Buddha Prayers for Good Luck

Published July 17, 2018
Burmese Woman Praying in Temple Stupa Bagan Myanmar

There are Buddha prayers you can say for good luck. Some prayers are simple and include one or more mantras, while others can be complex with supplications to various deities and avatars.

Prayer Good Fortune (Increasing Wind Horse)

The House of Shamagika gives a prayer for good fortune. You must light incense offerings at the beginning of each prayer. Once the incense is lit, recite the prayers.

The Beginning of the Prayer

"I make this prosperous, gracious, and glorious incense offering
To the Buddha, the Dharma, and the Sangha.
To the Lama, the Yidam, and the Dakini..."

Meaning of Prayer

  • The prayer begins with the mantra, Om Ah Hung that is the representation of the three principles of an enlightenment: body, speech, and mind.
  • The rest of the prayer includes facing each of the four cardinal directions, east, south, west, and north with the offering of incense and the recitation of prayers to the god of that direction.
  • Each prayer is concluded with the last two phrases, "Increase my good fortune! Raise up my diminished good fortune!"

The rest of the prayer is to the four cardinal directions and ruling gods.

Hindu Prayers for Good Luck

Award-winning author and spiritual life coach, Deidre Madsen, offers a Hindu Prayer of Good Luck. Deidre states on her website this prayer was created by Visiongaram in Andhra Pradesh, India. It has gained in popularity around the world and Deidre states that those who pray this receive good luck within days.

Sai Baba of Shirdi

The Beginning of the Prayer

"Om Namah Shirdi Sai Baba
Om Shirdi Sai Baba Prasanam
Om Shanti Om Shanti..."

Meaning of Prayer

This prayer is a supplication for Sai Baba to enter as well as an exaltation of his status.

  • The prayer opens with "Om." According to Dictionary, "Om" is the vocal representation of Brahman the personal supreme being (God).
  • Yogapedia explains that "Nahma" means not me or it's not about me and is a reminder of a higher power in control.
  • Shirdi Sai Baba or Sai Baba of Shirdi is a title of respect and reverence.
  • According to Deidre, "Sai Baba is a real avatar."
  • Prasanam means enter.
  • Om Shanti is a salutation for peace for all of the world.

Good Fortune Prayers

The Good Fortune prayer comes from the Unfettered Mind, Pragmatic Buddhism website.

The First Part of the Prayer

"The energy of lineage teachers gathers like great clouds;
The abilities of yidams pour down like rain;
The activities of dakinis and protectors ripen like fruit.
Good fortune: may the two aims come about naturally..."

Meaning of Prayer

In this prayer, there is a request to receive yidam abilities and to bring about good fortune.

  • Lion's Roar, Buddhist Wisdom for Our Time describes yidam as, "A Tibetan translator and lama in the Kagyü school of Vajrayana Buddhism (Tibetan Buddhism)."
  • Within the prayer, another request is sent to dakinis (plural). According to Dakini Power, this is "A female messenger of wisdom."

Ways to Pray to Buddha for Good Luck

There are a few ways you can conduct your prayer for good luck.

Woman sitting in lotus position and meditating with hands in prayer
  • If you have a shrine in your home, then you can kneel before the altar as you would for any prayer.
  • You can use a personal handheld prayer wheel to boost your prayer power. Prayer wheels have mantras contained inside the wheel, these have hundreds of thousands depending on how the mantras are stored. Each time the wheel is turned, the mantras are sent into the universe.
  • If you don't have an altar, you can create one by placing a statue of Buddha in an elevated position. Light a few candles and incense.
  • In lieu of a Buddha statue, you can use a photo, tapestry, or even an image on a TV, cellphone, tablet, or laptop.
  • Prayer beads can be used if you wish to recite a mantra a set number of times to invoke good fortune.
  • You can also give a special food or drink offering known as tsog (no meat and alcohol).
  • A visit to a shrine or temple to say your prayer as another option.

Reciting Good Luck Prayers to Buddha

There are different Buddha prayers for good luck that you can recite at home or in a temple. You can include food or drink offerings as well as use a prayer wheel or other prayer tools, such as incense. According to those reciting good luck prayers, Buddha prayers are answered.

Buddha Prayers for Good Luck