Double Happiness Symbol Origins and Placement Tips

Published March 3, 2021
Double happiness symbol

The double happiness symbol is a symbol of a happy marriage and an auspicious feng shui symbol. The double happiness symbol is often placed in the couple's bedroom and is a prominent symbol used in weddings decorations.

What Is the Double Happiness Symbol?

The double happiness symbol is a traditional Chinese ornament that is made by doubling the Chinese character for Xi - 喜 . The newly formed symbol appears as 喜喜. The XiXi symbol is a popular wedding decoration. It is used in all kinds of wedding and marriage associated paraphernalia. The double happiness symbol is used in feng shui to support and imbue happiness into a marriage.

Double Happiness Meaning and History

The legend of the double happiness symbol meaning and how it was created came from the Tang Dynasty. A young man was traveling to the capital city to take an exam as part of his audition for a royal court minister. Unfortunately, as he was trekking through a mountain pass, he became gravely ill, and a village herbalist and his daughter nursed the man back to health.

Emperor Taizong of Tang

Half of a Love Couplet

On the morning when he was to depart, the young man was torn between his newfound love for the herbalist's daughter and his ambition. Struggling to say goodbye, the girl wrote half a couplet, giving it to the young man so he could write the other half as a completed symbol of their love.

Emperor's Final Test

Upon passing his exam with flying colors, the young man found himself in front of the Emperor. The final test was presented by the Emperor, who recited half a couplet, then challenge the youth to complete it. As fate would have it, the partial couplet his lover had given him was the perfect match for the Emperor's couplet.

Happiness for Married Couple

The young man was accepted into the royal court of the Emperor. He raced back to the mountain village to tell his true love of his success, thanks to her half couplet. The couple decided to get married and wanted to create a symbol of their happiness. They each cut out the character for happiness in the auspicious color of red and put them side by side on the wall of the temple during their wedding ceremony. Since that moment, the double happiness symbol has been used to bless and signify a happy marriage.

How to Use Double Happiness Symbol in Feng Shui

The double happiness symbol is often used in the simplistic form of a red cutout. You can also find it in black or gold lettering. You may prefer to use it as a stencil, a cutout in a black frame, a drawing in black ink against a red background, or other form of art.

Double Happiness Symbol Art or Picture

You may decide to make the double happiness symbol more of an artistic statement in your feng shui display. You may choose a picture or drawing that combines the double happiness symbol with other symbols of marital happiness, such as a pair of mandarin ducks.

Double happiness symbol with mandarin ducks

Where to Place Double Happiness Symbol

The most prevalent feng shui placement for the double happiness symbol is the master bedroom. The ideal location is on the wall above the bed. If you don't want to place the symbol above your headboard, then you can place it in the southwest corner of the master bedroom. The southwest corner is the love and relationship luck sector and a perfect location for the double happiness symbol.

Other Placements for Double Happiness Symbol in Your Home

You can place the double happiness symbol in the southwest sector of your home. For example, if your living room falls in the southwest sector, you can use a pair of sofa pillows that display the double happiness symbol. You may prefer to place a vase that boasts the double happiness symbol on the coffee table or end table.

Wedding Decorations With Double Happiness Symbol

The double happiness symbol is a common decoration for a truly feng shui wedding. Red envelopes decorated with the double happiness symbol serve as money envelope gifts for the bride and groom. Red flags and lanterns with the double happiness symbol are used as wedding decorations, as are decorated napkins. You'll find red lanterns and various red cutouts used throughout the wedding decorations and the honeymoon suite. Some couples wear double happiness wedding bracelets.

Wedding decorations with double happiness symbol

Double Happiness Symbol Gifts for Married Couples

Gifts for a bridal couple or a married couple often feature the double happiness symbol. If you're looking for the perfect gift, you can choose a decorative object, bowl, figurine, or other item with the double happiness symbol.

Double Happiness Symbol in Feng Shui

You can use the double happiness symbol in feng shui applications. It is a feng shui go-to remedy for a rocky or challenging marriage and is also used to keep a happy marriage on track.

Double Happiness Symbol Origins and Placement Tips