Maximize the Luck of Corners in a Feng Shui Home

Updated June 7, 2019
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You can maximize the luck of corners to generate auspicious chi in a feng shui home. Chi energy can accumulate and become blocked in the corners of a room. This creates clutter and prevents chi energy from moving freely about the room.

The Corners in a Feng Shui Home Explained

The corners of a room can be a powerful representation of chi energy. The first thing you need to do is determine if you're going to follow the Classical Feng Shui school or the BTB known as Black Hat Feng Shui.

Corners Defined by Classical Feng Shui

Classical feng shui uses compass directions to determine the placement of the bagua. A compass reading is taken from the front door of the home for the facing direction to determine the bagua placement. The feng shui bagua consists of pie-shaped wedges called trigrams and commonly referred to as sectors. A corner in feng shui is usually referring to the corner of an individual room or the outer corner of the house.

Corners According to Black Hat Sect (BTB)

BTB, Black Hat Sect Feng Shui disregards compass readings, opting to place the nine-square bagua grid (bagua map) over the house plan or layout the same way for all homes. The bagua map is placed over the floorplan so the north direction is always located at the bottom of the floorplan, the front door side of your home. This is the standard placement, so the south direction is at the top of the floorplan, the back of the house. The bauga map is placed this way regardless of any actual compass directions.

Use Either Classical or Black Hat

A word of caution is needed when it comes to Classical Feng Shui vs Western Feng Shui (BTB). Don't mix the two schools of feng shui when applying feng shui principles to your home or office. Doing so will create disharmony and chaos in your feng shui attempts. Choose one and stick with it in all feng shui applications.

Feng Shui Corners

Each room has corners that can be activated depending on the type of feng shui you choose to follow. For Classical Feng Shui, the direction of a corner will be determined by the actual compass direction whereas a BTB feng shui room will have the same four corners in each room guided by the static bagua map.

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BTB Corners

You will place a smaller version of the BTB bagua map over your room layout, making sure the north side is placed on the wall of the room that is nearest the front of the home. That means:

  • The upper left corner of all rooms is always the wealth corner.
  • The upper right corner of all rooms is always the love relationship corner.
  • The lower left corner of all rooms is always knowledge and wisdom.
  • The lower right corner of all rooms is always helpful people and travel.

Classical Feng Shui Corners

Unlike BTB, room corners in Classical Feng Shui will vary from one house or office to the next. Any of the eight compass directions can govern the corners of a room, depending on the facing direction of the house. The following gives each direction and the area of life they rule.

  • South: Recognition and fame luck
  • Southwest: Love and relationship luck
  • West: Descendants luck
  • Northwest: Mentor luck
  • North: Career luck
  • Northeast: Education luck
  • East: Health luck
  • Southeast: Wealth luck

Activating Room Corners to Maximize Your Luck

You can activate the corners in each room of your home by following the feng shui five elements theory. Although BTB discounts actual compass readings, it does follow the five elements theory associated with actual compass directions as represented on the bagua grid map. You will place the appropriate element based to effect a feng shui cure.

Keep Corners Clean and Clutter Free

You want to keep the corners of your room free of clutter. This includes debris, dust, stacks of papers and books. If you have furniture in the corner of a room, make sure you dust it regularly.

Good Luck Symbols

You can place feng shui good luck symbols in a corner. These can be general good luck charms or symbols for a specific area of life ruled by the corner compass location or BTB designation.

Add a Piece of Art

If you're searching for an appropriate art object or painting, let feng shui principles guide your choice. For example, you can place a matching pair of painting in a southwest corner (classical feng shui) to bring good relationship luck to that area of your life.

Poison Arrow Corners

Protruding room corners create poisons arrows as do irregular and oddly placed walls. For example, walls in a room that meet at a 90° angle or less create poison arrows. A sharp angle is made where the two walls join. You can use a number of poison arrow cures to soften and weaken the sharpness of this corner as well as protruding corners.

Rooms and Houses With Missing Corners

If a corner is missing due to an oddly shaped room or irregular floor plan you can apply feng shui remedies to both schools of feng shui, such as lighting, mirrors and plants.

Learn to Maximize the Luck of Corners in a Feng Shui Home

When you understand the importance of maximizing the luck corners of your home, you can take advantage of feng shui element cures and other types of cures. When you activate a corner in your home, you'll notice an improvement in the area of life it governs.

Maximize the Luck of Corners in a Feng Shui Home