Eight Mansions Formula in Feng Shui

Updated May 3, 2019
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In feng shui, the Eight Mansions is often referred to as Eight Houses. It is a commonly used formula for determining if you and your home or office are compatible. You can use the results of the formula to find your kua number and determine your four auspicious directions and four inauspicious directions.

Feng Shui and Eight Mansions Formula

You can use the Eight Mansions formula to assess if the facing direction of a house is compatible to avoid purchasing a home detrimental to you. You can also use this formula to determine the best direction to place a piece of furniture, such as a bed or desk to take advantage of auspicious chi energy.

Calculate Your Kua Number

The first step is to calculate your personal kua number. The formula uses your birthdate and your biological gender to derive at a single digit number.

Analyze Results of Eight Mansions Formula

Once you know your kua number, you need to find if it is in the East Group or West Group. Each group has four auspicious directions and four inauspicious directions. One set gives your best directions while the other set reveals your worst directions.

How to Use Your Four Auspicious Directions

You can face one of your four auspicious directions (good luck directions) to enhance the chi energies when you're working, studying, sleeping, eating, and other activities. The four auspicious directions are personal growth, wealth, love, and health. If you can't face your ideal auspicious direction, any of the other three auspicious directions is a good choice.

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Sheng Chi (Wealth)

The sheng chi direction attracts prosperity, money and overall wealth. It is commonly considered a good location for a front door, office, or facing direction for a desk.

Love (Nien Yen)

The nien yen direction promotes long, healthy relationships with lovers, family and friends. Consider this direction for family rooms, master bedroom, and reception areas.

Health (Tien Yi)

The tien yi energy from this direction promotes health and well-being. This is an excellent location for a dining room. If you have health problems, this is a good location for your bed so you lie with your head pointed in this direction.

Personal Growth (Fu Wei)

The fu wei direction is filled with peace and harmony. It is a good place for mediation, yoga, or resting. You can face this direction when studying or working.

How to Use Your Four Inauspicious Directions

The value of knowing your four inauspicious directions is being able to avoid them. Just as you want to face your four lucky directions during specific activities, you don't want to face your inauspicious directions.

Bad Luck (Ho Hai)

This is the least harmful of the unlucky directions. It leads to minor difficulties and frustrations. If you are under the influence of energies from this direction, you may tire easily and feel insecure.

5 Ghosts (Wu Kwei)

Energy from this direction leads to fires, loss of income, theft, quarrels, and misunderstandings. It is definitely a direction to avoid. Also known as Wu Gui.

6 Killings (Lui Shar)

This direction represents missed opportunities, deceit, legal problems, and illness. People under the influence of Lui Shar may suffer from insomnia, lethargy and the inability to concentrate.

Total Loss (Chuehming)

If your home faces this direction, you will have quite a few issues, from the house being a money pit to possible foreclosure and even bankruptcy. In a business environment, this direction can lead to poor finances and poor productivity. People under the influence of this energy may suffer from depression, mood swings and severe negative impulses/thoughts.

Eight Mansions Formula a Valuable Feng Shui Tool

When planning your next move, whether it is to a new home, office or simply redecorating your home, look to the Eight Mansions formula as a good beginning step. Doing so may ensure the right energies flow through the location to promote your health and well-being.

Eight Mansions Formula in Feng Shui