Summer Feng Shui: How to Balance Your Fire Energy 

Published May 13, 2022
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Spring has faded and intense energy of the feng shui summer heats things up with yang energy. Each season and its weather is an essential element of feng shui philosophies. Feng shui, which translates to the words wind and water, is central to the belief that chi energy flows through everything on earth and in heaven. Each season is represented by its own element, and the weather energy that each season brings can be balanced through feng shui to lessen or enhance its effects.

What Is the Summer Feng Shui Element?

Feng Shui Summer Infographic

The summer season is represented by the fire element. This is a bold element with yang energy that can intensify the heat and light of warm summer days.

  • Feng Shui Summer Colors: The summer fire element is reflected in all shades of red, orange, and yellow.
  • Chi Energy: Summer exudes a bold yang energy, with the heat and movement of fire. Yang energy burns through the long days of summer, when cool and dark yin energy is reduced by shorter nights.
  • Feng Shui Summer Personality: The vibrant chi energy of summer is filled with passion, creativity, and activity. Bright early mornings and late sunsets can sometimes fuel overexertion and leave you wanting an escape from the intensity of summer.

How to Balance Summer Chi Energy

Summer can be a fun and dynamic time with soaring temperatures and lots of sunshine. The warm yang summer chi can be overwhelming in your home, but it's easy to balance that heat and light with the yin energy of another element. By including feng shui colors and symbols of yin energy and yin elements, you can easily cool down the energy of a yang space this summer. Now that you have an understanding of how summer chi energy works, here are tips for balancing summer chi at home.

Attract Yin Energy With Color

The dark and cool energy of yin will take the edge off of brazen yang energy. You can attract yin energy without losing the sunny qualities of feng shui summer. By adding a few accessories in soft colors like pale blue, white, gray, you can lower the color temperature of any space.

Add a Water Feature

Simple feng shui tabletop fountains are a great way to add coolness to a vibrant room. Choose a fountain or feature with a soft flow, as water can become yang when it's more energetic.

Use Music for Yang Spaces

The right music can help you to adjust the energy in your home. After a busy summer day, unwind from the frenetic activity with relaxing music. Soft music can help quiet a busy mind and improve sleep.

Feed Yin Energy With Food

Woman eating on balcony

An often unacknowledged way to enhance or balance feng shui is through the food and mealtime. Summer eating often happens as you're rushing from one activity to the next, or in a busy social setting. Slowing down the rushing yang chi energy at home can be done by slowing down meals and eating with no music, phones, or distractions. At least one quiet meal at home every day can encourage relaxing yin personal energy in a busy yang season.

Late Summer is the Fifth Feng Shui Season

Feng Shui Early Autumn Infographic

Even when the calendar tells you that summer is over, it can feel like it's just not ready to let go. In feng shui, there is a fifth season that represents the lingering heat and light of summer as it moves into fall. The early autumn season is associated with the earth element and is considered part of fall, but with the same warm energy of summer. If the heat is lingering at your home in early autumn, any of the tips to balance summer's yang energy can be applied.

  • Feng Shui Early Autumn Colors: The early autumn season is represented by the earth colors of yellow and brown. All shades of these warm colors are included, but to get the benefit of cooling down yang energy, soft tints and pale neutrals work best.

  • Chi Early Autumn Energy: Earth element energy tamps down fire slowly, and can restore balance gradually as the summer yang energy comes to an end. The chi energy for early autumn is balanced yin and yang.
  • Feng Shui Early Autumn Personality: Think of early autumn as a time for winding down and preparing for a change in light and activities. As fall arrives, it's a time for gathering with friends and family, and focusing on the home, regardless of the unique weather each region experiences. The earth element grounds the excitable yang energy of summer, allowing for a comfortable transition into the seasons that follow.

How to Prepare for Fall With Feng Shui

You can use feng shui to shift from spring season and prepare for the fall season and the coming winter season to create an orderly transition. Moving from one season to the next can easily generate clutter as equipment and accessories are brought out to replace what's no longer needed. Handling clutter quickly is a positive chi energy booster, and easy to do when you're prepared. As summer winds down, start thinking about how you'll store your seasonal clutter, before you bring out the autumn decor and tableware. Store items you won't need until next year promptly, and be sure to label them clearly to save time next summer.

Summer Feng Shui: How to Balance Your Fire Energy