Feng Shui Ring Guidelines for Positive Energy

Published September 21, 2020
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A feng shui ring is another way you can use feng shui guidelines to direct positive energy. You can wear a feng shui ring to capitalize on auspicious wealth luck.

Feng Shui Ring

There are many types of rings you can wear for feng shui jewelry choices. The two most popular ones are jade rings and mantra rings.

Jade Ring in Feng Shui

Jade is used as a feng shui cure and a popular stone used for various feng shui carvings. It is the stone of harmony. It is believed that jade properties can restore yin yang balance. In feng shui, it is also a wealth enhancer. As mentioned, you can wear a jade ring on your index, middle, and little finger.

Feng Shui Mantra Ring

The mantra rings usually feature two sets of mantras for happiness, granting wishes, and wealth. One mantra appears on the outside of the ring and another mantra is on the inside where it makes contact with your skin, so it can more effectively imbue its ancient power to you.

Wearing a Feng Shui Mantra Pixiu Ring

The feng shui mantra Pixiu ring is believed to help you attract wealth. In fact, it is also said to help you to accumulate wealth and then protect it. It's believed to be the bringer of unexpected financial windfalls. This makes it one of the most coveted feng shui talisman, especially as a ring. An added benefit is the Pixiu will protect you physically from dangers and evil spirits.

Feng Shui Mantra Pixiu Ring
Feng Shui Mantra Pixiu Ring

Emerald Ring in Feng Shui

The emerald is a healing stone that supports harmony. You can wear this ring on your ring finger for a harmonious love relationship. You may also wear it on your little finger to ensure no one attempts to upset your happy life.

Blue Sapphire Ring for Business Connections

A blue sapphire attracts cooperative energies that aid you in communication. This ring can assist you in networking for business. As a water color, it will also attract career boosting energies. Wear this ring on an index or middle finger for best results.

Amethyst Ring for Auspicious Feng Shui

If you're seeking a gemstone to aid you in wealth accumulation, an amethyst is a great choice. Amethyst gemstone attracts abundance and prosperity. You can wear it on your index finger to stimulate your career progression. If you're seeking money luck in a business venture, don it on your middle finger.

Garnet Ring for Show of Power

If you need a ring that broadcasts your authority and position of power, a garnet is the best choice. You can wear this ring on your index finger and no one will doubt you're in control.

Guidelines to Wear a Feng Shui Ring

You can follow a few of the feng shui guidelines for wearing a feng shui ring. Choose a ring that speaks to you to ensure you connect with the positive energy it can bring to you.

Feng Shui Ring Guidelines for Positive Energy