Use Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Together for Good Luck

Published April 9, 2018
Chinese Zodiac Wheel on red background

Feng shui and Chinese astrology intersect to achieve a better balance of chi energy in your home and personal life. Your Chinese zodiac animal sign and correlating compass direction can guide you to capitalize on auspicious chi energy.

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches

Chinese astrology is similar to western astrology. Instead of constellations, Chinese astrology assigns animals to birthdates. Each animal also correlates to a compass direction. A Chinese astrology chart is calculated to reveal the heavenly stems and earthly branches that govern your life.

Heavenly Stems

The five elements make up the five heavenly stems. Each element has yin (female) and yang (male) polarities. This creates 10 heavenly stems. In feng shui, the five elements are assigned to one of the eight compass directions.

Earthly Branches

The 12 zodiac animals are called earth luck. Each sign has a yin or yang governing element.

Compass Directions, Elements, and Colors

Use this calculator to find your your zodiac animal. With that information, you can find the compass direction, element, and color best for you. You can use these to fine-tune the feng shui of your home and in your personal life. (Note: goat, sheep and ram are sometimes used interchangeably.)

Zodiac Animal Signs, Directions, Elements and Colors
Animal Direction Element Color(s)
Horse South Fire Red
Sheep (goat or ram), monkey Southwest Earth Ochre, tan
Rooster West Metal Gold/yellow, silver/gray
Dog, boar Northwest Metal Gold/yellow, silver/gray
Rat North Water Black, blue
Ox and tiger Northeast Earth Ochre, tan
Rabbit East Wood Green, brown
Dragon, snake Southeast Wood Green, brown

Using Your Animal Sign Direction

Once you have determined your zodiac animal sign, you can use the direction and governing element to enhance your luck and abundance. For example, if your sign is the horse, then your direction is the south with the fire element being of benefit to you.

Whichever sector your zodiac animal reigns, you can do a few things to further activate it for your personal benefit. This includes:

  • Add a bright light in this area of your home and leave it on for a minimum of six hours. This will activate the auspicious energy.
  • Wear or carry symbol of your animal element, such as a metal horse wearing gold or silver jewelry or an animal talisman key fob.

Compatible Animal Signs

Each zodiac animal sign has two two compatible/companion signs, a yin and yang. Each sign also has what is known as a hidden friend or secret animal sign. They are secret allies.

Hidden Zodiac Animal Friends
Rat Ox
Tiger Pig
Rabbit Dog
Dragon Rooster
Snake Monkey
Horse Sheep (goat or ram)

Place a representation of each compatible and hidden animal sign in your personal direction. Don't forget to include your own animal sign. Together these symbols attract powerful good luck to you.

Find Your Peach Blossom Luck

Your zodiac animal sign can also be used to find your peach blossom luck. It is used by feng shui practitioners for clients seeking their soul mates. Once you find your peach blossom zodiac sign, you'll need a representation to place in the corresponding direction. Be sure that you spotlight the animal with a bright light for at least six hours a day.

Peach Blossom Luck
Your Zodiac Animal Peach Blossom Animal Direction
Tiger, horse, dog Rabbit East
Rabbit, boar, sheep (goat or ram) Rat North
Snake, rooster, ox Horse South
Rat, monkey, dragon Rooster West

Four Pillars of Destiny

The Ba Zi, or Four Pillars of Destiny, is calculated using the hour, day, month, and year of your birth. The four pillars have two polarities (yin and yang) each. This gives a total of eight pillars. These are divided into two groups of four. One is auspicious and the other is inauspicious.

Four Auspicious Directions

You can use the four auspicious directions to reinforce various activities in your life by facing the appropriate direction for sleep, work, eating , studying, etc.

Four Auspicious Directions
Sheng Chi Wealth
Tine Yi Health
Nien Yen Love
Fu Wei Personal Growth

Chinese Astrology Uses in Feng Shui

The blending of Chinese astrology and feng shui is a natural combination. It brings a layer of auspicious knowledge you can use to enhance your life.

Use Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology Together for Good Luck