Feng Shui Green Color Use for Positivity & Growth

Published September 24, 2020
Green house with picket fence

Feng Shui green is the color for growth and creating new pathways for your life goals. The feng shui Five Element Theory designates green the color for the wood element in the Compass School of Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Green Color Meaning

In classical feng shui, the Compass School of Feng Shui's Five Element Theory also matches the elements with magnetic compass directions. The wood element governs two compass directions, the east sector and southeast sector.

Color Green and Compass Directions

The compass directions are divided into eight sectors in the feng shui bagua. In addition to color, element, and direction, each compass direction governs a specific area of your life. The east sector (health luck) and the southeast sector (wealth luck) are ruled by the color green.

How to Use Feng Shui Green Color

You can use the color green in these two feng shui areas of health and wealth. Feng shui principles guide you in the best ways to use the color green in your home and office décor.

Add Green Colors in East and Southeast Sectors

If you wish to use the color green in your home or office to stimulate your health luck, you can paint the room in a pale light green color. Known as new green, this is the color of the first green color that emerges in spring.

How to Select Green Colors

In nature, the light green leaves age and turn a darker green. Some plants retain the light green leaf color, while others are a mix of dark and medium green. You can mimic nature by creating a décor that uses a mix of light, medium and dark green colors. This combination of green colors in your feng shui room décor signifies growth, health, thriving and advancing in the areas of health and wealth luck.

Use Plants for Feng Shui Green and Activate Wood Element

The magic of plants in feng shui applications is how they are a two-for-one feng shui tool. Green plants are an excellent wood element. This means when you add a green plant to your décor, you are also activating the wood element of that sector. This combination give more power and energy to your feng shui efforts.

Fuel Fire Element with Green Plants

The south sector is governed by the fire element. The south sector rules your recognition and fame luck. When you add live, green plants (wood element) to this sector, the fire element is fueled, making it more powerful.

Green Is the Lucky Feng Shui Color of Money

Green is the money color and a few feng shui plants are the ultimate representations of money. These plants are green and are excellent choices for your southeast (wealth luck) room or corner. In feng shui, the most recognizable iconic symbols for money plants are the lucky bamboo, money tree, and jade plants.

Where to Place Plants in Your Feng Shui Décor

You can add living green plants to any room except the bedroom. Other rooms located in the east, southeast or south sector, are excellent candidates for green living plants. For rooms that don't fall in these sectors, you can add plants in the east, southeast or south corners or along these walls.

Ideal Placement of Plants in Bathrooms

Green live plants in a bathroom can help to absorb the negative energies of waste water, especially when placed over toilets. The plants thrive and soak up the waste water energies and negate the inauspicious energies from dominating this room.

Avoid Live Plants in Bedrooms

A living plant generates too much yang energy for a restful sleep. However, you can place artificial green plants in a bedroom since these imitations were never alive. This makes the energies neutral or non-existent.

Using the Feng Shui Green Color in Rooms

Another aspect of feng shui green color includes choosing green paint colors, fabrics, and various art objects to decorate your home or office. If you need a companion color, you may want to use the other wood element color, tan.

feng shui green living room and dining room combination

Bedroom Feng Shui Green Color for Bedroom

If your bedroom is in the east, southeast, or south (fire) luck sectors, you can use green as the main color in your color palette. You can add a secondary color, such as a light brown to complete your restive bedroom design.

Kitchen and Using Feng Shui Green

Your kitchen is another room where you can add a feng shui green color. You want to consider the sector where your kitchen is located for paint colors. You may decide to use green as an accent color by painting either the east, southeast or south wall in the kitchen.

Living Room Feng Shui Green Choices

You can add a touch of calmness to a living room since it is an area of your home that generates high yang energy. If your living room isn't in the east, southeast, or south sector, you can still use the feng shui green color. An east, southeast, or south wall can be painted green as an accent color or you can use the color green as art objects or textiles in a corner vignette for one of these directions.

Dining Room Generate Abundance With Green

The dining room is a good place to use green when this important room is in your east, southeast, or south sector. The restive green color is an ideal color for digestion. Since the dining room is vital to your family's abundance, a feng shui green color will bolster the growth of your family's wealth and abundance.

Bathrooms Benefit from Feng Shui Green Colors

Bathrooms generate negative energy (sha chi) due to the clean water entering and waste water leaving this room. Green colors represent the beneficial wood element for this type of area and can be used in bathrooms, especially those located in the critical sectors of the east, southeast, and south.

Feng shui green and white bathroom

Laundry Rooms and Color Green

The color green serves a laundry room, the same way this feng shui color does a bathroom. You can choose a fresh green hue for this room décor to keep the energy lifted to negate the waste water energies.

Auspicious Green Jade in Feng Shui

Green jade was one of the most popular gemstones used in ancient China. It is a popular stone for carving iconic feng shui symbols, such as birds, flowers, and astrological animals. Vases and other practical objects are often carved from jade stone with gold overlaid Chinese characters and feng shui symbols. Jade is used as a remedy or cure in feng shui.

Feng Shui Green Color Jewelry for Personal Positivity and Growth

Green jade was also highly prized in ancient China as a jewelry stone. Known as the stone of heaven, it was also called the noble stone, since Chinese nobility were the ones rich enough to own the stone. Jade even held a higher value than gold. It was the symbol of royal social standing.

Ancient Talisman of Protection

Wearing jade serves as a talisman of protection. Feng shui practitioners use green jade in feng shui applications as a remedy for negative energies. Green jade is believed to imbue the wearer with a feeling of calmness. The stone attracts abundance and good luck to the wearer.

Using the Feng Shui Green Color to Stimulate Growth

There are many ways you can use the color green in feng shui to encourage growth. Whether you use live plants, green décors, or jewelry, you can take advantage of the positive chi energy the color green carries and attracts.

Feng Shui Green Color Use for Positivity & Growth