Feng Shui Purple Color Associations and Tips

Published September 24, 2020
Living room with purple accents

Feng shui purple is a color associated with royalty and is a modern symbol of spirituality. A few helpful feng shui tips can guide you to use the purple color to enhance your feng shui décor efforts.

How to Use a Feng Shui Purple Color

You can choose a feng shui purple color to enhance the south sector of your home or office. You want to choose a color value of purple that isn't too overpowering or dominating since it is such a highly charge energy color.

  • Purple attracts yang energy and is best used in a workspace, office, or living room.
  • You want to avoid using purple in a bedroom since it can interfere with a restive sleep.
  • A kitchen generates and uses the fire element, so you don't want to amplify this element.
  • A dining room isn't the most ideal place for purple, but you can use a soft pale violet if you feel the yang energy needs uplifting in this room.

Purple Is a High Frequency Color

Purple is a high frequency color that is associated with the spiritual realm, personal spirituality, and your seventh chakra. When a purple aura radiates from your seventh chakra, it's a telltale sign you've embarked on an enlightened spiritual path.

Best Way to Use Purple in Your Décor

Because purple is such a highly charged color, it is advisable to be use it in a feng shui décor in a very limited manner. You may choose to use purple as an accent color. You can choose a few art objects, a vase of silk lavender flowers, and a pair of throw pillows to give your room a splash of violet or pale lavender.

purple accent wall

What Element Is Purple in Feng Shui?

Purple is one of several colors for the fire element. The fire element governs the south sector. Since the south sector rules your recognition and fame luck, you can introduce a splash of purple in this sector.

Using Feng Shui Purple Color in South Sector

To take advantage of the feng shui purple color, you should limit the use of purple in the south sector and any area in your home. There are some instances where purple may be more desirable than red, the main color for the feng shui south sector.

The Power of Purple in Feng Shui

Purple is such a powerful color in feng shui because it not only represents fire but also ice. When fire and ice are combined, you end up with steam. This makes purple a very unique feng shui color and why it is such a potent feng shui color.

Using a Purple and Silver Combination

When you combine the metal color silver (yin) with a deep purple color (yang), you create feng shui magic. Metal attracts water, and purple represents frozen water mixed with fire. In Cantonese, the words for silver and purple are ngan chee which translate as money.

Purple Flying Star #9

The number 9 represents the purple flying star. The purple star (number 9) is highly fortuitous. Number 9 is auspicious as the symbol of completion and never-ending abundance and wealth. You can take advantage of this powerful representation by choosing 9 small purple feng shui objects to place in the south sector.

Capitalizing on Deep Purple and Gray Color Combo

You can add a smidge of deep purple and gray to your home or office décor to stimulate the south sector. Steer clear of the wealth sector (southeast) since it is ruled by the wood element and you don't want to burn up this advantageous chi energy with a fire element color. Deep purple and gray (silver) added to your south sector décor as a combination of two colors will generate money.

purple and gray color combination dining room

Deep Purple and Gold Combination for Wealth

If you wish to stimulate great wealth, then you can combine purple and gold. The two colors are also a harmonious blend of yin and yang energies. Place this combination in the south sector of your home or office.

Tips for Using Feng Shui Purple Color

The purple color is one of the most powerful colors in feng shui. You should never overuse it and upset the yin yang balance in your home or office.

Feng Shui Purple Color Associations and Tips