Feng Shui Tips for Pets

Updated May 13, 2019
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Pets are important members of every family that owns them, apply a few feng shui pet tips and principles to your home. These adjustments will keep the positive chi flowing for your family and your pets.

Helpful Feng Shui Tips for Pets

Pets are susceptible to chi energies the same way humans and plant life are. In fact, animals are often the first indicator that the chi energy in your home is stagnant or the elements in a certain sector are over active or need to be activated.

Negative Chi Symptoms

One indicator of negative chi energy especially stagnant chi is your pet. According to author and pet feng shui expert Paula Brown, "I always ask clients where their pets like to sleep and relax, and if there are areas in which they may be acting up, not traveling into or avoiding." She explains that many animals avoid areas of stagnant chi energy flow adding, "In multi-animal homes, when the chi is not moving well, there is often tension between the animals and this causes negative altercations."

Pets and Negative Chi

A pet in the home normally generates auspicious yang energy. "An animal with balanced chi energy will move that balanced fire chi all around one's environment, which is a great boost to both animals and the people," Paula says.

Pet With Imbalanced Chi Energy

By the same token, if your pet is surrounded by negative chi due to a physical illness, it can generate a chi imbalance in your home. "An animal that has a physical or emotional ailment that goes untreated can result in many behavioral issues," says Paula, who continues, "Some pets chew on themselves due to emotional responses to energetic imbalances." If your animal seems unusually touchy or reacts to change, noises, and new visitors differently, these can indicate a chi imbalance in your home or the animal.

Other possible symptoms of chi imbalance include:

  • Excessive barking
  • Unaccountable fears
  • Marking inside of the home
  • Not using a cat box
  • Not wanting to go for walks
  • Not going to the bathroom outside

Chi and Pets Adopted From Shelters

It's important for pet owners adopting from a shelter to keep in mind that the animals have both negative and positive experiences. Paula advises, "With a little observation, careful help with getting balance back into their life guas [sectors]and some extra care with any negative chi can be switched into loving and helpful chi."

Transforming Negative Chi Into Positive Again

Often these animals were abused by their previous owners which cause a chi imbalance in the animal. "It's very important to understand that all animals are born with positive joyful energy, it is their experiences that bring any negative chi their way," Paula explains.

Two cute friendly dogs are playing with a ball

Feng Shui Pet Cures

If you choose to adopt a pet from a shelter, there are several feng shui pet cures you can try. Paula devised what she calls "fun and creative fur shui? cures" just for this type of imbalance. She suggests:

  • Set a silver or black water dish right inside the front door.
  • Put their name on a small black octagon and put it on the bottom of the bowl, giving the animal ownership of a nice life path energy.
  • For any type of animal, a nice collar with pink on it is a good choice. Pink is an auspicious yang energy color.
  • Set the pet's bed in the love sector (southwest) for some extra love and relationship chi energy.
  • Add a pink octagon with both your and their name on it underneath the new pet bed.

Pets and Positive Chi

Pets are usually affectionate and eagerly demonstrate positive chi behaviors. This is similar to how humans express happy loving chi energy. Paula describes a pet's reaction and says, "Positive chi is shown by great health, strong and flexible bodies, a great appetite, interest and curiosity in life, and a desire to participate with other animals and people."

Bringing a New Pet Home

When bringing a new pet into the home, there are ways you can determine how the new animal's energies are affecting the older animal's energies. You can introduce your new pet to the old timers in the east sector. This is the family gua area in BTB (Black Hat). For Classical feng shui, this sector would be the descendants luck sector located in the west sector. Paula advises, "Add a touch of green with a scarf or collar to both new and existing pets." This is the color assigned to the east sector and will calm yet energize the animals.

Feng Shui for Compatibility

There are a few feng shui principles pet owners can apply to help all their pets to engage positively with each other. Paula recommends placing all the animal beds, toys and treats in the east sector. This will instill a sense of community among them. The northwest sector makes a great play area for your pets. This is the mentor sector in Classical Feng Shui and the helpful people and travel sector in BTB Feng Shui.

Incorporating Feng Shui Tips for Pets Into Your Lifestyle

Once you know what signs to look for in your pet, you can counter negative chi energy. A few feng shui tips for pets can ease your furry best friends into a happy co-existence.

Feng Shui Tips for Pets