Quick Feng Shui Ideas for a Successful Retail Store

Updated May 6, 2019
Shoppers in typical retail store

If you are remodeling or just opening a retail shop and want to ensure success, you need to explore feng shui ideas for a retail store. Implementing feng shui in your store can help improve business and your customers' experiences. Many people approach feng shui as a cookie cutter remedy for curing just about any negative aspect of their homes, businesses and lives. While feng shui can assist you in drawing success, it isn't a magic bullet.

Implement Basic Feng Shui Principles in Your Store

Basic feng shui principles can be applied to just about any retail store. If you follow these guidelines, you'll draw the positive chi energy into your shop and enhance your chances for success. If you are serious about getting the most out of this art of placement, then you'll want to hire a feng shui practitioner to conduct a complete analysis of your store. This is one of the best ways to know exactly what possible issues there may be.

Feng Shui for the Outside of Your Store

The first thing you must do is make sure the entrance to your store isn't blocked. It might surprise you to discover that you have obstacles in the path and entrance to your shop. These obstacles can be in the form of trees, plants and even planters. Step outside and walk about ten feet from your store entrance. Turn to face the front door and look at it objectively as though you are seeing it for the first time. Immediately write down your impressions and emotions.

Clear the Path to the Store

Evaluate your front entrance and make note of the following:

  • Can I enter the store if I were to walk straight toward it or will I need to dodge a tree or a planter or a bicycle rack or tables and chairs?
  • If you can't walk straight off the street into your store from the sidewalk, then you need to clear the barricade so customers can have free and easy access into your store.

Evaluate the Building's Appearance

Look with fresh eyes.

Retailer standing outside her boutique
  • Is the paint on the building tired and in need of a new coat?
  • Is the vinyl siding clean or does it have street grime darkening the true color?
  • If your building is brick or stone, is the mortar in disrepair?
  • Does the brick need a good pressure washing?
  • What about the paint trim?

You'll need to take care of anything that needs freshening up.

Check the Sidewalk's Condition

Note the sidewalk's condition.

  • Is the sidewalk in good condition?
  • Is it crumbing apart?
  • If your shop is in a mall, examine the tile flooring. Are there missing pieces or broken tile?

Make the necessary repairs to make this important part of your shop safe and inviting.

Evaluate Your Windows

Next, evaluate the condition of your shop windows.

  • Are they clean inside and out?
  • Are they streaked with dust, pollen or dirt?

Fix any broken or cracked windows and clean them inside and out so they shine brightly.

Check Your Roof and Awning

Next, examine the roof and awning.

  • Is the roof in good condition?
  • Is the awning beginning to look a bit tattered from the wind?

Fix any issues you notice.

Evaluate Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is also crucial for good energy.

  • Any lights that don't work need to be repaired.
  • Any burned out light bulbs should be replaced immediately.
  • Place an exterior light on either side of your entrance door.
  • Leave the lights on during your business hours. The lights will attract chi energy to your business door.

Inspect Front Door Chi

As with other entrances, your front door needs to be clean and free of debris, chipped paint, or smudged/dirty windows.

  • Place a bell on your door or above it so it rings each time the door is opened and closed.
  • This not only alerts you to someone entering your business, but the ringing bell also attracts positive chi energy.
  • You may prefer to hang a wind chime near the front entrance.

Add Plants to the Entryway

On either side of the outside entrance, place a planter and fill it with round leafed plants and flowers.

  • Choose colors you like for the flowers and make sure you take good care of the plants and flowers.
  • Don't allow them to wither and die. If they do, immediately replace them with healthy plants.

Evaluate Your Signage

Make sure your sign is easy to read and is directly over your front door or close to one side. If your street number has a 4 in it, you can offset the negative effect by placing the numbers within a circle.

Feng Shui for the Inside of Your Shop

The most important thing you can do for your store is to get rid of all clutter. Make sure your display cabinets are sparkling clean and organized. Any furniture should be in good shape and comfortable to sit in. You want to have ample lighting and never any dark corners. Keep everything dusted and the floors clean. Dust bunnies and debris make chi energy stagnant and slows the flow of business.

Jewelry shop interior

Placing Your Cash Register

Your cash register island should be in a command position in your store.

  • This location is usually opposite the entrance.
  • Make sure there is a solid wall behind you. This position gives you support and protection so no one can surprise you from behind. You'll see everyone who comes in and out of your shop.
  • If you must position your station in a different area, be sure your back is never to the entrance.

Using Mirrors in Your Shop

Mirrors can be a two-edged sword. Most retail stores have a lot of mirrored walls and shelving. Avoid having a mirror directly across from your entrance.

Example of How Feng Shui Can Help Your Retail Store

A couple reopened for business after remodeling their mountain resort, but quickly became frustrated when several customers arrived to inquire about renting cabins, but left without saying a word. After the third customer in a row didn't stay, the wife, who'd studied feng shui, began to look about the office for something out of place. She discovered someone had hung a mirror directly opposite the office entrance. The mirror was bouncing all of the positive chi out the door. Within two hours of removing the mirror, the couple had rented all of the cabins. This is just one example how improper placement can impact your business.

More Feng Shui Ideas for a Retail Store

Make sure you have excellent lighting in your store. Light attracts chi energy. Keep the aisle uncluttered and clean. If you follow these basic feng shui principles and rules, you will enhance your success and attract positive chi to enter your store.

Quick Feng Shui Ideas for a Successful Retail Store