15 Places to Buy Cheap (but Stylish) Area Rugs

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Using cheap area rugs is a great way to accent a room, and you don't have to spend a fortune doing it. You can use multiple rugs throughout the home for much less than it would cost to install new flooring. The prospect of purchasing an area rug can be daunting, just because they can be expensive. However, there are ways to cut costs on these large rugs, by shopping around online and in your own town.

Where to Buy in Person

While some area rugs can be extremely expensive, there are plenty of nice looking, affordable options without going online. Places to look for inexpensive area rugs include:

  • Flea markets
  • Swap meets
  • Yard sales
  • Secondhand stores like Goodwill or other thrift stores
  • Discount home furnishings stores
  • Stores like Home Depot and Lowe's may also offer sales on area rugs from time to time

By shopping in your own backyard, you'll be able to avoid paying shipping costs. Because area rugs aren't exactly lightweight, you could end up negating your savings with shipping charges if you don't find a store or seller that offers free shipping.

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Finding Cheap Area Rugs Online

There are great deals online for inexpensive area rugs. Taking the time to browse different websites and compare prices is worth your time because it can save you a great deal of money. Though you may have to pay for shipping, you won't necessarily have to pay sales tax if you buy from an out-of-state online retailer.

Online Auctions and Private Seller Marketplaces

Some great places to start your online search for discount area rugs are online auction sites and online marketplaces where private sellers offer their goods. Inexpensive area rugs can be found on sites such as:

  • eBay: The selection is always changing, but if you can find what you're looking for, you can often score a fantastic deal.
  • Amazon: Amazon has a wide selection of just about everything, including rugs.
  • Etsy: You can find some really good deals on handmade and vintage area rugs on Etsy, so it's easy to get something that doesn't look like what everyone else has.
  • Ecrater: This isn't as well-known as other online marketplaces, but you can find cheap area rugs for sale by private sellers.
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Discount Online Retailers

You can find cheap area rugs online by searching for discount or wholesale online area rug retailers. Some of these retailers carry off-brands (less well known brands), or they carry leftover or discontinued stock that they buy from manufacturers, distributors and other retailers. Three online retailers that sell discounted rugs are:

  • Overstock: Not only does Overstock have a very large selection of discount area rugs, they take the sting out of the shipping cost. It's no more than $2.95, ever.
  • PowerSellerUSA: PowerSellerUSA.com is another discount area rug retailer that offers great deals on rugs. Not only do they have a great selection of area rugs, but they also have an unconditional price match guarantee on their products. This means if you should find a lower advertised price on the Internet for any of the area rugs they carry, PowerSellerUSA will not only match the price, they will beat it by 15%. You simply have to e-mail the company with the lower price that you found. This company also offers free shipping on their rugs.This retailer has a very large selection of area rugs with styles such as animal print, country and European rugs.
  • Rugs Direct: Rugs Direct offers a 150% price match, free shipping, and a risk-free in-home trial. You can shop for traditional, contemporary, kids', shag, casual, photo, novelty rugs and more. There are sales that offer up to 92% off the regular price, so check the sale section often for the perfect rug at a fraction of the cost.
  • Rugs Town: Rugstown offers free shipping on orders over $149 within the continental U.S., and has a clearance department that offers up to 75% off. Also, they sometimes offer free rugpads with purchase. In addition, Rugstown offers a lowest price guarantee.
  • Select Rugs: In addition to having a clearance section, Select Rugs sometimes offers deals like two-for-run (buy a rug and get a runner for free) and 30% off with no minimum purchase. They have a 150% price match guarantee, as well.
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What to Look For in Cheap Rugs

What makes an area rug qualify as "cheap" depends on a few things. Factors that help determine the price of an area rug include the materials used to make it and how the rug was made.

  • "Naturals" are rugs that are made from natural materials such as seagrass, jute, sisal and bamboo.
  • Bamboo rugs, made from one of the fastest growing plants on the planet, are not only considered eco-friendly but they are affordable as well.
  • Braided rugs are practical, durable and come in almost any size and shape. Although they are traditionally made from wool, braided rugs can also be made from nylon, chenille or polyesters.
  • Flokati rugs, also known as sheepskin rugs, are made from New Zealand wool. This long, shaggy, affordable rug is warm and cozy and feels wonderful on bare feet.

Handmade rugs are usually more expensive than a machine made rug.

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Extra Costs

Some final things to consider before purchasing a rug are the extra or hidden expenses. There might be a delivery and/or installation charge for a large rug, if you purchase it from a retail store. Padding underneath the rug helps protect the floor as well as the rug and helps keep the rug in place, but is an additional expense. Ask or find out about the manufacturer's warranty and don't forget about the care and cost of cleaning your area rug.

Shop Around

Whether you prefer to shop online or visit the stores yourself for an up-close look at the rugs before you buy, shop around. Between sales tax, shipping costs (or lack thereof), discounts, price matching, and more, you should be able to find just the rug you need at a low price. Remember that while "cheap" is relative and will depend on the style and type of materials used to create the rug, there is no reason you have to pay the full retail cost when you're looking for rugs to brighten the floor space in your home. Don't be afraid to haggle and you may even surprise yourself with the deal you're able to get.

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