Healing With Earth Energy

Updated May 20, 2019
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Earth energy is a vital part of any healing. Reconnecting with the life force energies of nature, specifically the earth energy, is possible through feng shui principles.

The Art of Healing With Earth Energy

All humans have a real connection with the planet they inhabit. However, modern lifestyles often serve or at the least reduce that very real magnetic and earthly dependency. Often described as a symbiosis relationship, most people view their connection with nature as one way.

Spiritual Connection With Earth Energies

Many people may feel they receive energy from the earth but are oblivious to the energy they give back to the Earth. It's through this physical connection that most people also feel a deep spiritual component, especially when they become grounded in earth energies.

Feng Shui Relationship Connection to Healing Earth Energies

This connection with earth energies can be defined more as an interaction with the earth element. In feng shui, the interaction between elements, compass directions, chi energy, and with humans is defined through their relationships to each other.

Dowsing Rods, Earth Energy and Feng Shui

You can visually see the power of earth energy when using dowsing rods. These feng shui tools are used to locate auspicious and inauspicious chi energies within a home or office. The ley lines and energy vortexes on the Earth are power centers that can be tapped into for additional healing energies.

Using Five Senses to Connect With Earth Energy

Humans use five senses in the process of connecting with healing earth energy, such as sight, taste, smell, hearing, and touch. Author and feng shui practitioner, Ann Marie Holmes agrees that utilizing all of your senses, you can develop a deeper and lasting connection with earth energy. Having studied earth healing energy for a number of years, she went on to study feng shui for 18 years with the late His Holiness Grandmaster Professor Lin Yun Rinpoche, the leader of Black Sect Tantric Buddhist School of Feng Shui (BTB).

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Utilizing Your Senses to the Fullest

You can utilize your senses to reestablish that connection with earth energies and their healing properties. A great way to access the information in this powerhouse is through the partnership of your physical senses and intuition. Ann says, "The key to living successfully is to be continually open to your sensual, intuitive experience with the earth."

Your Relationship With Healing Earth Energy

Ann explains how humans are in a constant relationship with the earth element and its energies. The forces are alive, intelligent, and interactive. "Awareness of these interactions gives us practical information for our homes. We constantly interact with the atmosphere and vibrations around us through our senses," she says.

Collecting and Understanding Earth Energy Vitality

You collect and understand various pieces of information given to you through the vitality of healing earth energy. "Whether aware or not, we actually derive vitality and nourishment from the atmosphere of the places and things we live with," Ann reminds. "We are rooted in them just like a plant in the soil in which it is planted. Everything in the natural world holds information that helps us live healthier, happier, more successful lives."

Feng Shui Benefits of Healing Earth Energy

In feng shui, there are countless benefits you can receive from earth energy. The healing properties can be seen in the southwest (love and relationship) and northeast (education) sectors of your home. Both sectors are ruled by the earth element and offer you endless possibilities.

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  • The activation of the earth element in the southwest increases your love and relationship luck.
  • The northeast sector means you receive more information as part of your education/learning process. This enables you to make better decisions and to grow based on more knowledge.
  • Being aware of the earth element energy can expand your beliefs about nature's role through a new awareness of the invisible aspects nature plays in your life, especially when the earth element is activated.

Improved Life Experience

When you become cognizant of the power released when the earth element is activated, your life pivots. When you reconnect with healing energies of the earth, you're able to live more fully. Earth energy offers clarity and prompts you to delve deeper to discover your fondest wishes and aspirations.

  • You will have better results in everything you undertake since earth vitality fosters better results.
  • You will enjoy a healthier, calmer living conditions in your home as you are able to perceive and work with the subtle energies there.
  • Enhanced work situations and personal relationships and subtler levels of interaction become more apparent.

Benefits for Feng Shui Home Designs

When earth energies are tapped into, you can expect results in other areas of your feng shui project. For example, you begin to expand your beliefs about the role of nature in your life. When you undertake redecorating or building projects, you'll find these reveal subtler aspects and patterns you normally would have overlooked. Your decision-making process is improved since your senses are providing you with a broader range of information.

How Feng Shui and Healing Earth Energies Work

Feng shui allows the creation of buildings to resonant with the surroundings. Architects, designers, and feng shui practitioners can reweave the energy of existing structures and landscaping for the benefit of all, even the Earth.

Ways Earth Energy Heals

Small acts of acknowledgment and connection, such as growing a garden, paying attention to how water is re-routed, or how structures are built on the land contribute to a healthy Earth. It brings health and abundance to the humans as well. Wiser, more creative uses of natural resources are one result, along with actual cooperation from the elemental subtleties themselves. When you care for the earth, make eco-friendly improvements, the Earth thrives in response to your nurturing and care. This sets up a rippling effect of healing.

Earth Energy Includes Animals

When you move beyond the basic earth element and take earth as all inclusive, including animals, you realize the very healing power of nature. For example, an unexpected encounter with an animal in the wild, such as a deer can instantly transform your energy. You might be in a bad mood, but the energy you receive from the presence of the deer is enough to shift your mood.

Feng Shui Allows Healing With Earth Energy

Feng shui offers cures and remedies using specific elements. These can be productive, destructive, or weakening cycles needed to change an afflicted sector in your home. This in turn provides a form of healing when it brings auspicious chi energy into that sector of your life.

Healing With Earth Energy