Finding Discontinued Ralph Lauren Bedding Collections

Published May 15, 2018
Vintage Ralph Lauren Southwest Sarape Bedding

One of the best ways to save on Ralph Lauren bedding is to luck up on a discontinued pattern. There are several retail stores, like Bloomingdale's and Macy's, as well as resale shops, that have a Ralph Lauren discontinued bedding section. Most times you can save up to 40 percent on these highly prized bedding collections.


Bloomingdale's has a discontinued section dedicated to Ralph Lauren bedding collections. Customers can find pricing that is up to 40 percent less than regular retail prices. You can find full collections including duvet covers, comforters, sheet sets and bedding accessories.

Some popular bedding collections found here include:

  • Meadow Lane is a pattern of textural details and florals in a cotton and linen fabric.
  • Analena is a vintage style embroidery pattern with a tree of life motif in a soft pale pink.
  • Notting Hill collection features a mix of textures and botanical patterns.
  • Marissa is an intricate hand-painted pattern based on the tree of life pattern.

In addition to the discounted savings, many times the Loyallist Offer accompanies these items. This percentage of your total is taken once you've added the item to your cart. Loyallist Offers give you an additional 20 percent off the sale price for an incredible total savings.


You may be able to find discontinued Macy's Ralph Lauren bedding in their closeouts and clearance sales section. The closeout price is around 40 percent off the regular price. The selection varies, but you may find blankets and bedding along with things like pillows and mattress protectors.

Some of the finds you can take advantage of include:

  • The Lauren Ralph Lauren Ultra Soft 100 percent cotton Zig Zag blankets are available in six colors. This blanket is made from ultra-soft ring spun cotton and features a waffle-weave in a ZigZag pattern. Check back often to catch new additions.
  • The Lux-Loft Down Alternative pillows offer firm comfort, comfortable cotton shells, and are certified asthma and allergy friendly.


You can find discontinued Ralph Lauren bedding on amazon when you do a keyword search for "discontinued Ralph Lauren bedding." You may find the Jamaica white linen standard shams, Dunham sateen chalet green sheet set or that Heritage Bati shams you want to complete your bedding collection. You need to check back regularly since the inventory changes constantly and many times the number of bedding pieces available is limited.

Other Places to Find Discontinued Ralph Lauren Bedding

There are other places you can search to find a steal on a Ralph Lauren discontinued pattern, including the following:


A simple word search on eBay yields a wide variety of discontinued Ralph Lauren bedding. These can be new and never opened packages of sheets, comforters, entire bedding collections and more. Used bed linens are also for sale, especially vintage collections.


Vintage Ralph Lauren Floral Bedskirt

Another treasure trove of Ralph Lauren retired and discontinued patterns can be found on Etsy. Sellers fill page after page with their finds, but don't hesitate, or someone might buy it before you make up your mind. Check back regularly to keep up with the latest offerings.


It may seem like an unlikely place to find a seller here, but Pinterest may be your best bet. If you do a word search for Pinterest, you will find Ralph Lauren bedding enthusiast Marty Fried's dedicated board. This massive board titled "Ralph Lauren's Retired and Current Linens" provides you with a plethora of vintage, recently discontinued and even current linens.

It will require a little culling, but is well worth the time and effort. You'll run into dead links or items sold out, but in this search, you can garner the name of the collection you like. This gives you a great new starting point for tracking down a seller.

Retired Ralph Lauren Bedding Collector's Items

Retired and vintage Ralph Lauren bedding have become cherished collector's items, so be prepared that the savings you can get with the first round of sales on retailer sites most likely won't be the same when purchasing from individual sellers.

Authenticating Ralph Lauren Bedding

Ralph Lauren Sophie Brooke pattern

Worried about being duped with counterfeit Ralph Lauren bedding? So is Ralph Lauren. The company features a page on their website addressing the counterfeiting of their products.

  • Poor quality and lack of detailing are true telltale signs of counterfeit Ralph Lauren Bedding.
  • The website states that merchandise sold via internet auctions, flea markets and by individuals is likely counterfeit or worse, stolen property. This is especially true of current collections, but these very places are where people resell these great finds of discontinued and vintage bedding.
  • The credentials of the seller are very important, since counterfeit items usually have counterfeit Ralph Lauren labels.
  • Be sure you vett sellers before paying for something that otherwise might be fake Ralph Lauren. Etsy and eBay have safeguards in place to prevent this type of buyer deception.

Save on Stylish Bedding Finds

You can come across some great savings on discontinued bedding by Ralph Lauren. Recently retired bedding can be purchased through authorized retailers, while reputable online sellers offer second chances to own discontinued and vintage bedding collections.

Finding Discontinued Ralph Lauren Bedding Collections