Feng Shui Challenges in a House With Many Doors

Updated May 9, 2019
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In feng shui, the main door to your home is very important. A house with many doors can create chaos with too much chi energy entering and leaving the home. This can impact various areas of your life, including challenges with finances, health, career, and especially your relationships.

Too Many Doors in a Row

You want the chi energy to enter your home and move about at a moderate flow. You don't want it to rush inside and move through your home as if your house was a huge wind tunnel. This is a highly unhealthy home design, but one that's often found in modern homes, especially ones with arched doorways that create the feeling of infinity. Three doors in a row are considered too many. Chi energy will rush through one door while missing another one. This imbalance of energy is unhealthy for the overall chi in your home.

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Use Feng Shui Cures for a Row of Doors

There are several feng shui cures you can implement to remedy a row of doors. The easiest cure is to suspend a multi-faceted crystal ball over the door to slow down the chi. Some practitioners recommend using a set of wind chimes. These are hollow chimes such as metal or wood. The wind chime will help to funnel the chi in an upward movement away from the doors.

Plants Slow Chi in Hallways With Doors

For hallways that have a series of doorways to join the hall length, you can also hang crystal ball from each archway. Plants are another object you can use to help slow the flow of chi.

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Add Cures for Too Many Doors Leading Outside

Some homes, especially vacation homes often have a door for every bedroom leading out onto a patio or deck. While this might seem like a wonderful way for guests to enjoy their stay, it creates a revolving door effect that could impact your marriage.

Impact on Occupants

When a home has too many doors that lead outside, it can create a lifestyle that's very difficult to maintain. This house design impacts your life by forcing one family member to leave while another arrives. This means that someone is constantly moving in and out of the home. This can result in genuine disharmony and unrest within the family structure. A husband and wife can end up going in different directions, one going to work while the other is coming home.

Rotating Door Effect

This house design sets up a never-ending cycle as though you're going through a rotating door with no opportunity to just simply sit down and rest. This is exactly the way any chi energy entering your home will react. The design doesn't enhance the chi energy or provide a place for it to gather and then slowly disperse throughout your house.

Resulting Challenges of Rotating Door Effect

The results of living in a house with many doors can be devastating to all areas of your life.

  • Finances suffer: You will discover your finances diminishing. There will be constant expenses. If you are able to attract enough money to cover these expenses, you won't be able to accumulate any kind of ongoing wealth. There will always be a need for your money to leave almost as quickly as it arrives.
  • Health weakens: Since you won't ever feel restive in this house, you will probably suffer from insomnia. Eventually your health can diminish as a result of fatigue and unsettling energy. Disease can easily settle into your body and set up energy patterns that can impair your immunity system.
  • Relationships fall apart: Without the ability for the chi energy to slow down and be used as a beneficial energy source, your relationships won't be able to sustain the amount of energy they suddenly require. Complications will result in this need for nurturing energy, but on a daily existence, you simply won't have the time needed to devote to having healthy relationships.
  • Job demands: If you move into a home with too many doors, you may find your work changing drastically. Suddenly, you might discover new demands on your time and energy at the workplace. Your job will take on new aspects that can create a conflict in your personal and professional life. New management might come in and the old management let go. Layoffs, downsizing and pay cuts could also result.

Finding Remedies and Cures for a House Many Doors

The use of crystals and wind chimes can help with interior doors, but when it comes to having too many exterior doors, the ideal solution is to reconfigure the doors into windows or even solid walls. If this approach is cost prohibitive, then you can lock some of the doors and simply not use them. Place a folding screen in front of the door and some furniture to physically treat the door as if it were a wall. These measures can detour chi energy from pouring out the door.

Feng Shui Challenges in a House With Many Doors