Feng Shui Colors for Business

Published October 16, 2019
Waitress Standing At Her Coffee Shop Counter

Feng shui colors can be used to support your business. You can use a feng shui color chart to guide your color selections, choose the colors associated with your industry or opt to use the color assigned to the facing direction of your business.

Match Feng Shui Colors for Businesses to Elements

Some feng shui practitioners advise playing up the colors associated with your industry element. There are some obvious matches of business types and elements while others are elusive. If you can't be certain if the element governs your industry, it's best to avoid using this as the basis for selecting your business feng shui colors.

Water Element for Business Colors

The two colors that represent water are black and blue. Water industries resonating with the water element include coffee shops, spas, dairies, hydropower plants, marine-related businesses, shipping, bottled water companies, bathroom-related products, and appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, and sinks. In addition to water, any type of business that sells or manufactures liquids and fluids would benefit from using black and blue in their business. This could include oil refineries, gas stations, wine shops, perfume companies, hair products, chemicals, and so on.

Wood Element Businesses

The wood element colors are brown and green. The businesses that can capitalize on the wood elements include, florist shop, furniture, lumber, logging, building supplies, printing, textile, fashion, photography, and more.

Metal Element Industries

The colors for the metal element include, silver, gold, white, bronze, nickel, chrome, and pewter. Any metal color is a good choice. Metal related businesses include money/finance/banking, equipment, vehicles, metal jewelry, mining, and metal décor.

Earth Element Businesses

The earth element colors are ochre and tan. The earth related industries include food, construction, agriculture, farms, ranches, pet shops, and real estate, among others.

Fire Element Industries

The colors for fire element include, red, burgundy, pink, mauve, purple, orange, and the wide range of red colors. Fire industries include restaurants, bistros, lighting manufacturers and retailers, electrical companies, appliance manufacturers and resellers, electronics, and so on.

Choose Feng Shui Colors Using Compass Direction

You can use the facing direction of your business to determine your main color(s). This requires you to use a magnetic compass to take a reading to determine the facing direction. You can follow easy instructions on how to take this reading.

How to Use Facing Direction Colors

The facing direction of your business can guide you in choosing the feng shui colors for the exterior and main entrance. For example, if you need an awning, go with the feng shui color(s) assigned to the compass direction.

  • You can use the color(s) for selecting the entrance door mat.
  • You can paint the interior walls the sector color.
  • Wall art should have some of these color(s).
  • Furniture upholstery can repeat the color(s).
  • Blinds and/or draperies may be chosen in sector colors.

Feng Shui Colors for Business Supplies and Furnishings

You can use feng shui office colors beyond walls and logo colors. You can use feng shui colors for selecting various office supplies and décor items.

File Folders

Just as a red envelope is auspicious for finances, a red file folder can have the same effect for clients, contracts, and anything that brings revenue into your business.


You can choose colored equipment, such as your laptop, business phone, tape dispenser, stapler, monitor, and your office chair. Red and black are auspicious colors, but you can also use colors associated with the facing direction, or you may choose to use color(s) that represent the sector where your office is located.

Picture Frames

You can select an auspicious color for the frames, such as red or black, to display diplomas and awards on the south wall or south sector. You can use a metal gold, silver, bronze, or white for family photos you wish to display in the west sector of your office.

Interior Design Picture Frames

Business Furnishings

You can use the various sector colors to furnish your business. Choose one main color that can be carried throughout your business, such as the color assigned to the compass direction of the building facing direction.

More Ways to Add Feng Shui Colors Into Your Business

Incorporate the color into all aspects of your business, including:

  • Business logo and card designs - Use feng shui colors for your business logo design, for selecting colors for business cards, exterior building color, and interior color scheme.
  • Company signage - You should also use these colors in your company signage and all marketing collateral.
  • Vehicles - Use feng shui colors to carry your company brand into the public by selecting company vehicles in your chosen feng shui color.
  • Employee uniforms - If your company has uniforms, you can capitalize on the element energy and infuse it deeper into your business by designating that color for your uniforms.

Using Feng Shui Colors for Business

Feng shui colors can be used to enhance, support and attract auspicious chi energy for your business. You have many areas where you can use feng shui colors in your business.

Feng Shui Colors for Business