The Feng Shui Almanac and How to Use It

Published April 5, 2018
Red knot on Chinese calendar

The Feng Shui Almanac (known as the Tung Shing or Tung Shu in Chinese) shows which days are auspicious (good), average, and inauspicious (bad) so you can plan for the best outcomes of specific activities. This complex table of days provides a wealth of useful information based on traditional feng shui principles.

Traditional Principles of the Chinese Almanac

The calculations for the Feng Shui Almanac are based on the traditional feng shui principles of heavenly branches and earthly stems. From ancient times, Chinese farmers have used the Feng Shui Almanac much the same way the Western culture uses the Old Farmer's Almanac. Monthly lunar and solar cycles assist in determining the best times to plant and harvest crops.

Favorite Modern Use of the Feng Shui Almanac

The most post popular and common modern use for a Feng Shui Almanac is for determining the best time for specific events and tasks. Feng shui guru Lillian Too features a simplistic almanac for free on her website.

Your Sign and Type of Day

Too's Feng Shui Almanac gives daily results for auspicious, average, and inauspicious days. These are determined by your Chinese zodiac animal sign.

  • You can calculate your sign, then find the days of the month numbered on the left side in a vertical format.
  • Across the top of the chart are the 12 zodiac animal signs.
  • Find your sign and scroll down to the date you wish to check.
  • The chart is color coded with red for good, gray for bad and white for average.

If you're planning a wedding, signing a contract, buying a home, applying for a job, or undertaking any other important event, then you can check this Almanac to see if that day is good, bad or average according to your Chinese zodiac animal sign.

More Helpful Information

The Chinese animal zodiac chart, such as the one offered by Lillian Too, is just a sampling of what's inside the Feng Shui Almanac. In addition to finding auspicious dates for events and undertakings, some almanacs provide auspicious hours, Ba Zi of the day, daily elements, daily zodiac sign conflict with other zodiac sign(s), and daily auspicious and inauspicious compass directions.

Free Online Feng Shui Almanacs

On his website, Feng Shui master Michael Hanna offers a combination of several charts and almanacs in a free daily Tong Shu Almanac. In addition to some of the features already mentioned, Hanna features free almanac information such as:

  • Tracking monthly and yearly flying stars: This information can be transferred to your home or business Lo Shu Square to track the movement of auspicious and inauspicious flying stars. You can remedy any afflicted sectors and enhance auspicious ones.
  • Daily, monthly and yearly pillars: Ba Zi users find this information helpful. Ba Zi (Four Pillars Theory) is the Chinese astrology that determines your Chinese zodiac animal sign and the governing elements for each pillar.
  • Finding your daily lucky (auspicious) number(s): These are a series of six numbers provided each day, described as appropriate for lottery tickets, bingo games and other uses you may have for lucky numbers.
  • Conflict directions: This chart guides you away from compass directions that are inauspicious. You're advised to avoid digging in the direction, undertaking renovations and signing contracts while facing this compass direction.

Using Your Feng Shui Almanac

You can purchase a variety of styles of Feng Shui almanacs. Some include more information than others. You can keep one in a home office or den desk. This almanac serves as a calendar to guide you with what each day may bring. You may prefer to bookmark one of the many free online almanacs. Some Feng Shui masters provide more in-depth Feng Shui almanacs either for purchase or for free on their websites.

A few things to remember:

  • The Chinese believe that the Almanac should never be used to predict the future.
  • It is bad luck to revisit past dates to ascertain if they were good or bad.
  • It's considered bad luck to allow others to select dates for your events, tasks, and outings or for you to select dates for other people.

Feng Shui Almanac for Future Events

The Feng Shui Almanac should always be used as a guide for future events. You can use it to take advantage of auspicious chi energy and avoid inauspicious energy days.

The Feng Shui Almanac and How to Use It