Use the Eight Mansions Luck Map in Feng Shui to Be Happier

Updated May 7, 2019
Compass used with the Eight Mansion Luck Map

Using the eight mansions luck map in feng shui you can determine the directions that are favorable or unfavorable for you regarding the personal areas of your life. You want to use a standard compass to help you determine the magnetic north and other directions.

The Eight Mansions School of Feng Shui

The eight mansions school of feng shui, also known as eight houses or ba zhai, teaches that each person is directly affected by the eight compass directions. Of those directions, four are auspicious, or lucky, and four are inauspicious, or unlucky. This is determined by your personal kua number and the direction that your house sits. The eight compass directions include:

  • East
  • West
  • North
  • South
  • Northeast
  • Southeast
  • Northwest
  • Southwest

Once you know your favorable and unfavorable directions, the information is used to know the best direction for all activities including sleeping, working and maintaining good health.

Understanding the Eight Mansions Luck Map

By knowing which directions are favorable and which are unfavorable you can maximize your luck and improve the quality of your life. You can also avoid the unfavorable directions and the negative effects they cause. A different type of energy is found in each of the directions and the energies affect each person and situation uniquely.

Since the auspicious and inauspicious directions are based on your kua number, many people consider the eight mansions school the most personalized method of feng shui. The eight mansion method is also used to determine the trigram of your house and identify the four favorable and unfavorable areas in your home.

Your Kua Number

Your personal kua, or gua, number is determined by your birth year and whether you are male or female. Knowing this number is essential for finding your lucky and unlucky directions.

Life Areas and Directions

The following are the eight life areas that correspond to the directions.

Favorable areas:

  • Health
  • Success
  • Wisdom
  • Relationships
  • Unfavorable area
  • Disease
  • Insecurity
  • Obstacles
  • Career problems

To receive the benefits of an auspicious direction always stand or sit facing that direction. When you are sleeping make certain the top of your head is aimed at a favorable direction.

The Sitting Direction of Your House

In eight mansion feng shui you must determine the sitting direction of your house to identify the auspicious and inauspicious areas. The sitting direction (yin) is the opposite of the facing direction (yang). The siting direction yin energy is quieter with less activity than the yang energy side where the main road and traffic are found. For example, if your facing direction, typically the front door is facing north, then your sitting direction is south.

Woman standing on deck overlooking ocean

To find your exact facing direction, you need to stand in front of your home in the center, facing the street. Take a compass reading then move to the left end of your home for a second reading and then to your far right, always facing the front street. Compare all three readings to verify you are reading the compass correctly. You sitting direction will be the exact opposite on the compass point.

How to Use Directions With a Bagua

Now that you have your compass readings, you're ready to reveal the auspicious and inauspicious directions. In eight mansion feng shui, each house is divided into nine sections. One is the center and the remaining eight sections, which correspond to the directions of the compass fan out from the center forming wedges similar to a pie chart. Four directions are always auspicious while the other four are inauspicious. This is part of yin and yang balance, where every positive has a negative. In addition, these are also divided into two groups known as East Group and West Group houses.

Generally, the four favorable locations are the four directions associated with the trigram of the house; however, to get a full picture of your home and how you and your family fit, you need to know what directions are best for each member of your family based on individual kua numbers. You can then utilize your best positions within your home for sleeping, eating, studying and working. The most important family member who needs to be compatible with the home's energies is of course the bread winner.

Auspicious and Inauspicious Locations of a House

The names of the four auspicious locations of a house, or any type of dwelling, that bring good luck include:

  • Sheng chi, or the breath of life, is a very lucky direction as the energy there attracts vitality, prosperity and respectability. It also brings you a good reputation.
  • Fu Wai means harmony, stability and peace in your overall life.
  • Ten Yi, or heavenly doctor, attracts energy for good health.
  • Yan Nian, or longevity and relationships, fosters self-sufficiency and good relationships.

The inauspicious areas include:

  • Ho Hai means obstacles and mishaps. Considered the least harmful of all the inauspicious directions, the energy causes frustration, difficulty, a feeling of insecurity and getting tired easily.
  • Wu Kwei, or five ghosts, has an energy that leads to loss of employment or income. It also can cause arguments, or lead to loss from burglary or fire.
  • Lua Sha, known as six killings, has negative energies that cause illness, and legal problems. The negative energies also may lead to lost or missed opportunities or scandals.
  • Chueh Ming means disaster and the energy in this direction is the most dangerous and harmful of all. It may lead to depression, accidents or suicide. The negative energy causes finances to be poor and career to be unproductive.

Your Lucky Map Areas in Eight Mansions

Once you understand how to apply the knowledge and principles of the eight mansions, your life will improve since you'll know how to draw upon the positive energies of your home. Knowing which sectors are inherently inauspicious allows you the opportunity to remedy these sectors with various feng shui cures to weaken the negative chi or strengthen the positive chi for better balance in your life.

Use the Eight Mansions Luck Map in Feng Shui to Be Happier