Cactus Plants in Feng Shui: Placement & Meaning

Published September 25, 2020
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Cactus plants in feng shui are often suggested for indoor use. You can use these prickly plants in some outdoor areas to counter poison arrows.

No Benefits of Cactus Plants Inside Home

In Classical feng shui, there are no benefits from having a cactus plant inside your home or office. This plant is the powerhouse of poison arrows with its numerous prickly spikes. You should never place a cactus inside your home. Any sector would be bad, but some would be catastrophic.

How Cactus Affects Sectors in Your Home

To demonstrate the negative impact that cactus plants can have in each sector of your home, you need to examine the results. Each sector will be negatively impacted. There is no safe sector in your home for a cactus plant.

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Career Luck Sector

Placing a cactus in the north sector could literally ruin your career. The negative energy (sha chi) generated in this sector will serve as a dividing force at work and with your superiors. It will constantly be shooting poison arrows at anyone who enters your office and be a divisive element in your workspace.

Education Luck Sector

Cactus in the northeast sector will find you dissatisfied with your education, especially classes and instructors. It's not unusual to develop a dislike for even your classmates.

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Health Luck Sector

Setting a cactus in the east sector can have a negative impact on your health. You may symptoms of pain, irritation, uneasiness, and a general agitated state of being.

Wealth Luck Sector

If you wish to dismantle your wealth, especially your accumulated wealth, then placing a cactus plant in the southeast sector will do it. You will experience disagreement over money, conflicts with creditors and possible income and/or wealth loss.

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Love and Relationship Luck Sector

If you chance to place a cactus in the southwest sector, you will discover that you and your lover are argumentative with each other. You will feel irritated by the person and you may get an itch to explore a new relationship.

Descendants Luck Sector

A cactus plant placed in the west sector of your home or office will quickly be noticed in your relationships with your children. You may experience estrangement, arguments, and various conflicts with your children.

Mentor Luck Sector

A cactus placement in the west sector can bring conflict between you and your mentor. If you are seeking a mentor, you will find this match impossible.

Avoid Cactus Plants Mixed in With Other Plants

Some people place cactus plants with feng shui plants inside their home. They believe this type of placement will camouflage or negate the sha chi the cactus creates since it is mostly hidden among the grouping of other plants. They hypothesize that the cacti spikes can somehow serve as laser focused redirects for the auspicious chi energy that the feng shui plants with rounded, oblong, or oval leaves generate. This idea suggests that the cactus can somehow boost this auspicious chi energy.

Cactus Plants Destroy Auspicious Chi Energy

The cactus plant is a destructive chi energy plant. The cactus kills off the auspicious chi energy generated by the feng shui plants. If it were even possible to redirect the auspicious chi energy using the cactus as some kind of powerful energy redirect energy beams, by the sheer definition of poison arrows, those beams of redirected chi would themselves become poison arrows. The chi energy would be transformed into inauspicious energy through the emitting of the cactus prickly spines. There simply is no way to circumvent the negative energy of a cactus.

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Cactus Plants Should Only Be Used Outdoors

Because cactus plants are such a destructive source of sha chi energy, they should only be used outdoors and only in specific ways. You should never place one at your front door. From a practical approach, such a placement could inadvertently stab anyone brushing up against it. Aside from the obvious injury aspect, this placement would ward off any auspicious chi energy with its poison arrow effect and prevent good energy from entering your home or office.

How to Use Cactus Plant Negative Energies in Feng Shui

The ideal way to use cactus plants in feng shui is in afflicted areas where you need the plant to counter poison arrows. The cactus is used the same way a backfire is started in an effort to stop an advancing fire. You need to make sure that the cactus isn't sending harmful sha chi into your home through doors or windows.

Christmas Cactus Use in Feng Shui

The Christmas cactus is considered different from the typical spindly prickly cactus plant. Although this plant doesn't have prickly spikes, it does have multiple sharp points on each of its leaves. The leaves tend to droop downward, but they still send out multiple sha chi in all directions. While the flowers may interfere with some of the negative chi energies created by the pointed leaves, it isn't enough to make this a plant that is an indoor feng shui choice.

Christmas Cactus Outside Your Home

If you decide to give this plant a try inside your home, be warned that it will have a negative impact on the sector where you place it. This is a plant that better serves feng shui when used outside in a sector afflicted by other types of poison arrows. You want to be sure you understand the proper care for a Christmas cactus since it isn't an arid environment plant but a tropical plant.

Christmas cactus in feng shui

Understanding the Impact of Cactus Plants in Feng Shui

Cactus plants are often a favorite indoor plant, but you don't want to introduce this poison arrow bomb into your home. The best location for a cactus plant is always outside your home.

Cactus Plants in Feng Shui: Placement & Meaning