7 Feng Shui Health Cures to Help You Feel Better Today

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Feng shui offers many cures for inauspicious aspects that can impact your life. Health is one of the sectors you can improve with a few feng shui remedies. General feng shui health tips may also improve existing conditions to help you feel better.

#1 Face in a Healthy Sleeping Direction

One of the best ways to ensure your health is protected is to take advantage of your health luck direction and use it to determine where to sleep. Each sector (compass direction) has a type of luck assigned to it. You can use the eight mansions kua formula to determine your personal health luck direction (Tien Yi).

Calculate Your Kua Number

To ascertain this, you need to know your personal kua number. This number will reveal your good and bad luck directions. You can use the kua formula to calculate this number. It reveals which group you belong in.

East or West Group for Health Luck

Now that you know your kua number you want to determine the best sleeping direction to enhance your health luck. Once you know this direction, you need to lie in bed with your head pointing in this direction. For example, if your health direction is north, then you will sleep with your head in the north direction and your feet pointing to the south.

This would obviously mean you could move your bed so the headboard is pointing in this direction. However, there may be instances where you simply can't re-position your bed to accommodate this sleeping direction. In such cases, you can still position yourself on the bed so that you sleep with your head pointed in this direction, this might require sleeping with your head at the foot of your bed.

East Group

The east group numbers and their assigned health directions are:

  • 1: East
  • 3: North
  • 4: South
  • 9: Southeast

West Group

  • 5 Male: West
  • 5 Female: Northwest
  • 2: West
  • 6: Northeast
  • 7: Southwest
  • 8: Northwest

If you or a family member have health issues, aside from sleeping with your head pointed in this direction, there are other things you can do. For example, you can also sit facing your health direction whenever possible, such as relaxing or watching TV, eating meals, and when at work.

#2 Display the Wu Lou

The bottle gourd, Wu Lou, is shaped like a two segment bottle. It is has been a feng shui symbol of health and longevity for several centuries. The shape of the gourd represents heaven and earth. It has long been the symbol of harmony with the heaven above and earth below.

Wu Lou Gourds

Wu Lou Absorbs Negative Energy

In feng shui, the Wu Lou is used to absorb negative chi energy. It was first used by monks to trap malevolent spirits and later adopted by feng shui masters to trap negative chi energies.

Metal Wu Lou Beside Your Bed

Select a metal Wu Lou to cure illnesses. Simply place it upright on a nightstand. If you know the location of the illness flying star 2 and 5, you can place a Wu Lou in one or both sectors.

#3 Clear Clutter to Fight Illnesses

Clutter can complicate and even contribute to illness. Clutter causes the chi energy to become stagnant. When the flow of chi energy is blocked or prevented from flowing smoothly, fresh powerful chi energy cannot move through your home. The flow of chi affects all who live in the house and there shouldn't be anything to interfere with this natural energy flow.

In her book 168 Feng Shui Ways to Declutter Your Home, Feng Shui Master Lillian Too discusses how some people develop an immunity to clutter over a period of years. However, she states that clutter generates "negative energy-tiredness, lethargy, hostility, and blockages that lead to illness-that is generated by this kind of home environment."

Clutter in a bedroom should be cleaned up immediately to avoid illness and improve health. This includes keeping dirty clothes in a hamper, rather than letting them pile up, as well as laundering bedding, and keeping light fixures and ceiling fans over the bed. Use a declutter checklist to clean and organize the bedroom and all the rooms in your home.

#4 Bedroom, Kitchen, and Bathroom Health Connection

The rule of decluttering your bedroom should apply to all rooms in your home, especially the kitchen and bathroom. The bedroom, kitchen and bathroom are all related to you and your family's health. Each room's activities play an important role to health. Sleep and rest, the food you eat, and personal hygiene contribute to your state of health.

Make sure that all three rooms have the best possible feng shui support to give you optimum health benefits. Follow the rules for bedroom arrangement, kitchen feng shui design and bathroom feng shui. When these three rooms are designed using feng shui rules, your health luck will show signs of improvement.

#5 Add Wood Element in East Sector

The bagua sector for health is the east compass direction. The east sector element is wood. You can bolster this sector by adding wood furniture, flooring and objects.

You can take advantage of the wood element by using the colors green and brown that represent this element. Incorporating these into your decor with paint, upholstery, draperies, pillows and rugs. While color itself doesn't activate an element, many feng shui practitioners enjoy reinforcing the wood element symbolically by adding these colors to interiors.

#6 Add Plant Energy

One of the best cures for stagnant chi that can result impact your health is to add healthy green plants in the east and/or southeast sectors of your home.


Select plants that have round or oblong leaves. Avoid pointy or sharp leaves since these create poison arrows. General feng shui rules apply to using and maintaining plant life, such as removing any dead leaves, keeping plants watered, feeding plants regularly and providing the right amount of sunlight. Also, make sure your plants don't accumulate dust, since this creates a type of clutter that causes chi energy to become stagnant.

Air Quality Improvement

In addition to enhancing chi energy, plants are also excellent air scrubbers and will keep the air quality in your home healthy. Be sure you don't place plants in the bedroom, though since they will create too much energy that will result in sleepless nights.

#7 Create Garden Feng Shui for Health and Longevity

Your garden should be an important part of your feng shui design. While you can enhance the interior of your home, the most important determining factor for your home feng shui is the exterior, specifically the area surrounding your home. This is especially true if you have poison arrows in the form of single trees, utility poles and other objects. The power of these can be defrayed with various feng shui cures, such as water fountains sprays and several tall shrubbery plantings between your home and the poison arrow.

Garden frog statue

Ornamental Gardens

Ornamental gardens can play an important role in attracting chi energy and directing it into your home via doors and windows. There are several feng shui statues or symbols that you can incorporate into you ornamental garden to promote health and longevity. These objects are ancient symbols of health and longevity and nice additions to any garden, regardless how formal or informal it is.

Symbols to Utilize Outside

Select a few of these symbols to place in the west or northwest sectors of your garden. The choices include koi fish as well as turtles, deer, cranes, and three-legged frogs.

Enhance Your Overall Health With Feng Shui

Make a few simple changes in your home decor to accommodate a feng shui health cure. By using one or more of these suggested health cures, you can greatly enhance your health. As with all things feng shui, never overwhelm with too many feng shui cures. Strive for balance for best results.

7 Feng Shui Health Cures to Help You Feel Better Today