Feng Shui Guide to Using Blue: Soothing Energy

Published December 3, 2020
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Feng shui blue is a powerful color that you can use in your home décor. Blue is a soothing color, and feng shui principles can guide you in the best way to use this powerful color.

Feng Shui Blue Symbol of Water Element

Feng shui blue is the assigned color of the water element. In feng shui, the water element generates auspicious yang energy that is vital for a healthy home. Blue is a great color symbol that you can use throughout your home or business décor.

North Sector With Feng Shui Blue Color

In feng shui, the water element governs the north (career luck) sector of your home. This makes the feng shui blue color an ideal choice for your home office or the north sector of your home. If you have established a home office in the north sector of your home, blue can be the primary color for your decorating scheme.

Feng Shui Blue for Home Office

Even if your office isn't in the north sector of your home, you can still use the color blue. You might decide to paint the north wall of your office blue to symbolize the water element. You can always add blue accent pieces or even blue colored pieces of furniture, such as a blue cabinet, blue loveseat, or desk chair.

East and Southeast Sectors With Feng Shui Blue

The east (health luck) and southeast (wealth luck) sectors are ruled by the wood element. You can effectively use feng shui blue in these two sectors, along with the wood element colors of green and tan.

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Wood Element With Feng Shui Blue

In the productive cycle, water nourishes the wood element. The colors assigned to the wood element are green and tan/beige. You can create a stunning color scheme when you use blue, green, and tan for your feng shui décor colors.

Maintain a Balance of Colors

You will use more green and tan colors than blue in your interior for these two sectors. This will ensure that the color scheme is a balanced representation of the feng shui elements of wood and water.

West and Northwest Sectors With Feng Shui Blue

The west and northwest sectors are ruled by the metal element. In the productive cycle, metal feeds and attracts the water element. The colors assigned to these sectors are white, gold, silver, copper, pewter, and platinum. You can use any of these with feng shui blue for a great color combination.

Metal Colors Should Be Prominent

You want to make sure that the metal colors are the predominant colors in this sector, since water in the exhaustive cycle weakens the metal element. By using feng shui blue as a secondary color, you can visually establish the productive cycle that symbolizes the metal element producing the water element.

Limiting Feng Shui Blue in Other Sectors

You will need to limit the use of blue in the other sectors of your home. You may interject a burst of blue in these sectors with a few accent pieces.

South Sector

The south (fame and recognition luck) sector is ruled by the fire element. In the destructive cycle, water destroys fire, so you will limit any blue colors in this sector.

Southwest and Northeast Sectors

The southwest (love and relationship luck) and northeast (education luck) sectors are ruled by the earth element. In the destructive cycle, earth destroys the water element. You may want to avoid using blue in these sectors.

Shades of Feng Shui Blue

Dark blue is one of two colors assigned to the water element. The other color is black. Blues comes in all values, so you can choose one or more to use.

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Cobalt Blue in Feng Shui

Cobalt blue is a good feng shui color to represent the water element. Dark blues, such as navy, are great color choices when looking for one that symbolizes the water element.

Blue and Black Water Colors

You can pair the two water element colors of blue and black for a dramatic room color scheme. You can add a third color of white (metal) or other metal color for contrast as an accent color.

Medium to Light Blue Feng Shui Colors

Medium and light blue colors aren't the typical feng shui blue color. However, you can certainly use them in your feng shui décor.

Blue-Green Colors

Turquoise and other blue-green colors are a nice blend of feng shui blue and feng shui green. The two color blend provides a great nourishing color of growth and energy.

Symbols and Talismans of Feng Shui Blue

You can use a blue colored feng shui symbol or talisman either as a home/office cure or wear as a personal talisman. You can place these symbols in your home to take advantage of the energy and/or protection they provide.

Blue Rhinoceros Feng Shui

The blue rhinoceros is a feng shui cure for the violent flying star 7. The blue rhinoceros counters the star 7 energy of robbery and loss of money as well as the violence it encourages. You can also add the 6 tusk blue elephant and a crystal ball and place all three where the annual star 7 resides.

Fend Off Office Gossip and Politics

The feng shui blue rhinoceros is a mighty protector against office gossip and politics. If you are suffering from backstabbing enemies, place this feng shui cure on a shelf behind your desk, so this agent of defense has your back and is always looking over your shoulder. In addition to a figurine, you can carry a metal keyring version, so it is always with you as a protective amulet.

Blue Dragon Feng Shui

The blue water dragon is used in feng shui to support and bolster the water element. The blue dragon brings good fortune and a protective energy for your career. You can place the blue dragon in your office in the north direction. Make sure the dragon doesn't face a door or window and is always facing into your office. The blue dragon can be set on your desk or behind your desk, peering over your shoulder as you work. You can also set a blue dragon in the north sector of your home.

Blue Moon Feng Shui

The blue moon only occurs when there is a second full moon within a one-month period. While the moon doesn't change colors, the term blue moon is used to signify the oddity of this occurrence. With such a rare event, it isn't surprising the energy of this spectacular occurrence is believed to be more powerful than a typical full moon.

Using the Blue Moon Energy

In feng shui, you can take advantage of this energy by placing a blue object in the north sector of your home as well as a water feature. You can also add the color blue in the east and southeast sectors. You may prefer to use a blue colored feng shui talisman or symbol instead of an art object, such as a blue lotus since the lotus is a symbol of harmony and health.

How to Use Feng Shui Blue

You can use feng shui blue in your home and office décors to take advantage of the water energy this color represents. The blue color of the water element can nurture and boost your career, health, and wealth luck.

Feng Shui Guide to Using Blue: Soothing Energy