Finding and Using Feng Shui Fonts

Updated June 18, 2019
Chinese Frame and Text

Finding and using fonts suitable for feng shui can add a touch of traditional authenticity. You can use these fonts for a variety of reasons, especially if you're a feng shui consultant.

Finding and Using Different Feng Shui Fonts

Basically, a feng shui font is a Chinese character used to represent common elements, terms or concepts in feng shui. Most feng shui consultants prefer to use the Chinese characters when drawing out the bagua map for a client's home or office. When doing so, instead of writing out the English words for water or metal, the consultant uses the Chinese symbol to represent the feng shui elements.

Business Uses for Feng Shui Fonts

In addition to the typical places you might expect to see a feng shui font, such as a bagua, you can use this auspicious lettering for business. If you're a feng shui consultant, the feng shui fonts can be printed on business cards, business stationary, and various feng shui analyses and reports.

Comparison of different Chinese typeface styles

Get Creative With Font Characters for Bagua Sectors

The most common Chinese fonts used in feng shui are those that represent the eight trigrams of the bagua. Each area of the bagua has a specific corresponding symbol. For a presentation to a client, placing the appropriate Chinese characters in each sector will give your bagua presentation a nice touch. However, there are other symbols you can use either on the bagua or as a feng shui decoration printed on paper, decal or fabric transfer.

Wealth Luck Sector

The characters for the words wealth or abundance can be also be used to represent good luck in obtaining riches. You may wish to print the character, or if you're a calligrapher, you could draw the character(s), frame it, and place it in your wealth corner.

Recognition and Fame Luck Sector

There are several possible characters you can use for this area of the bagua (south sector). Decide on the type of fame and recognition you want, such as celebrity, renowned, trustworthy, generous, or philanthropist, and select the feng shui font that matches. Print the font in red for the fire element.

Love and Relationship Luck Sector

To indicate the love and relationship of the bagua (southwest sector), you could use the Chinese characters for love life, lover or friendship. If you're looking to improve or repair a romantic love relationship, consider using the symbols for husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, soul mate, fiancée or fiancé in this bagua area. You can also combine more than one symbol, such as the symbol for love with the symbol for husband as well as the action needed for a healing, such as forgiveness, open-minded, restore, renew, or reconcile.

Descendants Luck Sector

The descendants luck (west sector) refers to children. There are so many words you can use in this sector, such as the character for daughter or son. You could also use a character that describes your biggest desire or concern for your children. If they are young, you might use healthy growth or for a child having difficulty, you could use the character for success or improvement.

Mentor Luck Sector

The mentor luck sector (northwest sector) represents the people who help you in life and/or career. If you already have a mentor, you can honor them with the initials of their first and last name. If you're seeking a mentor, you can select the character(s) that best states your heart's desire. You can also shoot for the moon by using a character that symbolizes your ideal mentor.

Career Luck Sector

The career luck sector (north sector) is probably one of the easiest to assign a feng shui font. You want to choose the character(s) that sums up your biggest desire for your career. Use the colors blue and black if you use the font for creative wall art or other décor object.

Education Luck Sector

The education sector (northeast sector) will benefit by a feng shui font that states the desired outcome. First place, top of class, high score, graduate, or success. Any of these characters will make this section auspicious.

Health Luck Sector

The health luck sector (east sector) is a great place for one of the many feng shui fonts that can convey good health and long life. If you're presenting a bagua to someone ill, include their name or initials in this sector. Other characters you might want to include are, recovery, healing, blessings, and renewed health.

Where to Find Feng Shui Character Fonts to Use

There are several websites where you can find and use feng shui character fonts by downloading to your computer. There are many free font sets available. Choose the font style you like best:

  • Cooltext: Choose from several font styles then install your favorite set of 40 free Unicode Chinese fonts. This font set, like any typical fonts, can be used in various word and graphic programs.
  • Chinese Font Design: This is a free traditional Chinese font offered in several choices of color combinations.

  • Chinese Tools: An older version of free Chinese character fonts, you can choose based on file size.
  • Jean-Michel Lannier: This font designer's website presents a free feng shui font along with several graphics depicting ways you can use these Chinese characters in various presentations, such as CAD, Word, Excel, and other programs.

Traditional as well as Simplified Chinese characters

Feng Shui Fonts for Websites

If you're designing a website yet can't speak or write Chinese, then you'll want to design your web page using specific software for feng shui character fonts. You can find free font downloads designed for web designers to use.

Using Feng Shui Fonts

If you choose to download feng shui fonts be sure you trust the source. You can always draw or paint the character(s) you desire to avoid downloading a program. You will discover the many possibilities feng shui fonts offer in different feng shui applications and uses.

Finding and Using Feng Shui Fonts