Feng Shui Money Cures to Improve Your Personal Wealth

Gold Coins Dropping on Gold Sycee - Yuanbao

Feng shui offers several ways to remedy money problems. If you are experiencing a financial crisis, you may want to activate certain elements and sectors in your home. Feng shui principles also offer many good luck charms that can attract money.

In Feng Shui, Southeast Sector Governs Wealth

The first area to address when seeking feng shui cures for a lack of money is the southeast sector of your home. This is the sector that governs the flow of money. You want to be sure nothing interferes with auspicious chi energy in this area of your home. There are a few things you can do to ensure money luck, especially if you need a money cure.

Reduce Clutter to Activate Chi in Money Corner

It is a simple rule, but vital to having abundant money. Get rid of all forms of clutter in your home, especially the southeast sector. Create a declutter list and follow through.

Attract Wealth With Coins

Chinese coins (round with square hole in center) represent the union between earth and heaven. One side is yin (two characters) and the other is yang (four characters). Tie three or six coins together with red ribbon and place yang side up in the southeast corner to attract money luck.

Add a Water Feature for Money Luck

You can add a water feature in this sector such as an aquarium or water fountain. Be sure to keep your water feature clean and maintained. If you don't, your money luck will be negatively affected.

Add Wood Element Design Features

The wood element governs the southeast sector of your home. You can activate this element and subsequently your money luck by adding plants (with no pointy leaves) and wood furniture or objects.

Add Color for Abundance

You can use the color(s) assigned to the southeast sector to further reinforce the properties of money luck. These include, green, brown and blue (water element nourishes wood). Add one or more to the décor in this sector.

Keep the Corner Well Lit

Light is a feng shui remedy for most sectors suffering and needing a remedy. Add table and/or floor lamps to brighten up this sector. Leave the lights on a minimum of five hours daily to energize the area.

For Money Feng Shui Create a Money Vase

This ancient secret money cure can work for anyone.

Antique Chinese Ming blue and white wine jar on display

Basic Supplies

You will need a few things before you can start adding items to the vase.

  • Use a ceramic vase, such as a ginger jar shape, that has a wide opening, narrow neck (prevents escape of money), wide base, and lid.
  • You need five squares of solid colored fabric that represent the colors of each element. The colors include, red, yellow, blue, green, and white.
  • Gather five colored ribbons (same colors as fabric). These will be tied around the jar neck to hold squares in place.

Collect Items for Your Vase

You need to select items to fill your wealth vase. These should be wealth-related items.

  • Coins, money, and Chinese coins tied with red ribbon as well as other currencies
  • Exchange your personal coinage or paper money with a rich person and place their cash in the jar
  • Collect gold ingots, semi-precious jewels, and at least four diamonds (can use faux jewels and diamonds)
  • Select photos of material things you desire, such as a house, clothing, jewelry, cars, and so on
  • Dirt from a rich person's home mixed with dirt from your current home. Be creative in getting this. Don't steal it and creative negativity that will transfer to your jar.

Assemble the Money Vase

Once you have collected all the items for your jar, it's time to assemble.

  1. Place the dirt in the base of the jar, followed by the rest of the collected items inside the jar.
  2. Secure the lid on the jar and seal it so it cannot be opened. Use wax or tape.
  3. Place each color square over the lid in the order of blue, green, red, yellow, and white (top fabric).
  4. Tie the colored ribbons/strings around the neck of the jar, securing the cloths. Set your wealth jar inside a cabinet - never at the floor level.

Storing Your Money Vase

Once you have your money vase completed, decide where you want to store it. This should be in an out-of-the-way cabinet. Don't display your wealth jar or let anyone know you have it. The more inaccessible the storage place is, the better.

  • Don't place the vase near any exterior doors.
  • Never move it, so make sure it won't be accidentally disturbed.
  • Avoid placing the vase in your kitchen or bathroom.
  • The southeast sector is an excellent location, especially if it's in the deeper part of your home.

Set Sail With a Money Ship Wealth Cure

The money ship is a great wealth cure. The symbolism behind a wealth ship is that the sails fill with auspicious winds to travel the seas and bring wealth to you. This wealth cure is used to increase your income.

Ship model

Choose Your Ship

Select a ship that has sails, yet doesn't have any weapons, such as cannons. Fill the deck of the ship with real money, gold ingots, gold bars, gems, and other symbols of money - even a treasure chest. Then set the ship(s) in several directions; more than one ship helps create multiple streams of income.

  • Set your money ship by the entrance door, positioned so it appears to be sailing into your home.
  • Set your ship in the southeast sector of your home, always sailing into the house, never towards a door or window.
  • Place it in your personal wealth sector as determined by your kua number, or in the southeast sector.

General Feng Shui Cures for Luck With Money

There are many other feng shui cures for money ills.

Three-Legged Toad

Also known as the money frog, this iconic statue can be used to repair money luck. Be sure there is a coin in the toad's mouth and set it in a prominent place on a table, desk, or bookshelf facing into the room.

Monetary frog


Place three coins tied with red ribbon inside your wallet. Add a Chinese red envelope (has a Chinese coin sealed inside) inside your purse. Both will attract money luck.

Silver and Purple

The two words silver and purple mean "money." Use these colors to enhance your money luck.

Red and Gold

This two-color combination represents fire and metal. Use this color combo in the southeast and your personal wealth sector to attract money luck.

Wealth Direction

Sit, eat, work, and rest facing your wealth sector to stimulate money luck.

Feng Shui Cures for Money Problems

Feng shui offers numerous cures for poor money luck. You can activate elements, take advantage of your personal wealth direction, and display feng shui money symbols to improve your wealth.

Feng Shui Money Cures to Improve Your Personal Wealth