana theme with a Lady Liberty wall hanging in the living room.
Statue of Liberty and US Flag

Fruits and Fruit Bowls

Fruit, such as apples, pears, bananas, grapes, and oranges are some choices associated with this design style. Pineapple is another favorite fruit used in Americana and is a symbol of country hospitality.

  • A bowl of fruit is good design choice for a kitchen or dining room.
  • A pineapple wall hanging can be hung in a foyer/entryway to welcome guests.
  • Apple pie is a classic symbol and makes a great tapestry for any kitchen.


Angel motifs can play a significant role in Americana interiors. Primitive Country designs use angel wood carvings, drawings, and of course wall hangings.

  • Angels and hearts in red, white, and blue are often featured in these designs.
  • A tapestry displaying an angel wearing a robe decorated in stars and stripes might be your favorite.
  • A narrow angel banner displayed above a kitchen door can greet you when you enter through the mudroom.

Liberty Bell

The Liberty Bell is an ideal icon for your home design. The bell was rung on July 8, 1776, to celebrate the Constitution of the United States being read for the first time in public. The bell cracked two times, the last time was when it was rung in celebration of George Washington's birthday. It currently is on display at the Liberty Bell Center in the Independence National Historic Park in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

  • The Liberty Bell is often depicted with the Bald Eagle and is a great look for a game room.
  • The Liberty Bell wall hanging can ring in guests entering the foyer or entryway.
  • Let freedom ring with a Liberty Bell tapestry placed on a living room gallery wall.
Liberty bell tapestry

Bald Eagle

The Bald Eagle is the National Emblem of United States of America. You will find this emblem on various Americana wall hangings. The Great Seal of the United States features the Bald Eagle with the stars and stripes shield with the eagle's right talons clutching an olive branch and the left talons holding 13 arrows to represent the 13 Colonies.

  • A tapestry of the Bald Eagle Great Seal with the Liberty Bell is a good look for a home office.
  • A wall hanging that features a bald eagle with the silhouette of the United States in stars and stripes can be hung over an upright piano.
  • The Bald Eagle with the American flag transposed over it with patriotic wording can greet all who enter through the backdoor.

Beautiful Holiday Themes for Americana Wall Hangings

Holiday themes are also extremely popular in the world of Americana quilted wall art. During each of the holiday seasons, unique wall décor patterns enhance the festive atmosphere. Top winter design motifs include stylized imagery of Santa Claus, snowmen, snowflakes, and Christmas trees. Fall themes include delightful pumpkins, cornucopias, fall leaves, ghosts, witches, and moons. One of the top patriotic holidays is the Fourth of July. This is a perfect time to display your wall art and show off those stars and stripes!

Find Americana Wall Hanging Quilts to Sew

There are many sources for researching and purchasing Americana wall hanging quilt patterns to sew. While some stores are only online, it is a good idea to visit a local quilt pattern retailer who carries in-store stock or who can order from catalogs. This way you can see the pattern choices more clearly. Make sure the retailer has a good return policy in case you change your mind about the pattern. It's also wise to check the package for the size of the quilt pattern dimensions of the finished piece to ensure it'll fit the intended display spot.

Here a few places to start searching for the perfect wall hanging patterns:

Making Wall Hanging Patterns

If you just can't find the right pre-packaged wall hanging, try your hand at creating your own Americana wall hanging patterns. This could serve the purpose of making quilted art for your family and friends, or it may well lead to a budding pattern design business. The major parts of a pattern include the templates, instructions, and supply list.

The pattern templates can be drawn out on thick card stock and then traced onto letter-size paper. The next phase will be to scan the template pages into your computer or make copies on a high-quality copier. You should also include step-by-step instructions for completing the project along with a detailed supply list. Now you are ready to distribute your pattern at craft fairs, on eBay, or through mail order.

Select Best Americana Wall Hanging for Your Home

You have what seem like endless choices of Americana wall hangings. Consider the wall space where you wish to display one to ensure you select the best one for your room.

Americana Wall Hanging Patterns: Adding Charm to Your Walls