Feng Shui Ideas for Your Home's Exterior Color

Updated May 9, 2019
Craftsman style house

Choosing feng shui-friendly exterior house color make wading through a vast number of color charts easier. While a color cannot activate an element, it certainly can provide a psychological effect. In addition, colors are assigned to each compass direction. This information may be used as a tool for deciding on your house color for auspicious feng shui.

Find Your Home's Sitting and Facing Directions

Compass directions are vital to a proper feng shui application. If you don't know the sitting and facing directions of your home, you certainly can't use classic compass and form schools of feng shui. Using a compass, stand in the center of your home and face the front side of your house. This will provide your home's facing direction. This means the back of your home is the facing direction. The facing will always be the opposite of your sitting direction; for example, if your home sits in the Northwest, then the facing direction is Southeast.

Choose Exterior Color Based on Direction

It can be very helpful to consider the sitting direction when deciding on your house color. A chart showing the colors for each direction can be a great tool to use in this process.

Colors for Directions
Compass Direction Element Main Color Sector
North Water Black, dark blue Career, wealth, success
Northeast Earth Black, blue, green Personal power, education
East Wood Green, aqua, turquoise Expansion, family
Southeast Wood Green, blue, purple, red. Growth, wealth
South Fire Red, yellow, orange Recognition, fame, fame
Southwest Earth Pink, red and white Marriage, relationships
West Metal White, silver, copper, brass Fertility, creativity
Northwest Metal White, gray, blue, black Mentors, empowerment

Use Direction Colors for Trim and Doors

The trim and door colors of your home can change the overall appearance of your home dramatically. If your home sits in the North direction, you don't have to paint the entire structure black or dark blue. You can instead use the direction colors for North for your trim and door, opting for dark blue trim and a black door. If your home is in the South sitting position, you could use the fire symbol color of red for your door color. Don't be afraid to mix and match, since the color guide is an illustration of the colors assigned to each compass direction.

Incorporate Color in Landscaping Elements

You may decide to be bold and incorporate elements in your overall exterior colors. Go beyond the concept of a painted house for your color palette and incorporate the surrounding shrubbery and other landscape materials, such as stone patios and walkways. For a West sitting home, you might decide that you want to place a brass kick plate and door knocker on your front door. The brass will activate chi energy and attract it into your home. Adding a wood bench in the Southeast or East sector of your yard is one way to introduce the wood element.

Add More Color With Plants and Booms

Plantings attract wood chi energy. Blooming plants are a great way to add more color to the exterior of your home. You might want to plant shade plants with blue and dark blue blossoms. Bright red, orange, white, yellow and pink flowers are great colors addition to the South and Southwest sectors. Make sure that any plants near an exterior door don't have sharp or pointed leaves that will create poison arrows. Poison arrows can prevent positive chi energy from entering your home.

Making Good Color Choices for Your Home's Exterior

The important thing to remember whenever selecting exterior colors for your home is that the color won't activate chi energy, so if you love blue and your house sitting position is South, don't feel as though you're limited to fire colors. First, select paint colors based on personal likes. If you don't like blue but love yellow, then go with a color that will make you feel good whenever you go in and out of your home. Take the time to plan your landscaping so you incorporate a wide range of colors along the rest of the exterior of your home.

Feng Shui Ideas for Your Home's Exterior Color