Feng Shui Horse Symbols for Success and Fortune

Published September 14, 2020
Black Friesian at a run

A feng shui horse in a galloping pose is a powerful symbol of unleashed energy that you can use to attract success, career promotion, abundance, and wealth. This good luck symbol reminds you to continue moving forward with determination to reach your goals even when you meet failure stumbling blocks.

How to Use Classical Feng Shui Horse Symbol

There are many ways you can use the classical feng shui horse symbol to attract prosperity, success, fortune, and career advancement. You can place a galloping horse figurine in your home and/or office. The horse should always face into the room and never out a window or door galloping out of the room or house and taking all your good fortune with it.

Two Types of Feng Shui Horses

There are two types of feng shui horses. These are the Tribute Horse and the Victory Horse. You can use either one, but you may want to consider the energies they attract before choosing.

Feng Shui Tribute Horse

The Tribute Horse is the most auspicious feng shui symbol of immense power. This horse is usually shown as white and adorned with all kinds of riches, such as jewels, gemstones, gold ingots, coins, and other symbols of wealth.

Feng Shui Victory Horse

The Victory Horse is displayed as either galloping or rearing in triumph. Some feng shui art includes birds flying out of the way of the horse or with the horse. Both depictions symbolize help in getting the horse to its destination faster.

Horse rearing up

Career Luck With Feng Shui Horse

If you seek a promotion, work in a very competitive industry, or seek other claims to fame within your chosen career, you can place a tribute horse in your office to activate the necessary energies to achieve your goals. This auspicious symbol attracts success, confidence, loyalty from others, and wealth.

Bagua Directions for Feng Shui Horse Placement

Using classical feng shui rules, you can place a horse figure, painting, photo, or other depiction in your home and/or office in the appropriate compass sector(s) found in the bagua. The horse is a great symbol to use for various ambitions when placed in the appropriate bagua direction. You can place a horse in your home and/or office.

  • South sector: The ruling element of the horse is fire. You can place it in the south sector to activate your fame and recognition luck.
  • Southwest sector: You can place a horse in the southwest sector to activate your love and relationship luck.
  • Northeast sector: You can set a horse in the northeast sector to win a scholarship or scholar grant. It also enhances your academic goals and achievements.
  • Living room or hallway: You can set the horse in the middle of your living room to encourage family member to continue moving toward their goals.

Horse as Your Chinese Zodiac Animal Sign

If the horse is your Chinese zodiac animal sign, then you can place it in a prominent place, such as your office desk to attract good fortune and career success. You can further enhance your luck by placing your horse on a pedestal or other raised area so your work is spotlighted and rewarded.

Placements to Avoid When Using a Feng Shui Horse

You should never place a horse in a bedroom since the yang energy will upset the chi energy balance; it will generate too much yang energy and cause a restless sleep.

Don't Place in Bathrooms

Another placement to avoid is the bathroom. The horse attracts great power and strength, and the negative chi generated by a bathroom would be reinforced with such strong yang energy.

Choose the Right Horse Figure or Artwork

You want to avoid choosing horses that depict anger or warlike scenes, such as battles or horses fighting each other. Charging horses in aggressive scenes, such as a stampede should not be placed in your home or office. These depictions are violent and too aggressive and will attract inauspicious energies.

Five horse figurines

Avoid Partial Depictions of Horse

Don't choose art that only reveal a partial horse, such as the head of a horse. These depictions will translate into incomplete goals and half-way results of your efforts.

Use Two Horses to Encourage Teamwork

If you require the help of another person, such as a partner or coworker, you can use two horses. The two horse running together symbolizes working together to achieve the same goal.

How to Use Feng Shui Horse Symbols

You can use feng shui horse symbols to ensure your success and good fortune. You want to feel a connection with the artwork you select and truly like it to reinforce your auspicious intent.

Feng Shui Horse Symbols for Success and Fortune