Feng Shui Ideas for Yellow to Increase Warmth & Joy

Published November 20, 2020
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Feng Shui yellow is a happy color and can range from ochre to gold color values. The feng shui yellow hue is synonymous with sunlight, warmth, joy, life, and happiness.

What Color Is Feng Shui Yellow?

Feng shui yellow is typically represented by the color ochre. This is a deep yellow color that has an earthen tint. You can certainly use various yellow colors for a feng shui yellow. A few examples include lemon, butter, canary, daffodil, Tuscan sun, banana, blonde, corn, bumblebee, honey, mustard, and gold.

Using Feng Shui Yellow to Add Warmth and Joy

You can use feng shui yellow in your home or office décor to bring warmth and joy in your life. Used in the right way, yellow can invite auspicious chi into your home.

What Does the Color Yellow Mean in Feng Shui?

Yellow offers a bright and energetic yang energy wherever you use it in your home or office décor. Feng Shui yellow is the color assigned to the earth element. The earth element provides a stable energy in your home or office. Earth energy is nurturing and provides consistency in all areas of your life, especially the northeast and southwest sectors, where it is the ruling element. Yellow in the gold hue is also one of the colors assigned to the metal element, so it sometimes does double-duty.

Earth Element and Crystals

You can capitalize on the earth element and yellow color when you opt to use crystals. You can use yellow crystals (earth element), such as citrine, yellow jasper, lemon quartz, and similar crystals.

Pottery and Ceramics Are Earth Elements

You can further incorporate the use of the earth element and yellow color. You can choose pottery and ceramics with a yellow finish for a feng shui decor.

Feng Shui Yellow and Luck Sectors of Bagua

Feng shui yellow can be used in several feng shui luck sectors. There are instances when you may prefer to use a yellow gold instead of a daffodil yellow or light yellow color.

Northeast Sector

The northeast sector governs your education luck. This can be academic studies as well as the education you receive through life experiences. When you add the color yellow to this sector, you reinforce these positive auspicious energies.

Southwest Sector

The southwest sector governs your love and relationship luck. Feng shui refers to this as the marriage sector. Couples can find that adding a yellow hue to this sector can infuse their love life with renewed energy. Gold is often the yellow color of choice for this sector, but you can certainly use whatever yellow color value you prefer.

West Luck Sector

The west sector rules your descendants luck. This means it affects your children. The element for this luck sector is metal. Yellow gold is an obvious metal color and is appropriate for a metal ruled sector. In the productive cycle, earth produces metal. You can also use other yellow color values in this sector.

  • You can paint the walls a deep golden color.
  • You may prefer to add splashes of light yellow and darker gold through accent pieces.
  • You can introduce yellow gold with metal picture frames of your children.

Northwest Luck Sector

The northwest sector governs your mentor luck. Just as in the west luck sector, you can use various yellow to gold colors.

  • You can use brass or copper metal art objects.
  • A pair of yellow metal lamps can be left on for a minimum of six hours to attract chi energy.
  • You may decide a rug with round designs in varying yellows and gold is ideal for this sector.

North Luck Sector

The north sector is governed by the water element. The earth element in the destructive cycle will destroy the water element. However, the metal color gold is shared by the earth and metal elements. In the productive cycle, metal produces water. This means you can confidently use a gold metal color or actual metal element that is gold or yellow colored in this sector to bolster your career luck.

Feng Shui Center Colors for Your Home

While the center of your home isn't one of the eight bagua directions, it is an important area of your home. The center of your home governs the overall abundance, health, and wealth for you and your family. The earth element rules this area of your home. You can use yellow colors in this part of your home to energize it with the vibrancy of this yang color.

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Feng Shui Sectors to Avoid or Minimize Use of Yellow

There are a few sectors where you may want to avoid using yellow or at the least minimize the use of yellow. These sectors are ruled by elements that conflict with the earth element.

South Sector Fire Element

While in the productive cycle, the fire element creates earth, in the exhaustive cycle, earth weakens fire. As an earth element color, you may want to avoid using yellow as a prominent color in the south sector. If you feel you want to use yellow in this sector, you should do so sparingly.

East and Southeast Wood Element

The east and southeast sectors are governed by the wood element. In the destructive cycle, wood destroys earth, so you may want to avoid using yellow in these sectors or at the least, limit its use.

How to Use Feng Shui Yellow in Various Rooms

You can use feng shui yellow in various rooms that fall in the auspicious sectors governed by the earth element (southwest and northeast) or the metal element (west and northwest). For rooms that fall outside these sectors, you can still use feng shui yellow when you focus on the walls or corners that correlate to the earth or metal elements.

Living Room

You can use any of the yellow color values you like to add a touch of yellow to your living room décor. This can be something like a gold tray on an ottoman, or a west wall painted with a gold, ochre, or daffodil accent color. You may prefer to add one or two touches of yellow art objects or figurines on a shelf, in a cabinet or on a side table. Gold is perhaps one of the best color choices since it interjects a feeling of wealth and abundance.

Add Yellow to Your Kitchen

The yang fire energy of a kitchen can be enhanced with the color yellow since the fire element creates earth. However, you should go light on the yellow or gold colors since the fire energy is so powerful in this room. You can add a few yellow accent colors to your kitchen décor to give it a feng shui yellow pop.

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Home Office

You can focus on the metal color of gold for your office. Choose the northeast corner for education to help advance your career, or choose the northwest corner to invite a mentor into your life.

Dining Room

Yellow is a great color for a dining room. It will brighten the room and give it a cheery, happy ambience that's ideal for family meals and entertaining guests.

Feng Shui Yellow Bedroom

You may wish to activate the southwest corner in your bedroom to enhance love and relationship energies. An accent wall might be just what your bedroom needs to ignite auspicious chi energy. Choose a dramatic gold or amber color. You may decide prints of a pair of cranes or mandarin ducks in gold frames are the way to introduce a subtle touch of yellow gold.

Children's Bedroom and Playroom

You can use yellow in your child's bedroom and/or playroom to add mental stimulation. For a bedroom, opt for a pale yellow to keep the yin energy prominent. The playroom can feature darker or more vibrant yellows.

Yellow Is Lucky for Period 8 Feng Shui House Color

Yellow is a great color for Period 8 (2014 -2024). If your house was built during Period 8, or you have an older home with a new roof added during period 8, then your home is considered a Period 8 house. Yellow is a great exterior color for a Period 8 home.

Ideas for Using Feng Shui Yellow in Décors

There are many ways you can use feng shui yellow in your home and office décors. Using the feng shui bagua as your guide ensures you can capitalize on these auspicious energies.

Feng Shui Ideas for Yellow to Increase Warmth & Joy