Pick the Ideal Feng Shui Dining Room Table for Your Home

Published April 16, 2018
Dining table with spinning center

Just as the dining room is vital to a feng shui home, so is the shape and size of the dining table. You can ensure family abundance when you select the appropriate table.

Best Feng Shui Dining Table Shapes

The table style is purely a personal choice and should be one you love. However, there are four desirable shapes for a dining table.

Choose a Round Table for Abundance

A round table represents abundance with no end. The circle shape has no beginning and no ending. The chi energy follows along the edge of the table and laps over and over around the table. This is a most auspicious shape for a dining table.

You can add a layer of great abundance when you place a lazy Susan in the center of the round table. This elevates the food that is then moved in yet another circle as family members serve their plates. This creates the ultimate auspicious dining table.

Select a Rectangle Dining Room Table for Family Growth

The shape of a rectangular table is considered very auspicious. The long table represents a large family sitting down for meals. In feng shui, this symbolizes there is an abundance of food to feed the family. The size of the table also represents it is big enough to support the food as it is being served.

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  • This table shape supports growth as a family as well as individual family members.
  • The chi energy for this table shape is continuous and provides the family with a growing abundance in life.

Pick an Oval Table as a Rectangle/Circle Hybrid

Oval dining room tables are another great option for feng shui. The oval shape combines the benefits of round and rectangular tables. This type of table gives the length found in a rectangle, yet the curves allow the chi energy to flow as it does with a round table.

An Octagon Represents the Bagua

If you prefer something a little less traditional, you may want to opt for an octagon shaped table. This shape mimics the bagua and is considered a very auspicious shape. Unlike the circle or oval where family members can sit anywhere around the table, the octagon naturally divides the space for each person to sit at the end of one of the eight wedges.

Dining Room Table Sizes

The guiding rule for the size of your dining table is to have enough room for everyone to sit around the table comfortably. Cramped seating around a dining table is inauspicious. It conveys that there isn't enough abundance to go around. This equates to a sense of lack.

Number of Table Seats for Ideal Feng Shui

As with all thing in feng shui, numbers play a critical role. The best table size seats six or eight.

  • Six is considered the ideal number for a dining table.
  • Eight is an auspicious number for a dining table.
  • Feng shui guru Lillian Too states you can have an auspicious dining table that seats 10, but to avoid one large enough for 12.

Make sure your table is large enough for comfortable sitting and eating space. There should also be enough room for all the food in serving bowls and plates.

Choose a Wood Dining Table for Optimal Feng Shui

When selecting a dining table, always opt for wood. A metal table isn't good for dining since metal attracts water, and the yang energy of water can be unsettling when trying to relax and eat. Glass and marble are also inauspicious for dining tables.

Consider Directions, Elements, and Shapes

You can use your compass direction and the symbol for its governing element to decide on the shape of your table.

Directions, Elements and Shapes
Compass Direction Governing Element Shape
West and Northwest Metal Round or Oval
East, South and Southeast Wood Rectangle
South Fire Triangle (Use a rectangle.)
North Water Round
Center, Northeast and Southwest Earth Square *

*Since square tables aren't considered an auspicious choice of shape for a feng shui dining room, you can opt for a round dining table instead.

Use Feng Shui for Your Dining Room Table

Selecting the right dining table for your home can ensure the family's abundance in life. Of course, always choose a table that best fits your home décor and style.

Pick the Ideal Feng Shui Dining Room Table for Your Home