Types of Bagua Pendants

Updated June 20, 2019
Bagua Yin and Yang Eight Symbols Amulet Octagon

Bagua pendants are types of beautiful feng shui fashion accessories that protect the wearer from negative energy. A bagua pendant also brings good fortune to the wearer. Choose a design that fits your personal style.

Bagua Pendants and Tradition

When worn as a pendant the bagua symbol wards off sha chi, or negative energies and evil. The wearer is protected from accidents and harm. Bagua necklaces also draw good luck, prosperity and good health to the wearer. There are beautiful pendants with the bagua symbol that look wonderful worn by women, men and children. A common practice is giving a young child a bagua necklace when they are born. Parents often pin the pendant to the baby's clothing to help keep them safe and healthy.

Examples of Pendants With the Bagua Symbol

Bagua necklaces and pendants come in a variety of materials, styles and designs. The prices of these lovely bagua amulets range from a few dollars to many thousands of dollars. The following is a sampling of the types of beautiful bagua necklaces and pendants available.

Jade Pendants

One of the most popular materials used in making a pendant with the bagua symbol is jade. In the Chinese culture, jade is known as the stone of heaven and is believed to be the complete embodiment of yin and yang in a material form. It is said to have the qualities of both heaven and earth. It links the spiritual and physical worlds together.

Types of Bagua Pendants to Wear

There are several types of bagua pendants you can wear to protect you and attract auspicious chi energy into your life. You may decide a bagua symbol, the protection provided by the talisman is greatly increased when made of a specific material. This type of pendant also gives the wearer a great sense of power and balance.

Types of Bagua Pendants in Jade

There are two different types of jade used to make bagua necklaces and pedants, hard and soft jade. Hard jade is called jadeite or Burmese Jade and soft jade is called nephrite. Natural gemstones and crystals are feng shui earth element symbols. You can wear this to activate your love/romance (southwest) or education (northeast) luck. A resin material that resembles jade is also used and sold at a much lower price then authentic jade pendants. The colors can be pure or have shades and hints of mixed colors. Natural jade comes in many different colors including:


All types of green jade are auspicious. This stone protects your health ensuring a long life. If you are suffering from an illness, try wearing a jade bagua, know for its healing powers.

Yayoushen Jade Pendant
Yayoushen Jade Pendant


Black jade acts as a personal shield against negative energies. It also protects the wearer from violent aggression. It will absorb your negative emotions, transforming into auspicious energy.


You can wear white jade for protection against negative forces. It's believed to bestow peace and calmness during upsetting events. This lucky jade is very good for hypersensitive children and helps the wearer focus on the moment especially those challenged with ADD (attention deficit disorder).


Known as the warrior stone, red jade brings great power to the wearer. This jade is said to destroy all negative emotions, especially fear and doubt and replace with personal power, strength and vitality. This is also known as a fire energy stone. To activate your recognition and fame luck sector, done this auspicious pendant.


Another fire energy stone, yellow jade bagua brings a sense of enthusiasm guided by wisdom. If you're suffering from a lack of self-confidence from negative energies, don this bagua pendant to attract auspicious energies. This color will help you to become centered.


If you're experiencing blocked energy in any of your chakras, it's said that violet jade will clear the negative stagnant energies. Your chakras will open up and you'll experience a renewed energized feeling.


If you need to get rid of self-doubt and find a boost of confidence, choose a gray jade bagua pendant. Gray jade is said to imbue the wearer with calmness and wisdom, a great combination.


If you're feeling the negative effects of uncertainty, wear a brown jade bagua. This pendant will help you feel grounded and confident once more.

Dragon and Bagua Pendants

There are other types of gemstones, crystals and materials you can purchase for a bagua symbol pendant. You can also find several feng shui symbols combined with the bagua for an even more powerful protection and support symbol, such as a dragon and bagua design.

Carved Obsidian Bagua and Dragon

Obsidian is a spiritual and emotional guardian. When you wear this type of bagua pendant, you are protected from negative emotions. If you're battling an addiction, the obsidian bagua will help you restore balance and overcome the emotional needs driving you. If you're stressed over school, this pendant can help restore balance so you can concentrate on your studies. You can find clarity with a complicated love situation from this combination of obsidian and feng shui symbols.

Jadeite Bagua and Dragon Pendant

A beautiful bagua and dragon pendant made from jadeite (hard jade) creates a very powerful symbol. The dragon brings the wearer personal power and strength while the bagua offers balance and harmony.

Bagua and Yin Yang Pendant

Another feng shui symbol that is doubly powerful when combined with the bagua is the yin yang symbol. These two feng shui symbols offer an incredible balancing of energies. The majority of bagua pendants feature the yin yang symbol in the center of the octogan design.

Silver or Gold Bagua Pendant with Yin Yang Symbol

A silver or gold bagua and yin yang pendant brings harmony and balance. When you wear this type of pendant, you can expect to receive the energy of the best feng shui symbols and auspicious chi. The metal element rules the west (descendants luck) and northwest (mentor luck) sectors. You can gift your children with this pendant or wear it yourself as a reminder to keep disciplinary measures balanced. If you're seeking a mentor, boost your search by wearing a silver or gold bagua pendant.

Stainless Steel Ying Yang Bagua Tai Chi
Stainless Steel Ying Yang Bagua Tai Chi

Wood Carved Bagua Pendant

If you need health support or desire, the energy that attracts wealth, you may want to wearer a wood carved bagua pendant. The wood element rules both the health and wealth sectors of the bagua. Activate this element when you don a bagua pendant carved from wood.

The Power of the Bagua

The bagua, sometimes referred to as pakua, is one of the most important and basic tools of feng shui. Using the bagua map, feng shui practitioners can determine areas of their homes or offices that need a change or would benefit from a feng shui cure.

Understanding the Bagua Symbol

The bagua symbol, a yin yang surrounded by the eight trigrams of the I-Ching arranged in an octagonal shape, is used in many feng shui cures both inside and outside of the home. It protects the home or office from harmful negative energy. The center yin yang represents the duality found in everything in the universe. The eight trigrams represent many things including:

  • The eight compass directions, south, southwest, west, northwest, north, northeast, east, and southeast.
  • Life situations that includes various areas of life, such as your career, wealth, health, descendant, recognition and fame, mentors, education, and love life.
  • Family members are also represented by each trigram, such as eldest daughter, middle daughter, youngest daughter, eldest son, middle son, youngest son, mom and dad.
  • Aspects of nature are represented by the five elements that rule the sectors. These include, fire, earth, metal, water, and wood elements.
  • Personality traits are also signified by the elements and sectors based on your kua number.
Famous chinese sign Yin and Yang surrounded by Trigrams

Shopping Different Types of Bagua Pendants

There are several types of bagua pendants you can wear to protect you and attract auspicious chi energy into your life. You may decide a bagua symbol combined with another feng shui symbol best fills your current energy needs. A bagua pendant brings a sense of personal power and emotional balance when you wear it.

Types of Bagua Pendants